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Math and Physics, simplified!

Antonio Diniz | March 14, 2005

What is the most dreaded subject at school?

Mathematics is the word that most students would vouch for, unanimously.

The second most dreaded one would be Physics.

But all you need to master these subjects is confidence, commonsense, logic and practice.

Get Ahead helps demystify the two subjects for you:

  • ~ Physics: what's so special?

    There are some very important requisites for any student to score well in the Physics paper.

    1. A good command of English.

    Make sure the definitions, statements of laws and principles are exact and accurate.

    2. Explain concepts in a precise, to-the-point manner. Do not beat around the bush.

    3. Your explanations should be based on laws and principles of physics related to the questions. 

    4. The derivations of formulae or arriving at a conclusion should be done in order, systematically and must be complete in every sense.

    5. You must have a good knowledge of Math to solve problems.

    Know the various mathematical formulae and relationships between various quantities. For example, Newton's Law Of Motion and Newton's Law Of Gravitation are two different concepts and cannot be interchanged.

    ~ Math simplified!

    It is not enough to rely on your memorising abilities if you want to score highly in Math.

    ~ Make sure you understand what you learn. If not, clarify your doubts with your teacher. If you understand it wrong, you will definitely make mistakes.

    ~ Practise each and every theorem/ derivation in writing and as many examples as possible of each.

    ~ Tips to write your paper well!

    1. Make sure you reach the examination hall at least 15 minutes early.

    2. Keep a checklist of the stationery you need to carry. This should include your admit card, pens, pencils, eraser, scale and compass box. Check whether you have it all, the night before the exam.

    3. Read every question carefully. Mark all the questions for which you are sure of the answers. Tackle these first.

    4. Just before you answer, read the question once again. Frame your answer and then write it down neatly and to the point.

    5. Check the question: do you need to do draw a diagram? If so, do it neatly with a pencil. Then label all its parts.

    6. Are you prone to be careless?

    Carelessness arises thanks to two factors:

    • An inherent quality, which can overcome by making a conscious effort all the time to be careful.
    • A temporary phenomenon due to nervousness, excitement or lack of preparation.

    So make a concerted effort to be calm and composed.

    7. While answering your Physics paper, make sure all the units are correct. Avoid careless mistakes while computing. Else you will feel very disappointed later.

    8. Next, attempt the questions which you are partially sure of. You can get marks if any part of the question is correctly answered.

    9. Do not leave any question unanswered. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.

    10. Keep track of the time. Tie your supplementary sheets to the main answer sheet in the correct order at least 10 minutes before the end of the exam. Use the last five minutes to review your answers.

    11. Avoid leaving personal messages for the examiner, like "Have pity on me. I come from a poor family," or "I was sick. I could not answer properly."

    Remarks like these will only irritate the examiner. Rely on your own abilities, not self-pity.


    Antonio Diniz, a supervisor of Science at the Indian School, Muscat, has over 30 years of teaching experience.

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    Sub: Self-Pity?

    I can't believe people try passing an exam through remarks like that on their paper. Is it really true that people do that? If so ...

    Posted by Jawahar

    Sub: Exams...

    The articles under the topic are excellent.I am passing on copies to many students as i am in the teaching profession.I APPRECIATE MANY MORE SUCH ...

    Posted by John

    Sub: Exams!

    The subject is good & knowledgeable.But it should have been posted before the exams so that the students have been benefited.Now the 12th exams r ...

    Posted by Kaiser

    Sub: exams

    exams r boring.

    Posted by Sriram Venkitachalam

    Sub: How easy!

    Wow! What a simple way to learn Maths and Physics. If only it was true. This article makes me laugh. Could it be anymore stupid? ...

    Posted by Seema


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