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Which MBA institute do I apply to?
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November 21, 2006

The Common Admission Test 2006 is over, paving the way for Group Discussions, Personal Interviews and a seemingly endless wait for calls from institutes. And many of you are waiting for that magical call from IIMs.


"Which of the IIMs give weightage to work experience?", "What are the actual cutoffs?" -- these were some of the questions asked by MBA aspirants during a recent chat with ARKS Srinivas, Sunil Kumar and Sai Kumar, CAT trainers from T.I.M.E. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.



ARKS SRINIVAS says, Hi everyone, we are sorry for the delay in starting the chat. We will now be posting answers to all relevant questions.



AV asked, Hello Sir. I have a overall score of 115 with 42 in Quants and DI each and 31 in Verbal. Can I expect calls from top 3 IIMs ? ...I have 3.5 years of work-ex. Please reply
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Hi AV, with 115, you have a very good chance.



ARKS SRINIVAS says, We, at T.I.M.E., have been working on the cutoffs for the IIMs. These are the IIM cutoffs expected for CAT 2006 -- Quant: 32-34; DI/Reasoning: 26-28; Verbal/RC: 18-20; OVERALL for one IIM call: 100-102.



nikhil asked, with a score in the range of 92/+-4 marks,where should i apply?
Sunil answers, You should be looking at NITIE, IME, KJ SOM, TAPMI, MICA and others at that level and below.



radhika asked, Hi sir.. my overall score is 102,with DI:50,VA:24 and QA:28..will i get a call from IIms? what institutes can i apply to and what wud be my percentile?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, You have an excellent chance of getting at least one call from an IIM.



Harry asked, Hi Mr ARKS, please let me know if IIMs also consider work ex while giving calls???? My score is: DI: 38 QA: 33 VA: 29 Overall: 100 work ex: 3.5 please tell my chances?????
Sunil answers, Only IIMB seems to have given a "slight" weightage to work-ex even before giving out calls -- that too, only over the last two to three years. However, one cannot say whether it will continue to do so or whether other IIMs will start to do so this year.



AvijeetSingh asked, Dear Srivas, I have 2 years IT work ex. I have got 12 in VA, 45 in DI and 79 in Quant. (Total 136). Will I get calls from IMI, IMT, TAPMI, BIM, KJSOM, IISWBM, IFMR, FORE, IIFM, ITM or LBSIM despite such pathetic VA score?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Chances are high from almost all these institutes. You have a very good overall score -- probably above 99 percentile or even 99.6 percentile. But due to VA, you will miss out on the IIMs. Very sorry about that.


uday asked, score...QA-42,VA-24,Di-24....From which colleges can i expect call i have chance for MDI,spjain and nitie
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Yes for all three. Border case for IIMs (DI is your undoing).



dfgd asked, Hi Sir, I am getting 94 ( va 26, qa-28, di 40). I am from SC.What can I expect? is qa score too low?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Should get IIM calls. Definitely more than one.



dirkkuyt asked, pls reply i have got qa-65.di-35,va-10 total -110.would i get a call from mdi,nitie i have 1.5 yrs work ex
Sunil answers, Yes, you should be getting calls from both of them.



Anusheel asked, Hi Arks..with a score of 50 in Quant, 47 in DI and 21 in Verbal (total -118).. what are my chances of getting a call from IIMs? Also let me know about NITIE and SP Jain.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Very good for even the IIMs. All the best. NITIE almost guaranteed.



CATrina asked, Sir....I did not study much but am very intelligent and beautiful. I can get through GD & PI with my looks. My CAT went well and maybe I will score close to 100. How can I use my looks to get in to the IIMs?
Sunil answers, IF you try and use your looks, then you surely will not make it.



SUDHIR asked, i have 36 in DI 30 IN VA nad 25 in quant wat are the chances for MDI AND NITIE AND SP JAIN....
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Very decent for all three.



