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Study options after Class X/ XII

May 19, 2006

Some of you dream of becoming pilots and flying around the world.

Some of you want to become ace chefs.

Some of you aspire to become CEOs of huge conglomerates.

Career counsellors Srividya and Charmaine Vaz from YoungBuzz discussed career options with Get Ahead readers who have just completed Class X/ XII during a chat on May 12 and this what they had to say: Whatever your dream, with hard work and an aptitude for your field of interest, you can make it happen. 

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Worried about your exam results?

balmiki asked, i am interested in import - export

Srividya answers, 
You can do a PG diploma in import-export management from Mumbai's Welingkar Institute.

cvhsdf asked, i know i didn't not do well in the exam? what should i do if i do not get admission in my shortlisted colleges? should i give the exam again?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi there, giving the exam again would mean losing a year. If you do not mind that, go ahead. Else, pursue the lesser known colleges. As long as you put in the hard work, it's okay.


Srividya answers, 
Yes, after BCom you can go for IFS for which you need to give the UPSC exam. CA deals with accounts and MBA with management.

sapna asked, in case i do not do commerce where can one study to become a flight atendant

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
You have various academies which train you for a career as a flight attendant. These include Frankfinn, which has various branches and the Airhostess Academy. These are pretty good.

balmiki asked, But the problem is that diploma in computer technology is not considered as Graud.Degree

Srividya answers, 
That's true. A degree is given more value than a diploma.

tania asked, does the kind of college you join matter in the long run? does it make a difference whether i study in sydenham or dahanukar?

Srividya answers, 
No. The degree is ultimately from Mumbai University.

pay asked, just 1more ques,for a candiate wishing to pursue newsreading ias a careerr,besides presentable appearance and voice,is height also essential as a physical requirement?if so,whats the minimum height required?plz ans this.

Srividya answers, 
Height is not a criteria for getting into news anchoring.

malik asked, dear sir iam not able to do anywork due to tention. please suggest right way.

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi Malik, do not be tense because when you get stressed out, your thoughts will get muddled. It would help to talk to someone who is senior to you so you can air your concerns.


Srividya answers, 
You can get a management degree.

cvhsdf asked, i am getting a chance to act on tv. i am thinking of giving this a good shot by doing it full time. is a degree really necessary?

Srividya answers, 
No. But to have a back-up plan, it is wise to purse academics alongside.


Srividya answers, 
All three careers have an equal scope. It is ultimately your choice of interest.

haipavanhai asked, this is pavan i stay in banagalore i finished XII , which college would be better for Engineering?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi there, you have the Karnataka State Engineering College, Vellore Institute of Technology and the IITs. Even the state engineering colleges in Bangalore are pretty good.

Sarwar Khan asked, Hello! I study at ISM Dhanbad Doing MBA from There.In my second semester in two papers i got cross and one year back.I have to again continue from 1 st Semester.! Help me out what to do???

Srividya answers, 
You need to meet a career counsellor to narrow down your career options.

gwdgsag asked, i applied for a bpo job and am got it, good salary too. i hate styding and want to give it up but my parents are not letting me. i am 18 and independent, so why should i contunue styding?

Suvidha answers, 
Academics are important. It helps get a rounded personality. So, ideally, continue your studies and later look out for job opportunities.

gwdgsag asked, i applied for a bpo job and am got it, good salary too. i hate styding and want to give it up but my parents are not letting me. i am 18 and independent, so why should i contunue styding?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi, good question. To start off, if your priority is being financially independent, then you can continue with the BPO job. But having an academically sound background could open more doors to you in terms of your career and will be important for faster growth.

Sarwar Khan asked, Can BCA students cope with MBA?I tried but failed to do.

Srividya answers, 
Sarwar, you can go for coaching of MBA which will help you crack the entrance exam

tania asked, my friend says she will run away from home if she does not get 85%. how can i stop her?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi Tania, tell you friend that running away will not make the problem go away. Facing any problem head-on is a lasting solution. Irrespective of her results, there are various options. So, tell your friend not to get disheartened.

mira asked, I'm very tensed about my future. What if I dont get admission in any college!

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi Mira, that rarely ever happens! So, stop worrying and be positive even if it means taking admission to the not-so-sought-after colleges.

saksham asked, i run my business afer graduation but unfortunately i had to wind up last yr. i joined mba hr and finance as dlp course. dont know what will happen to me suggest me in which direction i should go

Srividya answers, 
You can go for an interest and personality test which will give you an accurate picture as to whether you should look for options in HR or finance.

Sarwar Khan asked,  I already study at ISM Dhanbad MBA,but got a year back.It is preffered for me to leave the course?

Srividya answers, 
Meet a career counsellor and get an aptitude test done.

jaanvi asked, I have completed my XII and think I can do well. Which college should I join to study biotechnology?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi Jaanvi, you could try in any of the state run colleges as opposed to private colleges. This depends on where you are located and their entrance exams.

saksham asked, from which institute or place

Srividya answers, 
Log onto  

satheesh asked, Are these board exams really testing the intelligence of the Students?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
The real test of your calibre would be the entrance exams for professional institutes.

pay asked, suvidha,sorry 2bother u agn,just 1 last ques please..if one has a gud face,average voice & required knowledge,of course,but is "4'10"(height)..will this be a hurdle for her to enter newsreading?plz ans..i repeat the ht is 4'10..hope this wont be a hurdle. and thanz for the answers.

