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8 easy ways to be eco-friendly around the house
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January 15, 2008

Want to live a more environmental friendly life but don't know how? Well, all you need to do is follow eight simple steps.

The steps have been detailed by the Environmental News Network, which states that following these really will let you do your bit for the environment.

Below are listed eight easy ways to be eco-friendly around the house:

1. Clean out your storage: Take out the items that are not in use anymore and organise them in different groups. Then decide what to do them accordingly.

2. Recycle smarter: After grouping what you want to discard, think of how and where to recycle these products or donate them for reuse. A way to recycle smart is to buy items made from recycled content and with limited packaging.

3. Use energy more wisely: Use compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), which use 20 per cent of the energy of incandescent bulb and also last 10 times longer. Keep a check on your energy bill to monitor the trends every month and ask your energy company about renewable alternatives.

4. Use less water: Saving water is important because it is a limited resource, either by taking short showers or putting a bottle in your toilet tank. You can also reuse water around the house, such as using cooking water for plants, which may provide nutrients to the plant.

5.  Start composting: Composting is a great way to reduce your waste and help your garden at the same time. Most food scraps and biodegrade material like cardboard, which may produce nutrient-rich fertiliser, can be easily used.

6. Invest in energy-efficient appliances: Try and start replacing older appliances in your home with more energy-efficient ones. This may reduce energy output and save money on electricity bill.

7. Start a Green Group: Activities like carpooling can be arranged by talking with friends about the importance of conserving. Develop programmes and activities in your neighbourhood for others to get involved.

8. Plant a tree: The original carbon offset. Planting a tree can not only reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, but can also provide shade for your home. This may even help in reducing energy costs and will provide fruits that you won't have to buy at the store.

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