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CAT 2006: Will you get a call from the IIMs?
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November 19, 2006

Almost everyone who has taken CAT 2006 are wondering the same thing: How many calls will I get from the top B-schools?

Though one can do nothing but wait and watch, it helps to get a tentative idea of what to expect.

Vinayak Kudwa, CAT trainer from IMS Learning Resources, addressed this and other questions in a post-CAT chat on November 19. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Vinayak Kudva , IMS says, Hi everybody.

Deepakp asked, What happens with the misprint in the raja praja question?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, The IIMs have specifically mentioned that they reserve the right to exclude any question. So I believe the final decision will be taken only by them.

nextyear asked, sir, i am getting 76 and 63 acc to different answerkeys.. cani apply for IFMR?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Well, you will have to wait for sometime before the picture for likely cut-offs becomes clear. On the surface, 76 seems like a decent score to apply to IFMR.

ketan asked, hi i am getting DI-40,Qa-30,VA-28 can i expect a call from IIM's or MDI,SPJAIN,NITIE,MICA pls tell i have applied only to these institues

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, You may clear the cutoffs for DI and Verbal but the Quant looks a little dicey for the IIMs. MDI and MICA should not be a problem. SPJain does not give out calls based on the CAT cut-offs.

Mithra asked, Hi..any idea what would be the section wise cut-off and overall cut-off

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, DI: 32-36, Verbal: 28-32, Quant: 36-40, Overall: 105-110+.

Swapna asked, Wats the cut-off for SC/ST??

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Should be around 85+.

Raj86 asked, Hello sir, Wat would be the verbal cut-off this arnd in CAT2006??

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 28-32.

mandar asked, some one please answer my question

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, What's your question?

anu asked, hi!! sir i m expecting my score to be around 65 to 75. so what shoul be my plan of action now, as i know m nowhere as as far as d cut-offs for top B schools are concerned??? pl help

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, I suggest you start preparing for tests which are used by other premier institutes for shortlisting their candidates (like XAT).

rocky asked, 111 series... 108 as per... wht chances ?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, As per what?

rettty asked,  iam getting 40+ QA, 28-32-DI and 24 in Va..Any IIm chances ?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Hi, congratulations on the score. You may get about two calls, however the calls also depend on profile and other parameters.

murthy asked, sir i didnt fared well in verbal but did quite well in di and quant. will ti be a prob in getting calls frm iims

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, IIMs do look at the individual cutoffs in each section. How bad is the Verbal? Sometimes an IIM does give out a call or two even if the Verbal is low. But it depends on other factors too.


Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, It is assumed that when you are getting clear cut-off in all three sections, you also tend to score well in at least one of the sections. Therefore, the overall cutoff is slightly higher than all the individual cutoffs put together.

Monto asked, Sir, I never prepared for the CAT, I am an MCA. I took the exam because my father wanted me to take it. I attended the exam unprepared and I guess I have answered 26 questions correctly 11 in DI, 8 in English and 7 in maths. What are my chances? Can I get a call from any good Institute (top 20 business schools)?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Hi. That is a decent score you have managed. I think you stand a good chance of getting admission in some of the premier institutes. Just wait for some more time and you will know the likely cutoffs for the top colleges.

wilsons asked, what would be the cut-off for iim abm course this year

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 100+ overall.

ajay asked, Plz tell us the expected marks to get a call frm IMT or NITIE or SPJAIN

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, NITIE: 95+, IMT: 80+, SP Jain: No specific cutoff.

meg asked, what is the expected DI cut-off?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 32-36.

neel asked, i have 20 quant and 43 DI and 31 VA.. wat are my chances? will i get a call frm NITIE ?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Overall a good score. But you may fall short marginally, because of the low Quant score. However, you stand an outside chance for NITIE. I suggest you apply to other colleges like IMT, TAPMI, etc.

sambit asked, hi vinayak - i have 45 in DI, 36 in VA and 33 in Quant - no work ex - can I get all six IIM calls?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, You have a good chance.

Samira asked, PLZ ANSWER!!hi vinayak, i'm clearing the cut-offs for DI and Verbal acc. to ur estimates, but not quants.....WHAT ARE MY CHANCES?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Chances for what? What are your scores in DI and Verbal?