HUNTER_OF_CAT asked, is ISB better than IIM ??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Not necessarily.



nehaa asked, sir i m getting a score of 43 in di,26 in va and 31 in qa what percentile i sld expect ,and in which colleges sholud i apply
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Close to 98.5.



gargakshat asked, Sir are the cut-offs posted by time and others realistic enuf there seeom to be way too many people clearing these cut-offs??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, I just posted the new cutoffs of TIME at the beginning of the chat.



AvijeetSingh asked, Dear Srivas, I have 2 years IT work ex. I have got 12 in VA, 45 in DI and 79 in Quant. (Total 136). Will I get calls from IMI, IMT, TAPMI, BIM, KJSOM, IISWBM, IFMR, FORE, IIFM, ITM or LBSIM despite such pathetic VA score?
Sunil answers, 136 is not a pathetic score. And yes, you should be getting calls from almost all these institutes.



yoda asked, At the cost of repeating myself, math-83, va-35, di-46. Good (excellent, I daresay) academic record. What do you think my chances of getting GD/PI calls from the Top 3 are? Don't you think the cutoffs announced are a bit too low if IIMs are going to call all candidates who clear the cutoffs? More likely, IIMs will prune out all applicants who don't meet the cutoffs and arrange the remaining in descending order to get the calls-list.. is this the more likely explanation? Also, with 35, what would my VA percentile be, approximately? Please answer!
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Cutoffs are those marks below which the IIMs WILL NOT CALL. That does not mean that anyone above the cutoffs WILL BE called. However, in your case, if the Verbal is correct (about the other two, there is no ambiguity), then you will get all six calls. Congrats!



well asked, Hi Sir. What percentile can I expect at Quants= 28?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 85 to 96.



well asked, Hi Sir. What percentile can I expect at Quants= 28?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, That is 85-86.



avik80 asked, sir plzzzzzzzzzz overall score is 40..di 37 and eu 25 can i expect an iim call..i have 2.5 yrs work ex..and a v decent MS degree
Sunil answers, You can expect an IIM call or two.



PK asked, Sir my total is 110 with 53 in VA 39 in PS and 18 in DI . I will not get IIMs but Could I get HR of MDI or TAPMI??? I have 6 months work experience .
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, YES, absolutely. Do apply to TAPMI. And BIM as well.



MOTTI_BILLI asked, DI 69-75, QA 76, VA 50 What should I expect?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, All six calls. Congrats!



sushant agarwal asked, i am having 43 in DI ,33 in QA and 4 in 80...can i expect a call from IMI TAPMI and IMT ,KJ somaiya....
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, KJ yes. The others, a little doubtful.



Catastrophe... asked, Hi Arks, I am scoring 48 in DI, 34 in Quant and 15 in English, Thus 97. will i be geeting call from NITIE? PLZ HELP!
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, I will put my money on this. You should get.



radhika asked, thanku arks.. do u think i shud apply to MDI ? and which other institutes?? how is IMT ghaziabad?? overall score is 102,with DI:50,VA:24 and QA:28.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, MDI's last date is tomorrow. PLEASE APPLY



gargakshat asked, sir my score is 21-26 in vA, 68 in QA and 37 in DI overall 131...wud i get calls, I am afraid that VA might be my undoing..plz advice
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, If Verbal is more than 20, you are almost sure of getting calls.



friend asked, I am TIME student. QA 58, DI 56, VA 40 (Total 154). IIT grad with 2 years work ex. Will I get all 6 calls.. or 4/5 are more probable?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, If VA is correct, then ALL SIX. Good show.



av_vasumathi asked, Hi. If I have attempted a question where none of the answers were right. And if I had marked the closest, how would that be considered.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Chances are that they will ignore those questions.



PratikT asked, Hello Sir, a score of 49 ! dismal due to VA/RC. can i apply to ne gud b-school ?? pls reply
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, We will put up the scores and corresponding institutes in a day or two.



narendra asked,  i have got DI 55 QA 58 Eng 45-50 ... what %ile can i expect?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 99.8+.