Srividya answers, 
Height will not be a problem.

Kanika asked, hi myself kanika from delhi..i m worried about my maths parents expect very much from me but this time i m very much worried...please help me out

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi Kanika, you have various career options that do not require you to pursure Maths. These include Psychology, Mass Media, design, etc. So fear not.

gwdgsag asked, why do parents get so stressed about results. may of cousins are not great in studies, but they are doing well at work

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
In the real world, what matters most is the way you present yourself, your skills and hard work as opposed to mere academics.

pay asked, thankyou just so much for ur time and the useful answers,suvidha and charmaine.god bless u both!bye

Suvidha answers, 
You are very welcome.  

prasun asked, iam a middioucor student i have endulge myself in both CA & CS course all r saying it is tough so itmakes me very tence & i am loosing my self confidence. please suggest.

Srividya answers, 
If you have the interest and the potential to perform, you can excel in both fields.

skthakur asked, i am working in Export Promotion Council pl. suggest distace courses with unitversity in the field. Edu. Qlf. Graduate

Srividya answers, 
Distance courses are offered by many universities like Mumbai University and Annamalai University, Chennai.  

prasun asked, iam a middioucor student i have endulge myself in both CA & CS course all r saying it is tough so itmakes me very tence & i am loosing my self confidence. please suggest.

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi there, firstly don't go by hearsay. The CA and CS is competitive but not impossible. It would require hard work just like any other field.

sham asked, i am going to complete 10th & want to become programmer any suggestion for future study

Srividya answers, 
You can take up science and after Std XII you can do BE in information technology. Later, you can do certificate programmes offered by Cisco, Novel, etc.

sss asked, We normally read many students commit suicide because of not getting the desired result. How do you define a person cannot have the confidence to withstand the pressure of failure can go ahead and commit this sin?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Sin or not, this happens out of fear due to parental and societal pressure, etc. The more we talk about this issue, the more we will be able to find effective solutions.

kumanan asked, iam a diploma holder,which is better whether doing AMIE or UG courses like Bsc,BCA

Srividya answers, 
All are equally good. It is ultimately which field you are more interested in.

govind asked, Any idea when exactly the CBSE XII results will be published?

Charmaine Vaz answers, In the last week of May.

aviline asked, whats the scope in career growth as a foreign language expert?

Srividya answers, 
Good scope. Lot of corportes are hiring linguists for their overseas needs.

satheesh asked, sometimes even parents are giving more pressure to their children.E.g After my X standard Maths Exam i came back home & re wrote the exam in House as per my parents instruction , i scored only 80 Marks in this which spoiled my mood & affected in the next Social Science Exam Next Day.Finally i Scored 100% in Maths & only 65 in Social Science.What i means to say is that all the parents whose Children are appearing for board exams have to under go councelling , not the students.

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
I agree, that could help!

radhika asked, what happen to my question? i am much worried about result date.
Charmaine Vaz answers, Hi, depends on which board.

sss asked, Thanks a lot for not answering my questions.. it was fun not talking to you. bye.

Srividya answers, Bye. All the best

saksham asked, thank you for ur valuable suggestion as you suggested i have registered myself with the site

Srividya answers, 
Any further help you can approach us.

Kanika asked, tanks, but how do i tell my parents, my father wants me to do btech that requires maths..

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
You must understand what you are good at and interested in and convince your parents accordingly. Try, try and you will succeed.


Srividya answers, 
Use memory techniques, revision and solving question papers. asked, how we can redice exmas stress.

Charmaine Vaz answers, Hi there, you plan your studies way before the exam. Take occasional breaks and do not listen to hearsay. Put in your best.

satheesh asked, a quick solution to handle stress?

Srividya answers, 
Practise meditation and yoga.

satheesh asked, a quick solution to handle stress?

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
There is no quick-fix as such. But staying calm will surely help you towards being more focused and making judicious decisions about your future.

shyam asked, I am studying for a competitive exam , but have very low motivation. Any suggestion, to improve that..

Charmaine Vaz answers, 
Hi there, self-motivation is what works best. Understand why you want to give this test and set a goal for yourself. This will not deter you from your chosen goal.

kuman asked, iam a diploma holder,which is better whether doing AMIE or UG courses like Bsc,BCA -iam a system administrator and very much intrested in Networking

Srividya answers, 
You can do your BSE in computer science or BCA and later a diploma in networking.

Charmaine Vaz says, It was nice chatting with all of you. Remember to stay positive. All the best!

samrudha asked, i want to do hotel management after 12th what is the future.

Srividya  answers, Hotel management is one of the most lucrative careers. You can do a 3-year diploma after Std XII or a one year diploma after graduation in any stream.

hitesh asked, how to face cds or join the army after engineering.

Srividya  answers, You have coaching classes as well as books which helps you prepare for the entrance exam .

Srividya says, Bye and all the best.

Part I: Worried about your exam results?

YoungBuzz India Ltd is a career guidance and people development company which regularly conducts career guidance, personality and soft skill development programmes, customised for various age groups and needs. It has conducted programmes in over 100 cities, in more than six different languages for more than 300,000 individuals.

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