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Leaving for the UK? Don't miss these tips
Vinod Salian
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August 16, 2007

With departure dates rapidly approaching, Indian students are booking tickets and preparing to leave for international universities.

To ease their concerns and answer their questions, we've asked students who are already studying abroad to share their experiences.

Today, we offer something different -- tips from a current UK resident. Here is the opinion of Vinod Salian, who has lived and worked in the UK since 2001.

I have read about experiences of the many students published in Rediff. After going through that I personally feel that students who came here were ill prepared for the situation. May be they were na�ve and never thought about it in advance. On the other hand they attempt to save money by quitting the available accomodation even before finding a new one. What we need to do is prepare them for the situation before they land in UK.

I came to UK in 2001 on work permit thankfully there were few smart people in my team and I never had to worry about accomodation and stuff. But I guess my situation was different as I had a full time job and good income so never really worried about my financial position. I am a British citizen now, I want to give everyone some tip about how to save money and easier ways to live in UK.

Lets start with travelling:

1) Air ways:There are many Airlines option, best one is Jet Airways [Get Quote]. Book in advance go to Jet airways online website and you can see several options. You could also do with Air India if you get cheaper ticket- I must warn you about the rudest crew members and ground staff.

2) Travelling from Heathrow: One of the best airports in the world. All information are easily available giving directions towards tains, undergrounds, coaches and cabs. The cheapest option is long distance is Coach which goes almost all place in UK with utmost convenience to the traveller. You can book this coach in India itself by going online on: Taking web print ticket is even more cheaper but always buy open tickets just in case if your flight gets delayed. For London [Images] areas travel by tube beware of the peak time though. Otherwise take a taxi from the taxi stand only.

3) Accomodation: Be aware of rules and regulation in UK. It is usually a 6 month contract and if you don't finish it you have to pay for full. You also pay damage deposit which is sealed, not only in the case of damage but also in the case when you leave carpet, kitchen, bathroom unclean. Going for unfurnished house will save you some money and you can buy the old furniture from near by open market. Ask any local to find out where open market is or you can go to You can also find cheap furnitures on

4) Rules and regulation: All rules and regulations of  UK can be found at the government website on :

5) Finding someone in UK: If you want to find someone in UK who has got a landline you can find him on following website:

For any business number you can do a search on:


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