..atul asked, sir my score is 120. but just 16 in quant, what are my chances for call from IIMs?... if not IIM den MDI NITIE or SP jain?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, If QA is 16, then you stand almost no chance for IIMs and even for NITIE and MDI. Sorry about this.



nbharat359 asked, Hello Sir, I got the following marks: DI(51), QA(38), VA(16), Total(105).. What percentile may I get? Are there any remote chances of getting calls from IIMs? What chances do I have in MDI, IMT, SPJain, MICA and TAPMI?? I've 14 months experience..
Sunil answers, You should be getting calls from almost all the institutes mentioned.



xyz asked, sir pls do rply...wat percentile and calls can i expect with an overall score of 131(va 39 di 46 qa 46....acc to TIME key)
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Should be upwards of 99.6/ 99.7 percentiles. Should get all calls.



Priyanka asked, Apart from CAT what other tests I should appear for?
Sunil answers, Consider XAT, JMET, FMS, and IIFT.



tanya asked, Sir, my score is QA 29, VA 45, DI 28. My set was 111 and it had 2 printing errors in the QA section. I am a BE from an REC and an MS from a US university. I have 2 yrs of wrok ex in a managerial position. Do you think I can manage an IIM call or an MDI call? PLEASE answer. Thanks.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, You are just about on the borderline. Chances are that you may get a call or two. MDI too, should be close, as you have just 29 in QA. The cutoff is expected to be slightly higher.



nice_billi asked, DI 20-25, QA 15-20, VA 10-15 shoud I expect anything ?? I AM a TIME STUDENT
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Hi, at 50-55, the percentile is expected to be low. Please wait for a day or two, to get the correct percentiles as well as names of institutes to apply to.



kartik asked, hey,sir me getting 84(qa-28 eu-31 n di-25)where all should i apply
Sunil answers, Amrita Institute, HCU (Hyd), IISWBM, IMDR Pune, NIRMA.



ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Hi Siddharth. 65 can mean the same range. Will put up the percentiles by tomorrow.



buzzard asked, Hi arks ... i have secured scores of DI -24 , VA - 21 and QA - 35... a total of 80 ..where should i apply ?? Also these scores were secured with preparations spreading over a week ... had not prepared for the entire should i be considering giving CAT again next year with better preparations??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, I guess, it depends on whether you are doing a job right now. If yes, then you can consider writing CAT again. But before that, there are many other exams coming your way. First, give your best shot to those.



nehaa asked, sir i m getting a score of 43 in di,26 in va and 31 in qa , in which colleges sholud i apply
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, MDI surely. All others under CAT would consider you.



this asked, Hello SIr, I am a TIME total score is 120, breakup is VA-31, QA- 46, many calls are possible...what could be the percentile, is IIMB/C possible?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, You have a decent chance of getting three to six calls.



TakeMode asked, Hi ARKS, I am TIME Student......... Due to ambiguity in VA keys, I took the 'mode' of keys from - TIME, IMS, PT and CL. VA - 40 (mode method), Quant - 58 (sure), DI - 56 (one key mismatch but TIME solution is the only one correct!) total - 154. What would be my percentile - VA and Overall??? All Calls?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, :-) You are truly going to go the IIMs. Good show on the MODE factor. But we are very sure of our KEY. You should get all calls.



amit333333 asked, hello sir.. i'm nishant.. Chemical Engg.. with 7 mnths work exp. and overall first class academics... and according to your answers for CAT 2006, i'm getting ( 38 in DI, 37 QA, 19 VA. overall 94) wat could be my percentile in CAT. and which colleges i should go for..MDI.IMT, SPjain??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, You should apply to MDI. Even others actually.



prax asked, Hi sir,i'm getting 50 in di,42 in qa and 28 in eng....overall 120....what should i expect at dis score....also would i be able 2 clear da verbal cut-off...
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, At that score, you will easily get two to five calls.



well asked, What will be the overall percentile at a score of 94?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Should be around 96.



vat asked, sir plzzzzzzzzzzz reply ->my score is qa -20 di - 60 eng -30 overall- 100+.. can i expect call from mdi nd spjain ???? i have 2.5 yrs work ex.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, QA is a problem. Getting MDI too, is doubtful.



priyeshh asked,  getting 76 which colleges to apply??????????
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Can you please wait for a day? We will be able to give a better analysis. Thanks.



