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A Moveable Feast of Kebabs and Sweets

Last updated on: June 23, 2017 12:13 IST

Anita Aikara encounters a culinary adventure on an iftar food walk.

During the month of Ramzan, the streets of Mohammed Ali Road in south Mumbai are packed with food enthusiasts.

If you want to avoid the crowds there, a haven in north Mumbai awaits food lovers.

I explored the streets off Mira Road's Naya Nagar to savour delicious kebabs and delightful desserts, and returned with a tale to tell.

Ramzan pics

As soon as people break their fast, Mira Road awakes up to the aroma of kebabs.

All photographs: Anita Aikara/

Ramzan pics

It's not a cakewalk getting these lip-smacking kebabs ready.
You have to deal with unbearable heat, standing for long hours, just so that the succulent kebabs are prepared to perfection.

Kebas being prepared

At Naya Nagar, Rungoon Zaika is the place to head to for kebabs.


Chicken tikka, reshmi kebab, seekh kebab, malai kebab...

Baida roti

The baida roti is not to be missed too.

Ramzan pics

Pooris being prepared at a roadside stall.


The pooris are ready to be served :)

Ramzan pics

Once the batch of pooris are ready, the chef surprises us with a gigantic poori.

Ramzan pics

There it is! Wonder how many people it would take to finish this h-u-g-e poori.

The charm of an iftar food walk is that you get to see how the food is cooked.
And these treats are enjoyed at street corners, not in air-conditioned comfort.

mutton seekh

Kebabs on a skewer.

seekh kebabs

The seekh kebabs are served with poori.
You can roll the poori and stuff it with the kebabs or just eat it separately.

Ramzan pics

A vendor fries malpuas in ghee.
You must try the Buranhpur jalebi, which is made out of mawa.
Remember to have it with a generous serving of rabri.

Ramzan pics

No iftar food walk is complete without something sweet.
And the excitement and energy continues until dawn.

Anita Aikara /