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September 28, 2007
Fashion: Fun, funky checked sneakers
If you're looking to add a little pizzazz to your blue jeans and tee-shirt, pick up a pair of funky checked sneakers.

American Food Festival through October 7
Spencer's, the Indian retail chain, is showcasing a wide range of US products at the "American Food Festival" from September 14 to October 7, 2007 at 29 stores in the Delhi and Mumbai.

September 27, 2007
Kiss those baggy, saggy jeans goodbye!
Just a few years ago, everyone on Earth had pants hitched below their waists. The 'sagging' phenomenon, as it was known, was universal. But just as quickly, it's become obscure. Read on

September 26, 2007
Fashion: Dazzle in classic white
The first name the pops into your head when you read the title on this fashion funda might be Simi Garewal, and for good reason too! The lady is almost never seen in any other colour. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

September 25, 2007
Fasten your seatbelts, your flight is cancelled
With this growth in airline traffic and domestic air travel, it is only a matter of time before one day someone in India too carries a reptile in their underwear. Till then we wait, trying to fight the temptation to do it ourselves.

Email etiquette for dummies
While e-mailing each other, we often forget that there is a real person at the other end, not just a machine. Shaun Fawcett discusses a few e-mailing dos and don'ts in this regard.

September 24, 2007
Fashion: Denim capris rule!
Denim capris paired with pretty flip-flops are great for a casual outing with friends.

September 21, 2007
Fashion: Pretty in lace
Skirts, tops, dresses or hairbands -- lace it up and get 'chic-ed' out!

September 19, 2007
Tunic tops: Easy on the eyes and the curves
What's great about these is that they cover up all the little unsightly bulges beautifully and actually help you look slimmer.

September 18, 2007
Fashion: The shrug, modest yet trendy
A well-fitted short jacket or pullover that usually has sleeves that end halfway down your forearm, the shrug is a great way to be modest and yet be fashionable.

The Incident of the Columnist at a Disco
This column will try to sit up and laugh, or at least smirk, at the general insanity of our lives.

September 17, 2007
Fashion: Beat the bling with beads
Pretty beads are very hot right now and are a great accessory to both formal and casual dos.

September 14, 2007
An excerpt from <i>Fire Within</i> by Ronen Chatterjee
Read an excerpt from 15-year-old indian author Ronen Chaterjee's first novel, 'Fire Within'.

Setting up your own website: Avoid these errors
While the visual aspect of website design is important, there are a number of other aspects that make a website a good one. Here are some pointers.

September 13, 2007
You voted: The most popular Chak De girl!
Last week, asked readers to vote for their favourite <i>Chak De</i> girl. Here are the results!

Setting up your own website: Designing a homepage
In Part I of this feature, Ankur Jain discussed hosting options. Here, he explains how you can design a homepage for your own website.

September 12, 2007
Fashion: Watch out for sheer shirts
Sheer shirts may be sexy, but if not worn right, you just might give people the wrong idea.

Setting up your own website: Hosting options
Before you shrug off the idea of setting up your own website pleading ignorance of all things technical, check out our easy-to-use guide.

September 11, 2007
Fashion: Pretty pleated skirts
Pleated skirts have returned to the fashion scene and how!

September 10, 2007
Fashion: Animal prints roar!
Animal prints are trendy or not-so-hot depending upon how you carry them off.

September 06, 2007
Eternal style: Aviator sunglasses
A pair of aviator glares will never go out of style -- which is why you should buy yourself a pair.

10 handy and FREE internet downloads
Need help with organising your pictures or make cheap international calls? Check out these great downloads!

All you need to KNOW about PC viruses
Is your computer acting funny -- it restarts suddenly or refuses to start

September 05, 2007
Fashion: Snazzy metallic sports shoes
Funky sports shoes are all the rage at the moment, but if flourescent greens and bright reds aren't really your style you might want to check these out.

September 04, 2007
Fashion: The little black dress
Don't know what to wear for a night out? Here's your saviour -- the little black dress.

September 03, 2007
The old world charm of Belgaum
Belgaum, located at about 2,500 feet above sea level, is a quaint little town in Karnataka nestled at the foothills of the Western Ghats.

Fashion: Uber chic polka dots
Polka dots are ultra chic this season.

August 31, 2007
Bamboo bags make a comeback
These can be paired with jeans and a casual tee or a pretty summer skirt to a give you a casual yet fashionable look.