Sameer asked, Hi Srinivas, I have 1.5 yrs of work ex. and expecting a score of around 93-102 marks with QA: 50, DI: 40, VA: 3-12. What could be my percentile and which institute can I get admission to?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Though you score is good, VA is the undoing. You should apply to IMT, TAPMI, and the others under CAT, except MDI.



TakeMode asked, Thanks Arks.......I know TIME keys are accurate as I am getting 40 by that also! Please comment on English (and overall-154) percentile also.........????
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, At least 99.9 overall -- my bet. English is not an issue at all. Start on GD and Interviews.



core3 asked, Is their any possibility that cut offs for people with work ex be lower than for freshers. I am a TIME student and my marks as per TIME are VA-18, DI- 46 , QA-71. I will have close to 2 yrs of work ex next yr What can I expect ???...Since verbal is going to be so crucial for someone like me considering IIMS . Its like binary 0 or binary 1 can IIMs be expected to have lower cut off for people with work ex
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, I really hope so. For IIMB, it definitely will be. Others too, have taken lesser scores in individual sections in various years including CAT 2005. So well, cross your fingers. And prepare for other exams.



Vatlaggayi asked, i might get only 110. I am sure I will get calls but my ego hurts
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Forget ego. Think of the next step.



Anusheel asked, PLZ answer.. DI-47 , Q-50, VA-21.. What would be my %ile? I have 1.5 years work ex as of now. Which all IIMs can I expect a call from? Is the TIME key for VA pefect?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 99.3 to 99.5. At least three. YES.



saphira asked, hi... my score is DI - 37, VA - 35 , QA - 29...and 6 months work ex... what do u think are my chances?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Touch and go. ALL THE BEST.



PK asked, How much would be enough for MDI(HR) in score.Mine is 110.Also its cut off for DI ???



Sabs asked, Thanks Srinivas, for your earlier answer. Again, my scores according to TIME key are - DI - 46, VA- 32, QA - 43, Total 121. Using CL keys, its 106 with verbal at 17. Assuming the worst, do I stand a chance at MDI?



suyog asked, sir, r u revising the answer key for verbal ??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Probably. We are putting the final version in another couple of hours.



puka asked, Sir, I'm gettin 40 in DI, 32 in Eng nd 42 in Quant.. a total of 14. How many calls can i get?? Which IIMs cud i get call from??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, I have no clue about which, but IIMs will definitely call you.



SUMIT22312 asked, sir i'm getting (37 QA ,38 DI, 14 89).. and hav 7 mnth exp. with engineering background .... can i get call from MDI..IMT..SPJAIN?? Acc. to IMS i'm getting 19 in VA with total score of 94 .. plz help me? wat per. i can expect
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, IMT yes.



PratikT asked,  thank you fo replyin sir, also how shud i go abt for this week leading to IIFT ? n also if i try for next yr CAT, shud i join 2nd rung b-school n prepare for CAT ?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, I guess you should be discussing this after, say March. Right now, concentrate on other exams.



vishal asked, Sir plzz reply I have 1.5 yrs experience.I am grtting scores of DI- 26, VA-31, 35 , Quant- 38 overall (94-99).Is there any outside chance in IIM , MDI or NITIE.What can be my %ile.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Kind of. But more chances are for the other three.



nehaa asked, i m getting a score of 43 in di,26 in va and 31 in qa but sir i havent apply in mdi n last date was yesterday ,now what shld i do
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, MDI last date is tomorrow. APPLY NOW.



saifi asked, hello sir im getting 68 in VA,56 in QA and 50 in DI will i get a call from IIMB..i have 1 year work exp
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, That is impossible to say. But yes, you should get enough IIM calls.



