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Do introductions frighten you?

February 17, 2006

Many of us get very nervous while introducing ourselves to a new person or introducing two people to each other. 

But making introductions with finesse is a critical interpersonal skill in the social and business context.

BPO training expert Nasha Fitter, who chatted with Get Ahead readers in an hour-long session on February 15, has a few tips: You could record yourself, listen to the playback and analyse if you sound strong.

Also, in an introduction, your body language becomes important. Do you shake hands? Is your posture straight? Are you confident when saying your name?

Practise in front of the mirror as well.

Nasha Fitter is the CEO of Fitter Solutions, a communication and training company. She is an expert in vocational and communication skills management for BPOs and service-based organisations and conducts private classes for individuals. She is deeply involved with the upliftment and development of rural youth through basic education, vocational training and entrepreneurship, and writes for a variety of publications. She has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

For those who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Are you an effective communicator?

sapangoyal: hi nasha, am not good at communication skills. Am an undergraduate and i have completed only my 2nd PUC in commerce, do i stand any chance of getting a job in BPO industry.I have got good computer skills and am good at typing.

Nasha: You can look at non-voice positions (data entry, typing or writing e-mails). Here, your written English skills will be important (maybe not be so much for data entry but definitely the rest).

sapangoyal: have been working in medical transcription for the past six years and would like to switch to some BPO because i have reached the top level and i find no growth forward, so will i be able to join some call center or a BPO and what are my growth chances

Nasha: You may want to look into BPOs that work in healthcare as you will be able to leverage your work experience. You can look for a process that deals with medical transcription for example, and come in as a leader or manager because you already have the experience.

kunalaabha: Hi Nasha this is Kunal here & could you please guide whether it is advisable for mwe to Join the BPO just for earning more. Does BPO only means big money with no career prospectus

Nasha: I truly believe we should all look at the jobs we do today as a part of a longer term career goal. Don't look at a BPO just for money, but see instead if working in a BPO will help your long term career.

For instance, if you need to learn to be a better communicator, working in a BPO will definitely help you. You will also learn professionalism and how to work with international customers. And yes, there are growth prospects within a BPO.

Aabid: a quick question. Can a good writer also be necessarily a good speaker.

Nasha: Good writing skills definitely help. My motto is the more you read, the better you write, the better you speak. There are of course better factors at hand such as pronunciation, body language and tone which are needed for good oral communication versus written.

Niladri: hi nasha, how can i give my self introduction with more voice clarity?

Nasha: You could record yourself, listen to the playback and analyse if you sound strong. Also, in an introduction, your body language becomes important.

Do you shake hands?

Is your posture straight?

Are you confident when saying your name?

Practise in front of the mirror as well.

luvssss: does a BPO industry exist without night shifts?

Nasha: Yes, domestic BPOs do not have night shifts. Also, many BPOs focusing on data entry type of work operate during the day.

ramaiah: does our getures gives any added color to our talks?

Nasha: Absolutely, using your hands while you speak (moving them around) not only makes you more interesting, but also helps your tone become more flavourful.

phani: What the word "soft skills" really mean?

Nasha: Non-technical skills like communication, interpersonal skills, public speaking, etc.

chilu: hi Nisha, what should be my answer when someone asks Why you are leaving the previous company

Nasha: It is important here to be positive. Never speak negatively about the company you work for as it shows you are a negative person. Always talk about the future and what you want to learn and how you want to grow. Let them know you are leaving your company because you want to improve and grow in areas that are not offered within your company.

Prem: how to prepare for BPO interview ?

Nasha: Know about the company, the processes and why you want to work there. HR managers in BPOs are extremely concerned about attrition and, so, showing them that you are serious about their company is important. Also, make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses and what makes you unique.

Harmeet: Hi Nasha, I am a Post Grad in Finance and I am looking to improve my communication skills. Is it advisable to join a BPO Call centre training programme to improve the languistic skills sticking to my current job?

Nasha: Yes, many people look at working in a BPO as an extended personality programme. Although it's important that after you go through training, you work in the company and utilise the training you have received.

monali: Hi Nasha,if you could kindly answer my questions, will be a great help, please reply, waiting since 15 min.

Nasha: What's your question? Please repost. hi nasha do u think its alright to use slangs (american) like yeah, chill, cool man etc for corporate work??

Nasha: If you are talking to colleagues, it's fine. But when speaking to your bosses and clients, I would refrain from using slang.

Gautam: Hi,30 Male from New Delhi as per mine Qualification and more over communication skills i deserve to work with an call center. What should i do to impress the HR at first Round of "About Yours Self Intro"

Nasha: Here, it's important to stand out. Ask yourself what would make you interesting to work with. Are you super-friendly? Do you have a good sense of humour? Are you critical thinker? This question allows you to brag about yourself. It's important though to make sure you give examples that make you look good in a corporate setting.

jeev: wats the level of english u would expect from a young fresher?

Nasha: I would expect a very good level of English from any young adult. By the time you graduate from college, you should be able to communicate effectively.

rpgosh: do you think the spellings like wat for what, u for you, nope for no, gonna for going, cya for see you or bye, BTW for by the way, LOL for laughing our loud etc spoiling the charm of language and again should affect the career prospects in long run? a bad habit is a bad habit forever.

Nasha: I think this type of SMS slang is a big reason why so many of us possess terrible written and oral English skills. It is a very bad habit.

Cool_Pankaj: Hi there, I asked you that do u think China is a potential threat to Indian in terms of BPO industry.

Nasha: I think China is a potential threat to India in every industry! We just need to continue working hard and create a better knowledge based economy.

rashid: hi nasha,ialways read news paper,magizine but i am unable to understand each and every point of that, will you plz let me know how i will improve thanks

Nasha: Ask questions to other people who you may feel can help you. That is what I do when I read something I don't understand. It's great though that, when you are trying to read, you are trying to understand everything.

Joseph: A common complaint is about BPO folks (esp. from India) reading off scripted answers. So are call center folks trained about the offerings they are supporting. What is the level of analytical skills expected?

Nasha: Yes, I agree. I am completely against scripted answers. I think they force people to not used their head, critical thinking abilities, and their imagination when dealing with customers. Even at the lowest levels, everyone should be trying to think outside the box and improve their analytical abilities.

Nasha: Thanks everyone. I am sorry I did not get to everyone's questions. Good luck and keep reading!

Part I: Are you an effective communicator? 


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