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Love story: 'Everyone at the wedding laughed!'

Last updated on: December 2, 2010 12:15 IST

Love story: 'Everyone at the wedding laughed!'



We invited readers to share stories of how they met their spouses and interesting anecdotes about their wedding day. Here's Saurabh Sood's account of meeting his wife:

My mother was to be operated for cataract removal in my hometown. Just to surprise my mother and sister, I started off for home without informing anyone. Although I was able to surprise everyone, I was greeted with a surprise myself. Mom and Sis had shortlisted a match for me and I had to meet her the very next day!

I was handed over a photo and told that my family had no objection to the girl, so the onus of choosing her lay totally with me. I agreed, but in a state of shock. SoD-day arrived and the moment I saw her my mind said yes, this is the girl I have been looking for. We were left alone in a room to talk to each other. I had a 'yes' in mind already. I wanted to know her views and then I directly told her that it was definitely a yes from my side, but that she could decide and let me know. She was dumb-struck. I left with my parents and told them that I had given her my consent.

In a few days there was consent from her side too and our parents started on the preparations marry us. Thus started our telephonic discussions, which went on till the day of our marriage. Due to some problems, we could not meet each other till the wedding day.

When it finally came, I was waiting for my bride on the dais. Its a custom that the groom receives the bride and then they both sit on the seats meant for them. I received her, but she was somewhat reluctant to sit. I pulled her and made her sit with me forcibly. She was shocked and there were laughs all around.

It's been one year since we got married, but that incident still remains afresh in our minds.

Share your romantic experiences with us! Write in to (subject line: 'My love story') along with a photograph of you and your spouse if possible and we'll publish the best entries right here!

Just make sure you include the following information:

Where and how you met your partner

When you shared your feelings for each other

An interesting incident from your wedding

Image: Saurabh and Mamta Sood


'When I fell for my best friend's sister, the rift between us lasted 12 years'

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And here is Raghu's story of how he met his wife:

It all started in 1997-98; I was a young professional working in an IT company. I always had an image of my love, the girl who I would marry. However, I was not too serious or in a hurry for marriage as I was only 21 then. I had a close group of three friends who were with me through all the good and bad times. It seems like fate, but I somehow started noticing the sister of one of them. Though I did not have any feelings or any intention of loving her, I started liking her behaviour, the way she spoke and other small gestures which would normally go unnoticed.

In spite of all my liking, I did not dare to even talk to her along those lines, as I did not want to upset my friend or look like a back-stabber. I kept quiet and tried hard to stop thinking about her, but could not succeed. My mother got suspicious when I started talking about this girl and I was caught and had to admit that I had a liking towards her.

What happened after this was filmy -- my mother went to their house and conveyed my interest to her mother. Naturally, they were dumbstruck and shocked, as I had never behaved like that in front of them. Understandably, my friend was upset and I was a villain in his eyes. I tried convincing him many times, but could not succeed. On the other hand his sister, who came to know about all this drama, was also upset as she felt that I should have spoken to her first. Indeed, that's what happens normally -- couples talk first and later involve others. But as mine was an abnormal case, I explained my dilemma in expressing my feelings to her, since her brother was my best friend.

Time passed and my friend cut off all contact with me, which was expected. I could not stop talking to my girl, as my feelings for her were stronger than ever. However, she had not accepted my proposal as she was still studying and needed more time to make the biggest decision of her life. After four years, she finally agreed in 2002 and we got married the same year, against the wishes of her brother, my best friend. Even as both families agreed, my friend continued to hate me. This I considered my biggest failure and shame, which I could not correct. We were not invited to his marriage, nor did he attend my daughter's naming ceremony. I always carried this pain and worried that apart from losing my friend, my wife would lose her brother, as he had not spoken to her since our marriage.

Finally, after eight years of marriage and after a total of 12 long years, my friend and I are back on talking terms again. I thank God for forgiving my mistake and giving me back my best friend and my wife her brother.

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