AshokRao asked, what is the chance of getting if i get an overall score of 90

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Getting where? With a 90 +, you can hope to get a look at IMI, IMT, MICA and TAPMI in the top bracket.

dreamz asked, however overall i may score in the range of 95-100..i do not have any work ex, wht r my chances of getting IIM calls

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, If you clear the cutoffs, you will get the calls. However, I beleive the overall cutoff will be 105+.

AshokRao asked, what will be the cut-off for TAPMI

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 80+.

abhi asked, 28 in maths and 100 plus in eng and di, is there any chance of me getting a call from IIM...

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, What's the break up in Verbal and DI? Quant seems a bit low. Sometimes, an IIM does give a call even if you have a low Quant cutoff.

haridas pal asked, DI-44 VA -40 QA-48 how many IIM calls can i xpect???

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Good score. Start preparing for your GD-PI.

dreamz asked, i would score about 30 in DI, 27-30 in VA and more than 30 in many calls can i expect

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, You may be marginally short of the IIMs, but there's a good chance in the other top institutes. NITIE, TAPMI, IMT should be calling you.


Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, TAPMI: 80+, NIRMA: 78+.

ajay asked, can i xpct a call 4rm mica,mdi-hr,imi,nirma,tapmi wd a score of arnd 72-75....n sec cut-off`s as 7(di),27(eng),n 40 in quant....i really screwed up my di section....ny chances nywr?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, MDI seems unlikely. The rest seem probable.

agrawalashish asked, hi Vinayak i m getting 50+ in both quant and di but 10-15 in VA. Where should i apply???

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, IMT, TAPMI, NIRMA, BIM, IMI, etc.

vijay1984 asked, hello what will be the cut-off for BIM-TRICHY

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 78+.

vinayk asked, Dear vinayak I have scores of 6 DI, 25 VA and 40 in QA.I have 18 months WORK EXP and decent acads .How many calls do I expect.

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 6 in DI is a low score. I doubt if the IIMs will call you. You can apply to IISWBM, IIFMR, etc.

bhawal asked, overall score 74 can i get call from IIFM

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Decent chance.

Samira asked, DI 40, Verbal 32, Quant 30...which institutes shld i target?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, IMT, TAPMI, MICA, IMI, BIM, NIRMA, KJ Somaiya. You can try for SP Jain, as it does not give out calls based on CAT score alone.

pinkoo asked, Hi Vinayak, I have got 80+ score in CAT 2006 post analysis, which college should i look for?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, IMI, TAPMI,  BIM, NIRMA, etc.

sbalajiiyer asked, Hi Vinayak, Balaji Here. Saw Ptindia.coms answer key.. QA-62, DI-55, VA-31...what can I expect

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Start preparing for GD-PI.

bhawal asked, overall score 74 can i get call from IIFM

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, You have a good chance.

Gokul asked, Hi, my scores in DI and quant are 42 and 39 respectively. am not sure about verbal. in case i clear the cut-off for verbal, what are my chances of an iim call or mdi/nitie/any top 15 school?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Good chance. Apply to IMT, TAPMI and IMI.

CATchthm asked, wat score will get MDI gurgaon call?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 95+.

mou asked, i got 84 as net score overall. what r my chances

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, IMI, TAPMI, NIRMA, etc.

RituG asked, Hi vinayak, as per ur cut-offs, my score is abt 35 in VA, 40-45 in QA and 33-35 in DI..overall i am expecting about 110..wht are my chances of IIM calls

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Start preparing for GDPI.

AshokRao asked, I was asking about TAPMI

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 80+.

sumeet asked, i got 42 in quant,40 in di n 22 in eng wat r my chances

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Good chances. You can expect at least two calls. It depends on profile and background as well.

ashishagrawal asked, Sir i m getting 30 in di 40 in quant 30 in VA. Which all colleges can i xpect a call from?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, MDI, NITIE, IMI, TAPMI, IMT, etc.

gauravgaur asked, I got 50 in DI, 45 in English and 80 in Maths. I didn't mark the answers where there was printing mistake in maths. What are my chances?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, Take a chill pill for now. Start preparing for GD-PI.

siddesh asked, wat kind of approx perc is a overall score 50 di 40 va - 11 qt - 1

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, 85-90 percentile.

pagal asked, Hi! I'm getting 39 in DI, 26 in QA and 40+ in VA. Do I stand a chance to get a call from any of the IIMs? Or which other colleges should I apply to?

Vinayak Kudva , IMS answers, TAPMI, IMT, NIRMA, BIM, etc.

Vinayak Kudva , IMS says, Bye for now. 


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