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Love story: 'In a minute, I knew she was the one'

Last updated on: December 1, 2010 11:53 IST

Love story: 'In a minute, I knew she was the one'



We invited readers to share stories of how they met their spouses and interesting anecdotes about their wedding day. Here's Deepak Roy's account of meeting his wife:

I was recovering from a broken engagement to a girl who was very rich and more educated then me.

It took quite a toll on me and I had decided not to marry a rich and more educated girl.

Meanwhile I was searching for a suitable girl of about 20 years of age when I got the news of my grandfather's death.

I rushed from Gujarat (where I was then) to Bihar to attend the funeral.

At the time a relative who was also there told me of a girl he'd known. She came from a poor family but was of the same caste.

Initially I was quite upset with the person to have brought up the issue at a time like this.

A week later when I was about to fly back from Patna, the relative came to meet me at the airport. She hadn't told me that the girl she'd mentioned was accompanying her too.

I was very angry when I learnt about it but I agreed to meet the girl.

Now that's fate, because the moment I saw the girl, I was shocked and surprised to see how innocent she was! She was shy and had a very beautiful smile!

When I asked her name, she replied coyly, "Sonam".

Sonam's melodious voice mesmerised me and suddenly there was announcement of my flight's departure.

I met the girl barely for a minute but I'd decided that I'd marry her.

So I told my relative that I'd be visiting Bihar during Holi again and we could discuss the details then.

During this time though, my parents had started searching for a bride and had even zeroed in on someone.

When I told them about Sonam, they were very angry. I remained firm. Three days later we got married!

It has been seven months since the day and we are living happily like I hoped we would.

Share your romantic experiences with us! Write in to (subject line: 'My love story') along with a photograph of you and your spouse if possible and we'll publish the best entries right here!

Just make sure you include the following information:

Where and how you met your partner

When you shared your feelings for each other

An interesting incident from your wedding

Illustrations: Uttam Ghosh

Image: Deepak and Sonam Roy


'I met him while researching tumours!'

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And here's Poornima's account of meeting her fiance:

A few years ago, my father had a brain tumour and I was searching for a good neurosurgeon.

While researching, I met an upcoming neurosurgeon on Orkut. He shared his number with me and we started sharing details of neuro-related problems.

He comes from a very reputed family from West Bengal and I am from Karnataka.

He also directed me to the right surgeons and with God's grace my dad began to feel better.

We had never met till then -- all our communications were on telephone and Internet chats -- but we still had feelings for each other.

Finally on August 7,2009 I saw him -- a 6'2" tall and handsome guy. We took time to understand each other and after a month he proposed to me.

Both our families protested initially, but then gave in.

We will now marry on December 10.

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