Rahul@BLR asked, Sir,plz tell me --i'm rahul.. with 6 mnths work exp. and according to your answers for CAT 2006, i'm getting ( 36 in DI, 26 QA, 24 VA. overall 86) wat could be my percentile in CAT. and which colleges i should go for..?? I hadnt prepared for CAT dis year..wat shld i do now
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Hi Rahul, your percentile may be close to 95 percentile.



aseem asked, Sir I have the following scores: 68 in QA 38 in DI and 21 in VA. Overall 130+ wat r my chances?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, If VA is what it is, then loads of them. Otherwise, may be just one or two.



Mano asked, Hii Arks...I have got a score of 96(DI-33,VA-10,QA-53)...i also have work ex. of 1.5 yrs...what are my chances for SP jain,NITIE,MDI....plzz reply...also tell me abt my percentile
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, VERY GOOD. MDI doubtful.



ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 95 percentile probably. You should apply to all these and you have chances of making it to all.



talwar.mohit asked, hi my score is ( 52 in DI, 51 in QA and 20 in VA) Total is 123..i m studyin at IIT Madras what r m y chances of IIM calls and SP Jain... What percentile shall i expect
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, If 20 is correct, then at least a couple of calls.



tanya asked, Sir, my score is QA 29, VA 45, DI 28. My set was 111 and it had 2 printing errors in the QA is 102. What percentile will it translate to?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 98.5


TakeMode asked, 
Arks, another small question - Is there any chance that IIM's take accuracy also in account. my score of 40 has just 54% accuracy :(



V asked, DI-45 VA-25 QA-54 Total 124 using TIME keys.. N 29 months work-ex by dec.. any chance for IIMs??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Absolutely.



pup asked, DI: 44 Quant: 68 Verbal: 21 Total: 135 How many IIMs can I expect ? (can the cutoff of verbal so low)
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, YES, the cutoff for Verbal will be low. You should get minimum one to maximum six. Sorry about the pun -- but really, with your marks, anything can happen :-)



cat_killed_me asked, u seem to be answering only to ppl who have done well........ I REPEAT sir..... I have lost all hopes thru CAT !!! wat can i do next ?? im appearing for xat also..... but my question is should i lose a year and try CAT again next year or just get into some B/B+ institute thru XAT ? and which are those B/B+ institutes ?? r says, sir, i m getting 63 in Di, 54 in Qa and 22-32 range in VA of various different classes.. What r the calls i can expect? In case of me not clearing my Va cut off what will still be my expected percentile?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Hi, if you get the scores that you say you are going to get, then start preparing for the GD and interviews of the IIMs.



vishal asked, One more question sir Sir plzz reply I have 1.5 yrs experience.I am grtting scores of DI- 26, VA-31, 35 , Quant- 38 overall (94-99).What can be my %ile.Can I get any IIM call on this low DI score.Plz tell.I need to know.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Slightly lesser chances.



arunantony asked, hello sir, i have got di 38 , qa 55 and verbal 2, overall 95 . which all b schools can i apply to get a call and also what is my percentile likely to be?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, All those that don't take sectional cutoffs.



Mridul asked, Sir I am a TIME student from DELHI. I am getting 42-quant,54-DI and In VA/RC - 22-42 Can you tell me something that can take my mind off scorer and work ahead???
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, FRANKLY, with those marks, I would start preparing for GD and PI.



