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Is a US visa on a lost passport valid?
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November 02, 2006

For those worried about that long wait for a US visa, the good news is things will soon move a lot quickly. US authorities are working on streamlining the process.

The queries still remain, of course. Is a visa on a lost passport still valid on a new one? How easy is getting an F1 visa? Won't being asked to furnish additional documents delay the process? Get Ahead readers put forth these and other questions to Sally Ironfield, Non-Immigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy, New Delhi, during a recent chat.

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For those who missed it, here's the transcript:

Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi says, Good afternoon. I'm happy to be here today to answer your questions on the visa process. Before I begin, I'd like to encourage any of you who have visa appointments scheduled for next year to log on to VFS and move your appointment forward to 2006. We have a large number of new appointments still available through the end of the year. Anyone wishing to travel for the holidays should schedule their appointment now.

Rishi asked, Hello Mam, I am based in London, UK but am an Indian citizen. So if I need to travel to US for tourism would I need to apply for the visa in India or in the Uk. And what are the requisites for the same.
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, You may apply for a visa in the consular district in which you reside (in your case, London), but you must be prepared to demonstrate your residency in the UK and your ties outside the United States.

David asked, Hi Sally. Its great to chat with you. I have a B1/B2 visa on my passport and my company has applied for H1B Work Permit which has not been approved yet. If I travel to USA on a personal visit on B1/B2, would that create problems when I go for the interview for H1B visa ?
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, Your use of a valid B1/B2 has no bearing on H1B, as long as you use your B1/B2 solely for tourism, pleasure, or brief business visits. It may not be used for employment in place of the H1B.

MAULESH asked, I am a branch manager with SBI , for ten years and want to settle in US on immigration. please advise me the procedure. maulesh
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, There are immigration employment opportunities. You should consult the DHS website for more detailed information.

Dilip L.T.J. Vas Naik asked, Dear Sally, I am a seafarer and have a C-1/D visa which has expired 3 years or so ago. Please guide me through the matter of getting one such visa, again; preferably at Mumbai. Thank You, Dilip.
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, First you need a valid employment contract from a shipping agency, which requires you to travel to the United States. With that, you can apply online for a C1/D visa, and then set an appointment in Mumbai for your interview.

Sid asked, What documentation is required for F1 visa interview? I have my prospective college I-20, undergrad degree certificate and transcripts, letter(s) of support, letter from university stating the receipt of tuition fees for 1st sem, test scores, movable & immovable assets ownership proof. Am I missing anything? Please advise.
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, The only official document that you need from the school is the I-20. Having additional documentation such as you've described, are helpful, but don't replace the discussion you will have with the visa officer during your interview.

archi asked, My visa was kept pending and i was asked to submit additional documents,which i have already provided.What's the timeframe for processing the visa after submitting additional documentation?
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, Additional processing of pending cases is dependent upon responses we receive to verify information you have provided to us. Because of that, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to get a response and complete your case.

vicky asked, i was advised that for MS studies in US i could get an I20 even by showing funds to cover 1st year expenses but it would be extremely difficult to get a student visa if we cannot show funds to cover expenditures of both the years. can you please clarify
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, An applicant for a student visa must demonstrate sufficient funds to cover the first year of school. For the following years, they must demonstrate that they have access to other sources of additional funds, such as family earnings or scholarships.

Yash asked, Hello ,I have my own business establishment here in mumbai, India . Myself and my wife would like to visit USA to meet my family ( Parents, brother who are permamnent residents in USA) this december . I had lost my passport in the year 2001 in India which had business visitor visa for 10 years with validity till 2008. Now I have new passport however USA visa is not stamped so far as I have not visited USA. My question is on what basis should I apply , is my earlier visa still valid?Is interview mandatory or shall I just inform the embassy about my earlier visa?
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, Your old visa is invalid because you lost your passport. When someone loses a passport with a valid US visa, we encourage them to notify the US embassy or consulate so that the visa can be canceled in the system and no one else can use the passport. You can make an appointment for a new visa interview and bring with you a copy of the police report that you filed and that will be taken into consideration during the interview.

Das asked, After visa approval letter is received from USCIS, Why should one attend the interview in the consulate?
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, The petition approving a visa is a documentary procedure. The visa interview is the final step in the process, which confirms all the statements made in the petition, as well as the identity of the individual.

POOJA asked, I want to apply for USA visa to visit my first cousion's wedding. I am a self employed professional (Chartered Accountant0. Will i face any problem. This will be my first visit.
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, Eligibility for a visa to visit the United States is dependent upon the applicant's ability to demonstrate ties outside the United States as well as the purpose of travel. It is not based on any one factor, but is an overall picture of the individual. We consider many factors, including employment history, family ties, property ownership, travel history, student status, etc.

shalini asked, Does the US Consolate plan to improve the process of queuing up for applying for a Visa in Mumbai. People suffer a lot standing in the Sun.
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, Mumbai has begun construction on a new consulate, which should open in mid-2008.

SecondTry asked, Good evening Ms. Ironfield. I was in the US for five years till 2004 on a H1B visa. I have been working for my US based employer since then from Inda. This year I have been approved a new H1B visa. What are the documents I need to take since my employer is not India-based ? Do I need my old US IT returns (2004 and prior) ? Thanks in advance for your answe & have a pleasant day !
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, You'll need to bring the original approval notice issued by DHS, called the I-797. It is recommended that you also bring a copy of the petition (I-129). Evidence of previous employment in the U.S. (such as your old tax returns) is helpful, but not required.

Ganesh asked, Dear Madam, I have fixed appointment online by VFS site.I have still not submitted documents to VFS center.By mistake I forgot to fill Sex coloumn in DS-156 form.It is printing as Male.I am female want to edit information as female.I am unable to edit information on VFS site. what can I do for it?
Sally Ironfield, NonImmigrant Visa Chief, US Embassy New Delhi answers, Don't worry about this. You are required to bring the application (DS-156) with you to the interview. Any corrections such as you mentioned can be made at the interview.

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