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5 innerwear mistakes by men

Veyoleen Mehrotra
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July 24, 2006

More attention is being paid to men's outerwear clothing, than ever before. However, it is their innerwear that has escaped our radar.

In fact, when it comes to underwear faux pas, women are not the only culprits; men are equally responsible for committing a few.

Mistake I: Ill-fitting undershirts

"We often see undershirts stick out from under T-shirt collars or from the sleeves of short sleeve shirts. Try on the undershirt before buying it; if the sleeves are long, have them altered or try the sleeveless kind, also known as singlet. Opt for undershirts with wider necklines, " says Lauren Gumbiner, Manager, Intimacies at Bloomingdales, New York.

They are available in a variety of fabrics and a combination of cotton and polyester. These offer a comfortable fit and absorb perspiration.

Another common mistake is the use of dark coloured undershirts under white shirts. This is a complete no-no. Ensure that your undershirt matches your outerwear.  

Mistake II: Undershirts as Outerwear

Sleeveless undershirts seemed to be the favoured gym-wear among men. If you want it to be a part of your outerwear, treat it accordingly.

Watch out for those not so attractive yellow sweat stains. Choose dark coloured undershirts and wash them after every wear. Dark coloured undershirts are usually preferred for gym wear.

However, as far as possible restrict them to their original purpose.

Mistake III: Underpants that bunch and are uncomfortable

When it comes to choosing between boxers or briefs, it's really based on personal choice and comfort level.

Lauren suggests a boxer brief, "Boxers don't necessarily give men the best support or a clean look under formal wear. And of course the brief is not the most comfortable choice for most men. The boxer brief gives both comfort and support and looks great under both formal and casual clothing".

As the name suggests, a boxer brief is a combination of the two. The fabric is similar to that of a brief and guarantees good support. It is designed along the lines of a boxer short. It is worn at the waist and offers coverage from the waist to the thigh. It is available in a number of styles, some of which offer a convenient front-fly opening

Jockey and Hanes offer a variety of styles and prices start from Rs 105 and Rs 90 respectively.

Mistake IV: Socks that draw unwanted attention

Lauren finds that socks are the most underrated garment when it comes to innerwear. Although, socks are a mere detail, they can make or break your outfit. If you wear brown socks with brown shoes and black pants, someone will certainly notice the blunder. Black trousers demand not only black socks but also black shoes.

Socks do more than just cover your feet; they absorb sweat and keep them warm during cold weather. Socks also prevent friction between the feet and shoes thus working as a precaution against blisters. Wear clean socks to avoid any kind of infection.

Today, socks too are available in variety of styles, patterns and fabrics. One can choose from cotton and woollen to acrylic fibre. Cotton socks are suitable for exercising while acrylic is recommended during summer. Stick with dark colours for almost everything and yes, white socks are only meant for the gym. 

Mistake V: Underwear that belongs in the rag pile

This applies to both men and women. Take good care of your underwear to increase its life. You should rinse your underwear before throwing it in with the rest of the wash. Good hygiene calls for this practice.

Your underwear needs to be replaced depending on how often you wear a piece. The rule of thumb for replacing underwear is every six months. Or whenever they wear out in the waist, or get stained, or lose their elasticity.

Innerwear shopping can be intimidating for most people and a lack of variety only compounds the problem.

While we willingly spend hours trying to find a perfect pair of jeans, we do less justice when it comes to selecting clothing that is intimate to our skin. It is time to do away with these avoidable blunders. Remember, what's on the inside also counts! 

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