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'Politically correct' fashion off the ramp and more

March 15, 2014 09:00 IST

Off-ramp fashion: Saris are the way to go for Shaina NC



A politician-fashionista and digital brand strategist talk about dressing style and fashion trends.

Who: Shaina NC, BJP Maharashtra treasurer and jewellery designer

I love: Saris, saris and more saris.

What kind of saris: I wear all types of saris. I love chiffons, nets but I love traditional cottons, woven silks.

What I am wearing today: This is Shruti Sancheti's, hand-woven cotton sari with finest thread counts and I think very politically correct.

Accessory you are wearing: I design jewellery for Gehna. This necklace is a mix of gold and silver and it goes very well on any traditional dress.

At LFW to watch: I have come to watch Shruti Sancheti's show. It is an ode to Indian textiles and specially the textiles from Maharashtra. So I feel very proud to be a Mumbaikar sporting a sari that is made in my home state.

Coming to attend a fashion show is a stress-buster.

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Image: Shaina NC, BJP state treasurer and jewellery designer
Photographs: Prasanna D Zore/


Metal is the new black this season

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Who: Sunetro Lahiri, brand strategist, Glitch!

What brings a brand strategist to fashion week?

We take care of digital communication for Lakme. As part of my job I am here covering trends, fashion shows, figuring out what trends will be out for people to follow, streamlining them for people to follow.

What trends have you spotted in the last three days?

One of the things that is definitely going to catch up and get trendy till the next season in August is metal and illusion.

There will be a lot of shimmer, lot of metal, illusion in terms of make-up.

What do you mean by illusion?

The kind of looks wherein from one angle there is one colour and another colour from a different colour, holographic looks. So there will be lot of metal in your make up and clothes. That’s something going big right now.

Many shows since Day One of Lakme Fashion Week showcased a lot of metal in terms of shimmer. Even in textile based shows there was lot of metal.

Metal in terms of accessories?

Not only accessories but also in terms of make up. There is going to be a lot of metal in terms of eye make up, lipsticks.

Gradually the Indian fashion milieu for looks is catching up with international trends. Instead of going with a matt make up look we are going into glossy looks. In India I foresee a huge push towards glossy looks.

Models that took away your breath in these metallic looks…

Sucheta Sharma who has impeccable skin and Archana Akhil Kumar who has beautiful skin… and the thing about metal is it looks brilliant with flawless skin. These two people when I saw them on the ramp with metal and illusion I was just blown away.

Trends you spotted in terms of accessories…

Men are going to sport a lot more accessories in terms of metal. So, we are going to be moving away from tradition. Men used to keep away from too much metal and shimmer but men are going to be embracing that (metal looks) in my opinion.

What are you wearing today?

Today I am not wearing any brands. From top to bottom I am wearing everything curated from the streets.

I am wearing a jute Chinese jacket from streets of Kolkata. I am wearing jute zuaab which is also from streets of Kolkata, brown, woven leather Kolhapuris from the same place.

All my accessories from all over India: Rajasthan, Tibet, Colaba (in Mumbai), Odisha. Basically I am wearing handloom and junk jewellery.

What’s your style statement?

Try not to make a statement. Just be yourself!

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Image: Sunetro Lahiri, brand strategist, Glitch
Photographs: Prasanna D Zore/

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