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UK degree = Job in UK?
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July 07, 2006

How much does a UK student visa cost?

Will the money be returned to you if you do not get the visa?

Is the student visa a multi-entry visa? Will you be able to leave the UK for a visit home or for a vacation during the course of your study?

Does a degree from the UK guarantee a job in the UK?

Kevin Woods, head, visa department, British Deputy High Commission, Chennai, answers these and other questions in a chat with Get Ahead readers on July 3.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript.

Part I: Do you want a UK work visa?
Part II: Financially ready for a UK student visa?

DEI asked, 

Kevin Woods answers, Again, look at the quality assurance website. for further advice.

amit175 asked, Hi Kevin, is the student visa a multi-entry one. Can I visit India during the course. Is there any visa formality that has to taken care of while making visits.

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Amit, a student visa is multi entry, so you can enter/ exit the UK for the duration of visa. If you are a student then it is helpful if you carry a letter from your school/ college/ university to confirm you are a student there and that you have obtained leave from your studies to travel.

RAKESH asked, Hi Kevin.Do these intermediaries agents who claim to give assurance regarding UK Visa are worth applying through.Do colleges set up their offices in India to ease out the visa operation.

Kevin Woods answers, No-one can make the decision to issue a visa other than my team in the BDHC visa department. We work closely with a number of student agent and have recently issued them with a Preferred Agent Scheme status. Even these agents are unable to guarantee the issue of a visa.

mano asked, Dear Kevin, can students continue their studies once their SEGS visa is expired?

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Mano, if a person has a SEGS visa then they should be working in the UK. If the visa has expired and the intention is to study then the person should reapply for the correct type of visa.


Kevin Woods answers, Please look at the rules on the link from the UKindia website. You are only able to take employment incidental to the holiday aspect and then only for 12 months. You will therefore also need to satisfy the ECO that you will comply with these restrictions and that you intend to leave the UK at the end of the 2 year period.

aks_s asked, i am planning to do a 12 month masters program in management in the UK. for how long can i stay back in the UK after completing my course?

Kevin Woods answers, If it is in the UK and, as you say, a recognised masters programme then it will be 12 months under the SEGS scheme.

mini asked, hey kevin,if somebody's been served wid removal directions ok uk can he apply again and is there any chance of securing a student visa

Kevin Woods answers, In general terms we would treat his application independently. However, anyone being removed from the UK has clearly not abided by their previous conditions of stay. As such, it is unlikely that we will be persuaded that they will do so if issued with another visa.

devkey asked, Hi , I have applied to 5 colleges in UK and 2 have accepted me , n im awaiting replies from the other 3. I plan to apply for my UK visa by July end , my question is , is tht too late to apply ?

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Devkey, as long as you apply for your visa 2-6 weeks in advance of the course start date, then your application should be in time. You just have to decide which college you are going for!

JOHNY asked, Hi Kevin Does the agents who represent different UK universities have some kind of a bench mark for giving advice to students?Whom do we trust?

Kevin Woods answers, Good question. We have no influence over who sets themselves up as immigration consultants. My best advice would be to compare the information provided with what is freely available through the Internet and the British Council.

aks_s asked, isn't the SEGS scheme meant only for science and engg graduates? i am planning to study for an MA prog

Kevin Woods answers, As with the Fresh talent scheme, the SEGS scheme has been extended for all masters programmes starting after May 1, 2006.

Hussain asked, If I completes my studies my studies in UK i.e. ABE Advance Diploma then can I apply for an HSMP or a Wrok Permit?

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Hussain, the HSMP scheme is based on points and education is only one part of it. Work permits currently have a different criteria and an employer in the UK obtains a work permit on behalf of their employee. If you need more information about HSMP or Work Permits, visit

Ankit asked, Sir why is getting a student visa for UK is very easy and difficult to get a job.This has infact created doubt in the minds of students like me.

Kevin Woods answers, Your question is not clear. The benefits of a UK education are manifold and not solely associated with the possibility of obtaining employment in the UK. There are many ways that you might be able to secure employment after your studies are completed, but there are obviously a finite number of jobs in the UK as elsewhere.

Aks asked, How long does it take for VISA processing after the appln is made? Especially in the months of July-August.

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Aks, it takes about 48 hours for straightforward applications to be processed once they are received from VFS, even in July and August.