August 30, 2007
Accessorise with delicate anklets
Anklets or ankle bracelets have come a long way from the traditional payal, and have been spotted gracing the ankles of fashionistas everywhere.

August 29, 2007
Now, computers that can also crack jokes
The scientists say the technology could lead to programmes that can solve problems that are informally stated, as well as to robots that are able to interact with humans more naturally.

Corduroy jackets: Trendy yet formal
Fancy do to attend? A simple white tee under a corduroy jacket is a safe choice.

August 28, 2007
Accessorise: Bangle mania
A set of thin silver bangles will add a touch of bling to any outfit.

August 27, 2007
Bling it up with dog tags
Dog tags a great way to add a little bling to your wardrobe with no fear of going overboard.

August 24, 2007
Corset tops: Sexy and fun
Availablek in silk and zardosi work, cotton, suede, leather and lace -- there's one to suit every taste.

August 23, 2007
Fashion: Hawaiian shirts for men
Hawaiian shirts are the best way for guys to look cool and beat the heat.

Glamourise your bedroom
Bombay Dyeing has launched its CMYK range of bed and bath linen priced at Rs 1,199 a set.

On the lookout for love
Read an excerpt from young writer Advaita Kala's first book 'Almost Single', detailing life as a bachelorette on the lookout for love.

August 22, 2007
Funky hats for fashionable folk
There's nothing so eye-catching as trendy headgear -- say hello to the fedora hat!

August 21, 2007
Style statement: Culottes for ladies
Culottes spell 'cool' -- which is why every self-proclaimed fashionista should own a pair.

Hyderabad's Sunday bookmarket: Books at Rs 10 apiece
Calling all bookworms -- Hyderabad's Sunday book market has been going strong for 35 years now, offering titles and prices to die for.

August 20, 2007
Accessorise: Funky spectacle frames
It's time to get rid of those thin wire frames and frameless spectacles, and spring for a colorouful, bold pair!

August 17, 2007
Accessorise: Men's leather wristbands
A leather wristband looks cool even if you don't belong to a motorcycle club!

August 16, 2007
Trendy gear for your eyes
In the market for some trendy glares. Check these out.

Seasonal style for men: Shorts
In the summer it's best to keep stylish and cool in a pair of short shorts.

August 14, 2007
Accessorise: Scarves for men
Stoles are a great way to add colour and character to formal outfits.

August 13, 2007
Accessorise: Happening hairbands
Hairbands are the new must-have this season if you want to look fashionable.

August 10, 2007
Designer cholis: Trendy yet traditional
The flavour of the season is saris in see-through materials that show off a trendy choli underneath.

August 09, 2007
Accessorise: Big, bright, sporty handbags
Go sporty this monsoon, with a handbag that's both chic and practical.

August 08, 2007
Accessorise: Big belts on little dresses
Large, flashy belts are in right now -- and they go with practically everything.

August 07, 2007
Trends: Super sexy skinny jeans
The tighter and clingier your jeans, the better!

Internet threats: Phishing, pharming and porn
If you use the internet to carry out your financial transactions, beware!

August 06, 2007
The kurta: An ethnic style statement
Most likely you own a pretty kurta or two -- make the most of them while they're an international fashion trend!

All you need to KNOW about PC viruses
Is your computer acting funny -- it restarts suddenly or refuses to start

August 03, 2007
Elegant wraps for evening wear
A wrap is a great way to add colour to that little black dress.

August 02, 2007
Accessorise: Fun and funky sneakers!
The hottest trend in casual footwear? Wild, funky and full of colour!

GizmoWatch: The Nokia 5500
GA reader Rajesh Saratkar tells us about why his mobile phone is nearly, but not quite perfect!

August 01, 2007
Looking for a free stay abroad?
If you're young and would like to holiday abroad living free of cost with hospitable foreigners, look up The Hospitality Club today!

Accessorise: Classic clutch purses
The clutch is the perfect accessory to set off a classy outfit. Do you own one yet?

July 31, 2007
Accessorise: Uber-trendy corporate briefcase
Nothing exudes more style at the office than a trendy briefcase. Even your boss will envy it.

July 30, 2007
Back-in-style denim skirts
Denim skirts are back in fashion, so make sure your closet's stocked.

July 27, 2007
Passionate about ice cream? Listen up!
Gelato Vittorio releases 'Gelato on Stone', a new dessert featuring fresh gelato mixed with ingredients on a frozen granite stone.

