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Now, 'Zero' noodles that could help lose weight

October 19, 2012 14:17 IST

NoodlesA Japanese brand has come up with new 'Zero' noodles which it claims can help you feel full while barely registering on your waistline.

The manufacturers claim that Zero noodles contain only 10 calories in each 200g packet, meaning they can trick you into feeling fully satiated without increasing your weight.

The noodles are made of 96 per cent water and contain the Asian ground root konjac, the Daily Mail reported.

The product, as claimed by manufacturers, can reduce the calorie content of a meal by up to 500 and effectively trick your brain into thinking you have eaten a full meal.

Food retailer Holland & Barrett said they sold out within a week when they trialled the high-fibre noodles in selected stores.

Nutritionist Laura Lamont, of the brand's UK distributors Glow Nutrition, claimed that regularly replacing pasta with Zero noodles 'dramatically' cuts calorie intake, while the konjac is said to stabilise blood-sugar levels and prevent hunger pangs and over-eating.

However, weight-loss expert Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, warned:

"Some people will not realise that you need to eat other food with the noodles. Zero noodles contain only 10 calories.

"That is not enough for anybody. You need at least 600 calories a day."

"If you want to get into shape, this is one of the last diets that I would resort to," Fry said.

"Those wanting to diet sensibly need to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition from a sensible portion of protein and vegetables, eaten alongside the Zero noodles," nutritionist Kate Butler said.

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