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CAT 2006: What is your percentile?
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November 19, 2006

CAT 2006 is over. After all the hard work many of you have put in, it's time to relax.

But you still can't escape those niggling worries: 'With my score, which institute should I apply to?', 'Will I get a call from the IIMs?,' 'What will be the percentile for my score?,' etc.

Naveen Saraf, CAT trainer from IMS Learning Resources, answered these and other queries in a chat on November 19.

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Naveen says, Hi everyone.

pancham asked, what are the cut off,s.

Naveen answers, DI: 32-36, VA: 24-28, QA: 36-40

PagFloyd asked, hulloa, it's 7 already...neone up with answers? i am getting 35 in quant and di each and 25 in verbal, wht r my chances for IIMs?

Naveen answers, Cross your fingers. You may get a call or two.

rahul asked, hello sir ... i m gettin around 95 wat r my chances in SP jain mumbai ??

Naveen answers, SP Jain gives profile cutoffs and does not give calls only on CAT scores.

Sameer Kumar asked, Hello sir. What will be the percentile for a score of about 67? What institutes can we expect?

Naveen answers, 75-80 percentile.

nixon asked, i am getting a score of 70 odd, which institute should i apply??

Naveen answers, IISWBM, IIFMR.

Maverick asked, Also can some1 tell what about those 3 wrong questions... will they be omitted in final marking or will we awarded the marks for them?

Naveen answers, The IIMs reserve their final decision on such matters as they have mentioned in the set of instructions in the test booklet.

bugger asked, di 56 quant 27 eng 7 i am shocked because i am quite good at english ..overall score 90....but lopsided sectionals...single digit in va n rc...any suggestions on what colleges can i apply for

Naveen answers, IMI , IMT, TAPMI , NIRMA , BIM, KJSOM, IISWBM.


Naveen answers, IMI , IMT, TAPMI , NIRMA , BIM, KJSOM, IISWBM.

Gaurav007 asked, di-51 qa-60 va-27 , will i b able to clear the cutoffs for all sections??

Naveen answers, Start preparing for GD-PI. All the best.

santosj asked, what are probable the cutoff for TAPMI

Naveen answers, 80+.

ankur asked, sir I am getting a score of 132 but VA only 22, how do I see it as?

Naveen answers, VA cutoff is likely to be 24-28. So it looks like you may be missing it marginally, but keep your fingers crossed for a couple of IIM calls.

depressed asked, Hello Sir. I am getting 83 ( va-20, di-35, qa-28). i am from SC category. Do I have any chance?

Naveen answers, The cutoff in this category will be around 80-85.

CatOver asked, Hi , I am getting around 40+ in Quant but in the other two i am getting around 24-26.. is there any chances of an IIM call?

Naveen answers, Looks doubtful.

ramjee asked, Hi Naveen! My scores 34-DI, 59- Quant, 22 VA, 3 yr workex, IIT Graduate. Any chance for IIM Calls?

Naveen answers, Keep your fingers crossed. You have a decent chance of getting a couple of calls.

doubtfull asked, Hi Naveen what are the probable cut-offs for reserved category applicants?

Naveen answers, The overall cutoff should be 80-85.

gurpreet asked, my score is 86. what are my chances in IMT-Ghaziabad, UBS

Naveen answers, Decent chance.

worried asked, sir, I got 40 in quant,16 in DI and 10 in VA. considering my 16 months of job experience what can expect from CAT. What should be my next target? as I didn't study with full focus for CAT. Please guide me.

Naveen answers, The top institute cutoffs will be at least 70+. Looking at your score, getting into the top B-Schools seems to be difficult. If you feel you haven't studied with complete focus, prepare well for it next year. You can also look at GMAT.

anubhav1 asked, anubhav says, im getting 38 in di 33 in qa and 37 in eng.. total 107 wat r my chances 4 iim calls

Naveen answers, The QA cutoff is likely to be 36-40, so you may miss out a few IIM calls there, but you can be optimistic about two calls.

ak asked, i am getting a score of around 65 which istitutes to apply for?

Naveen answers, You can apply to IIFMR, IISWBM, etc.

vinaymishra123 asked, Hi I have only attempted 8 questions on DI- should get all right. Moreover, around 50 at least in quant, and around 30 in Verbal. Total around 120. What are my chances?

Naveen answers, Congratulations! It's a good score. Start preparing for GD-PI.

pretimaya asked, I have scored 100(DI 32,VA32,QA36). I have one year of research experience in Financial Economics. Can I get a call from IIM-A,B OR C for the FPM programs.

Naveen answers, Yes, you stand a decent chance.

ank asked, hullo sir,my total is between 77-82 what institutes can i expect to get into

Naveen answers, IMI , IMT, TAPMI , NIRMA , BIM, KJSOM, IISWBM, etc.

Barnomoy asked, Hello sir, i am getting in the range of 98-100 (VA-38-40, PS-38, DI-22)...what are my chances for IIMS (Any one) and also NITIE, SPJAIN and MDI, IMT...plz help

Naveen answers, You should get NITIE, SP Jain, MDI, etc.

Prakalp asked, Dear Naveen, My Scores - DI 38, QA 29, VA 12... considering my work experience is 28 months which institutes are within reach?

Naveen answers, IMI , IMT, TAPMI , NIRMA , BIM, KJSOM, IISWBM.

bhat asked, SIr, WHAT WILL BE THE CUT OFF FOR MDI? my scores are: di:41,quant:32, va 23..what are chances for iim call or mdi?

Naveen answers, MDI: 95+.

ghosh1 asked, hello naveen... how much is a score of 64, with DI 30 EU 20 Quant 14

Naveen answers, Likely to be around 75-80 percentile.

ccss asked, with a 68.. can i expect a UBS nri call.. if not general???

Naveen answers, There is good chance of you getting it via the NRI route.

pms asked, What is likely to be the percentile score for a total of 100 marks.

Naveen answers, 98

rahulfrmdel asked, how much percentile i can expect wid a score of 50

Naveen answers, 65 percentile.

venki asked, what is the minimum score to get into ant one of the iims

Naveen answers, 105+.

ank asked, hullo sir,my total is between 77-82 what institutes can i expect to get into


aniket asked, Hi Naveen, can I have your one moment pls? I have QA-45, DI-45, VA-26 and workEx >6 yrs, Can I expect any IIM calls? Is it too much of workEx for IIMs?

Naveen answers, IIMs do not specify any criteria on work experience. They have a healthy mix of both. Many IIMs do have a few students with that kind of work experience. Start preparing for GD-PI.

sharma asked, Hi Naveen, Plz answer: Score = 87 (Quant: 39, VA: 20, DI: 28). Percentile could be how much?

Naveen answers, 90-95 percentile.

malay asked, sir plz solve this query i have:a score of 20-20-20 whr arbd 20 is cut off is better or 5 35-35...who will get a better percentile a better score or a balanced score?

Naveen answers, The higher the score, the higher the percentile.

Naveen says, Ok guys Bye for now.


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