Get glamourous with ultra chic stiletto heels
These shoes can be paired with your favourite pair of fold-up jeans for the perfect mix of comfort and glamour.

GizmoWatch: 'This phone's a disappointing buy'
GA reader Sarwar Ali shares his experience with the Sony Ericsson P990i cell phone.

July 26, 2007
Busy pants are a fashion no-no
Men's trousers that have too much happening -- checks, stripes, bright prints -- are best avoided.

July 25, 2007
What you MUST know about free P2P software
Ever wonder how your friends have all the latest music blaring on their iPods while you're still trying to get your hands on the CD? Chances are, they've downloaded them using free P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing software.

Must-have low rise jeans
Low-rise jeans are hugely popular, but there's a fine line between low and too low.

Bad hair day? Suffer no more
Schwarzkopf Professional's BC Bonacure range of products promises to have your hair looking its healthiest and best.

July 24, 2007
Pee caps: Never out of style
There's no accessory like a pee cap to set off your casual outfits.

July 23, 2007
Telesales calls: 'They should be made fun of'
We invited readers to share ways of dealing with telesales calls -- here's a few funny responses!

Tasty treats in Thane City
Get Ahead reader and proud Thanekar Neelam reviews a few of Thane's popular eateries.

Accessorise: Eye-catching crystal pendants
Bling is in, and this pendant while not being to flashy, will be just right for a

July 20, 2007
Fun ways of dealing with telesales calls
Are you fed up of answering phone calls asking whether you're interested in a new credit card or personal loan? Here's a few ways of dealing with them

Accessorise: Ballerina flats for women
Do you own a pair of ballerina slip-ons? If not, you need to pick up on this sensible but stylish trend right away.

'Thank God I didn't win!'
Not winning a beauty pageant taught Rupa Vachaspati an important lesson.

GizmoWatch: A phone that dislikes the cold
GA reader Rajender Kumar shares his disappointment with his

July 19, 2007
Ultra hip metallic sling bags
Looking to make a style statement? This bag is the ticket!

July 18, 2007
Fashion funda: Comfy shoes for work and play
These shoes are very trendy and high on comfort.

July 17, 2007
Accessorise: Funky bracelets for men
Colourful beaded bracelets work as well on a man's wrist as they do on a lady's.

July 16, 2007
Accessorise: Delicate hoop earrings
Set off by a delicate flower, this pair gives you a more feminine look.

July 13, 2007
Heart charms for your feet
Try these delicate silver anklets. They're the perfect accessories!

July 12, 2007
Accessorise: Timeless silver earrings
Silver earrings are a must-have for any jewellery box.

July 11, 2007
Accessorise: Pretty gold slip-ons
Here's a peek at the pretty heeled slippers that can be found on women's feet everywhere!

July 10, 2007
Fashion funda for the day
Get Ahead brings you the the latest style statements to make on the fashion circuit!

Travelling: When things go wrong
Unforeseen situations can crop up at any time, and can cause a major inconvenience when you're travelling. It's best, therefore, to take certain precautions.

July 09, 2007
Fashion funda for the day
Get Ahead brings you the the latest style statements to make on the fashion circuit!

For 'wow' hair in the wet season
Amway India has a solution to your bad hair days this monsoon -- Satinique, the new complete haircare range.

July 06, 2007
Biking down the Konkan Coast
A two-day holiday at my office in Pune was a great reason to take off for a bike adventure down the Konkan coast, says Parikshit Vaidya.

Men, say goodbye to dandruff
Clinic All Clear recently introduced two new anti-dandruff shampoos for men. Read on to learn more about them.

Want a good-looking phone? This one's a winner
The Samsung E840 scores well in the looks department, but if it's features you're after, you might want to continue looking.

July 04, 2007
Travelling in the monsoons? Read this
People love going on vacation during the monsoons, despite the risk of their travel plans being washed out! Learn how to make the best of such situations.

July 03, 2007
Make a splash with designer spectacles
As spectacles get more glamourous, with actors sporting designer frames on screen, the trend in fast catching on.

A spa-like experience in your home
Two new body washes -- Palmolive Thermal Spa's Firming Body Wash and Massage Body Wash -- promise you just that.

July 02, 2007
Recipes for the rainy season
Get Ahead readers Meera Khanduri and Pradnya Kaushik have sent in lip-smacking recipes to enjoy during the monsoons!

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