Ashwin asked, Dear Kevin, I have completed my Professional diploma in marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, thats PDM (Associate of CIM-UK). This apart i have completed my MBA from India's 15th ranking Insitute and Bachelors in Business Adminsitration as well as Diploma in Exports. As of now I am working for a Leading Insurance Company as Agency Manager. I was wondering if you can guide me to someone who can help me job opportunities in UK since i also want to pursue my Professional Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from CIM-UK, which can help my future plans of becoming a Chartered Marketer. Regards

Kevin Woods answers, Please have a look at the website for information.

ajay420 asked, Hi kevin , hope u r doing well !! i m compter engineer, and wants to go for M.S , i wants to know the salary structure at your end.

Kevin Woods answers, Sorry, i do not know what the average salary structure is.

mub asked, Mr.Kevin, PLS. ANSWER MY QUESTION, i am working in saudi arabia and want to come on vacation for 1 month to UK, what is the procedure, can u shed some light on it

Kevin Woods answers, If you are resident in Saudi, you should apply from there. The same documents will be required there as if you were applying in India.

alps asked, hello kevin,i m post graduate in commerce streamnow i m interested in M.B.A with part time job to support myself financially.i m from india how can i apply for student visa and what will b the requirement of doc & all for it

Kevin Woods answers, Please read the Immigration Rules. Any work undertaken and payment for this must be incidental. You must be able to meet the costs of your course and accommodation/ maintenance without working.

anubhav asked, sir i got call letter from university of strathclyde in scotland. my agent has said tht i will be getting two years working visa. so i want to confirm that will i get a job thr as i also have to pay back my loan from it. please reply...

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Anubav, if you study at HND level or above at a qualifying institution in Scotland, then you can qualify for the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland Scheme. Of course, you must successfully complete your study first! The Fresh Talent scheme currently allows for one year to work/ live in Scotland after completion of the applicable course.

Karan asked, Dear Mr.Woods, Why is there no bonus points for UK graduates (who are International Students) under the new point system? For e.g. The HSMP system does not recognise the fact the an individual has graduated from the UK. Other countries like Australia does or even for that matter the US shows preference to Foreign US graduates. Why are students left hanging high and dry on completion of the course and payment of the course fees in the UK?

Kevin Woods answers, Yes, it will recognise those who have qualified from the UK. This is still a work in progress but I am aware that there will be a greater recognition of previous studies in the UK than elsewhere.

rahul asked, Hello Kevin, Is it possible to apply for a UK visa in conjunction with other European visas? In other words, One visa that let's you pass through many countries? Thanks

Kevin Woods answers, No, the UK administers its own border control. I think you may be confused with the Schengen arrangements.

Sanjay asked, Respected Sir, My visa has been refused four years back becoz of funds. What are my chances now if I apply again? I am an 29 years old guy still single. Hope to hear from you. Thank you.

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Sanjay, every application is assessed on its own merits. If you need further guidance regarding making a visa applications, please refer to

Mona asked, Hi,Kevin I need to submit all original docs for my visa or photocopies will do?

Kevin Woods answers, It is better to send the originals where possible in order that we might verify them. Photocopies generally are of little evidential value.

sandymcbeal asked, Hello Mr. Woods,i'd like to know that whether the govt. of UK has introduced a new rule this year that all the PG students who enroll after may,2006 in uk universities will be getting an option to work for 1 year in uk after the completion of the course irrespective of the course which need not neccessarily be on the list(like only science stream).?is this true?

Kevin Woods answers, Yes the former SEGS scheme has been extended under the same name to include all masters programmes.

Rupa asked, Dear Kevin, I wish to pursue MBA in Human Resources in UK. Tell me how do i go abut it

Kevin Woods answers, Please attend either the British Council offices, their Web site or one of the Education UK seminars for advice on which education providers run this course.

sudhi asked, Hi sir, Plz let me know the expenses for students visa n its duration?

Kevin Woods answers, Dear Sudhi, the fee for student visas is now Rs.7,650 per application and is non-refundable. There is also a small handling charge for our outsourcing agents VFS. The duration of the visa will be dependent on the type of course you wish to study.

Kevin Woods says, Thank you all for your interaction. I am sorry that I cannot type fast enough to answer all of your queries. I look forward to participating in something similar in the near future. With best regards, Kevin Woods

Part I: Do you want a UK work visa?
Part II: Financially ready for a UK student visa?

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