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The starting salaries for MBA grads

Last updated on: December 20, 2013 12:10 IST

The starting salaries for MBA grads


TopTalent Team

Want to know which Indian management school offers the best return on investment? Find out what salaries fresh MBA grads are drawing after graduating from these top 20 institutions in India.

How far will brand value take you?

When it comes to post MBA jobs and salaries, it is very clear that brand value matters a lot.

Most top companies in the world look to recruit only those fresh graduates who come out of top business schools.

This is probably because of the fact that there are a few too many MBA colleges spread across the country and many, from different undergraduate programmes, are looking to grab an MBA degree because the degree apparently holds a lot of importance.

Of course you can get a job after passing out from an average MBA college as well but you can't expect the same range of salary that graduates from top MBA colleges enjoy even as fresher candidates.

This is because the name of the college and the reputation of the college hold special importance during placements.

Top companies only visit top b-schools and this is why, if you want to bag a great job, you should aim at studying in one of the best b-schools in the country.

However, there is a stipulation here.

Studying in one of the best business schools in the country is no child's play.

For sure you need great results in your under graduation, CAT, and/or any personal examination that the college may conduct but along with that you also need to be able to afford the fees.

Estimates suggest that studying in a highly reputed business school requires you to pay big bucks.

Many students work hard to pay the fees so as to be able to study in big colleges but the question to ask is whether the investment is worth it.

How much and how long would a fresh MBA graduate have to work to pay off the fees he or she invested in his or her studies in the first place?

Would it take too many years? Would it take too much hard work? Is studying in a reputed college worth it?

Thankfully, in most of the cases, the answers to these questions are on the positive side.

Most graduates who prove their mettle during the campus placements at top b-schools enjoy great fresher salaries.

Sometimes the salaries are so attractive that all their expenses during their college days are paid off in the first year itself.

It is not unheard of, of students from IIMs and ISB becoming instant millionaires through campus placements at top companies not just in India but also across the globe.

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Photographs: Reuters
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The starting salaries for MBA grads

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Placement profiles at some of India's best schools

IIM Ahmedabad

Consultancy firms and investment banks first head towards IIM A each year to place the students.

The salaries offered even to fresher candidates have increased dramatically in the past couple of years.

IIM Bangalore

The financial sector and the banking sector managed to make a mark at IIM-B by making a number of recruits. Marketing firms, IT Services, and consulting firms were also not far behind.

Indian School of Business

Students passing out of ISB this year may receive about 20 per cent more salaries than their senior graduates.

Numerous companies frequent this campus including Boston Consulting Group, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, AT Kearney, Nokia, Philips, Cognizant, and so on. Students may also enjoy a huge signing up bonus this year.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

The IIFT students are also expected to enjoy a great hike in post MBA salaries this year.

Big companies including Citibank, Nomura Holdings, Deutsche Bank, Triton Group, Aditya Birla Group, and Procter & Gamble are expected to turn up during the campus placements.

Image: The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is best for consulting and investment banking aspirants
Photographs: Courtesy IIM-Ahmedabad/Facebook

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The starting salaries for MBA grads

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Please find alongside the average annual salaries of MBA graduates passing out of the top 20 business schools in India.

The names of institutions are not mentioned in order of ranking.

You can see that in each case, the average salary is much higher than the tuition fees.

Therefore, brand value indeed matters a lot and studying in a top b-school will definitely increase your chances of bagging a high-paying job.

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