Ujjval asked, Hi Srinivas Sir....This is Ujjval from Hyderabad. The following is my score: DI=35 VA=21 QA=38 Overall = 94.00 I have 4.5 years work ex. Would I be able to get a call.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, B -- outside chance.



sairam asked, Sir - 26 VA, 59 Quant, 34 Di- total 119, 3 yr workex IIT Grad...assess my chances
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Excellent. You have a very good chance of getting at least a couple of IIM calls.



nehaa asked, thansk for ur reply sir but it was written last date of MDI Information Bulletin along with Application Form available from 11 August to 17 November 2006
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Apply through the net.



Rahul@BLR asked, Last qstn ..Srinivas...which of d top institutes do look into work ex as criteria apart frm good percentile?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, All institutes look for work-ex and give weightage accordingly.






pupar asked, DI: 44 Quant: 68 Verbal: 21 Total: 135 How many IIMs can I expect ? (can the cutoff of verbal so low)
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, If Verbal remains 21 or goes up, then excellent chances of IIM calls.



bharat123 asked, VA -26, DI 45, Quant-55 and 1 yr of work ex how many calls should i expect?? nd what would be my percentile??
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 99.6+



vicky asked, Sir u haveneot replied to me though i have requested u several times
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Please ask your question again.



worried asked, Sir i m expecting anything near 80 to 85 but have only 10+ in VA.... Do i stand chance to get call from any institute
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Yes.



errr asked, Kindly answer my question..DI-45.QA-32 and VA-24 to 39....chances of IIM calls how balout MDI,SPJAIN and NITIE
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, QA cutoff may be 32 to 34. Hence, you are a borderline case. You have a chance.



shekhar asked, how much we should deduct from IIMs cut off for nitie and mdi
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 6 to 8 marks.



nehaa asked, sir thats what online applications also closed
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Call them.



suyog asked, Sir r there any sectional cutoffs in IIFT, JMET, SNAP and XAT?
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, JMET and XAT yes.



vishal asked, One more question sir Sir plzz reply I have 1.5 yrs experience.I am grtting scores of DI- 26, VA-31, 35 , Quant- 38 overall (94-99).What can be my %ile.
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, 97.5 to 98.4



cat_killed_me asked, va=16 ,qa=7, di=32 !!!! should i just quit applying and attempt again next year ???
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, SNAP, NMAT, XAT, FMS, DFS, IBSAT, IRMA and IIFT -- all these exams are yet to go. Put in every effort this year for these exams.



vishalwarialani asked, I m having a low score (i.e. 27) in quant. a total score of 120.... DILR_55 EU_38 Can I expect calls from IIM I,K,L NITIE MDI SPJAIN
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Unlikely for IIMs (but then...). MDI and SPJain, probably, but MDI not very likely.



deprsd_me asked, sir asked you twice plz reply my qs again: my score is arnd di 35 eng 15-20 qa34.. overall 84 english messed me up!! wud like to know what will the apprx %le and chances for spjain/MDI/Nitie.. i have a BE in Compsci and work ex of 2 and 1/2 yrs in reputed indian MNC.. Also do you suggest i apply for IMT.. i mean after my work ex.. will the returns be on par later?? plzzzzzzz do reply i feel lost out as i put in a lot of effort plzzzzz
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Yes, I guess you should apply to IMT and TAPMI. English section score can vary depending on what the actual key is. So, take heart.



tanya asked, Sir, my QA is 29 out of 100. But there were 2 printing errors. So, out of 92, it comes to about 32. My DI is 28 and VA is 45. 2 yrs work ex in a managerial position. and recently started my own venture. Do I stand any remote chance of getting an IIM call?? Sir, please reply..
ARKS SRINIVAS answers, Just about an outside chance from a couple of IIMs.



topcat asked, getting 121 total (di 46 Qa 39 VA 36) what are the chances of IIM calls n how many?
Sai answers, Topcat you seem to have cracked it! I think you can look at atleast 3 calls given your even split



ARKS SRINIVAS says, Hey guys, we will be back on chat tomorrow at 4 pm. Also, we will put up an FAQ on rediff as well as Most of the questions that are being asked will be answered through that. Thanks and bye!




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