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7 diet mantras to stay slim

Juhi Dua | July 06, 2005

You've finally made up your mind to get back to working out. No more procrastination, you've told yourself.

That's great!

Part I: Your mantra for today -- exercise
Part II: Get that hot body NOW

To achieve your target, you need to do more than sweat it out at the gym. What you also need is a balanced diet.

Here are some basic guidelines put together by dieticians and fitness instructors -- in terms of what you need to eat, and what you need to steer clear of:

i. Drink lots of water

Muscles and other tissues are made up of approximately 80 percent water.

If you limit your water intake, the body will retain water and make you feel like the 'queen or king of bloat'.

On the other hand, staying hydrated will release some of the excess water trapped in the body and most likely reduce your weight by a few kilos.

ii. More meals, but small ones

Break your usual three meals into five to six smaller meals and eat every three hours.

If you break your meals into smaller portions, it helps to control blood sugar, thus putting you in a better position to lose fat.

iii. Don't starve

Don't starve yourself, create a mild caloric deficit instead.

In other words, your body should burn off more calories than you take in.

After your body has used all the food calories, it uses your fat cells for energy.

iv. Say NO to fatty foods

This may sound cliched, but it is nevertheless worth every iota of effort you make.

Avoid fattening foods like pastries, ice creams, rice, curd, milk products like cheese, etc.

Try limiting the intake of fatty foods too.

v. Fruits and veggies

Have lots of fruits, salads and green leafy vegetables.

vi. Make breakfast an essential part of your diet

This meal is very important for the human body.

"You sleep through the night. So, if you keep your stomach empty, your body is going to sense an emergency. It will think there is a famine and will do everything, including holding on to the stored body fat, to keep you alive," says Rashmi, a dietician who regularly formulates weight-loss diets.

vii. Have a lighter dinner

A salad or a stew or soup is a great option.

So, buck up and get going. It's time you revved up your fat burning metabolism.

A younger, fresher, healthier you will soon emerge.

Part I: Your mantra for today -- exercise
Part II: Get that hot body NOW

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Sub: About fat

I agree with most of the things but there is a misconception that fats are bad to health. actually research has found out carbohydrates are ...

Posted by Vijay

Sub: thnx

hi. it was very nlitening reading ur tips do keep me updated.

Posted by dr alpanapathak

Sub: a question to reduce fat

Iam 28yr old,5' and my weight is 60. Since 3months iam maintaining the same. 2years back i was 45 kgs, i have started increasing my ...

Posted by jyothi

Sub: 7 diet mantras to stay slim

it's an excellent piece of advice, free to all. worth it's weight in gold. congrats.

Posted by vkagrawal

Sub: thanks for guidence

dear pal, thanks for give some tips regularly of health which could help many to understand that it so easy to live.thanks once again. ...

Posted by Ambili R Nair


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