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Lose fat, not weight

December 06, 2005

You have been working out religiously at the gym or at home for a couple of months. But you haven't lost any weight.

image Do not feel disheartened.

According to nutritionist Shraddha Sheth and fitness instructor Abhishekh Patil of Gold's Gym who chatted with Get Ahead readers on December 1, you must take your body measurements before starting your workouts. An individual initially loses either his/ her weight or inches. So, if you have not lost weight, it is absolutely okay. What is important is to lose adipose tissue (fat cells).

Shraddha is a certified nutritionist with a BSc in Life Sciences and a post-graduate degree in Food and Nutrition. Her profile as a dietician at Gold's Gym involves planning diets for patients and treating different elements of weight management.

Abhishekh is a certified personal trainer from the International Sports Science Association, Santa Barbara, USA. He is a manager at Gold's Gym and has been in the field for five years.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript:

Part I: Does dieting mean starving?

avinash: these days many talk about creatine supplementation. is it safe and useful? how it can be taken? who can/cant take it.

Abhishekh Patil: This supplement is used for high intensity training. It gives you maximum strength. It depends on what your fitness goals are.

udesh: i am 33 and 5'5 please recomend me what shall i do and eat daily to keep me fit

Shraddha: Dos: Have 10 to 15 glasses of water every day and two portions of fruits. Have white meat or a vegetarian protein sauce in evening. Have fruit extracts rich in Vitamin C as they cut your fat percentage. Don'ts: Do not skip meals, don't snack often and avoid chips and popcorn. Don't overeat during dinner, avoid junk food and don't mix roti and rice.

Amar: Abhishekh can u tell me what are exercises to loose weights. My Height is 5'8" and weight 79 Kgs

Abhishekh Patil: The exercises can be more for your lower body because it burns more fat. Also, do a good amount of cardio.

Moonwalker: Hi Abhishekh, I'm 24, 5'11", 79kgs...I used to play a lot of tennis earlier but due to some physical problems I had to leave it and have put on quite a lot of weight since then...with regular workouts I have managed to reduce a lot lately but I still look a bit heavy...can you please suggest what sort of exercise I should do to lose the flab?...I do cardio for 40-50 min 6 days a week and weight training for 20 min thrice a week with light weights...

Abhishekh Patil: You should stop doing cardio on a regular basis. Do it on alternate days only for 45 minutes. About weight training, do it alternate days. It should be high intensity training. No light weights.

Sunny: Hi Abhishek.A personal query. I am planning to set up my own commercial gym. which is the best equipment to go ahead with. I want the best

Abhishekh Patil: The best equipment in the market is Startrack Eagle Series and for hardcore stuff, Jade and Precor.

harshjin: Hi shraddha, I'm a 26 yrs old gal and weight is 54 now and my height is 5.3" and my abdomin is a bit out..I need some exercise to reduce it..will u please help me.

Shraddha: My advice to you is to attend a group ab class thrice a week and cut down on fatty foods. Don't take naps after meals. In case you have faulty bowel movement, eat lots of food rich in fibre.

aarti: my age is 27 & i am 5'5" & weight 62kg

Shraddha: You need to lose six kilogrammes. Being a woman, you need to take care of the inches rather than your weight.

nayan: my hight 5.7" & my weight is 50 kg so plz give me advise how to increase weight

Shraddha: As per your stats, dietary advice would be to increase the protein intake like paneer, white meat (if non-vegetarian), eggs with yolk and bananas.

KK: Hi , I am 23 Male , 5'10" I want to increase my weight . What is the diet/exercise for this ? Thanks.

Shraddha: You need to increase protein intake. Have eggs, two portions of banana per day, dates (10 to 15) and increased intake of carbohydrates. Abhishekh would further advise you on how to exercise.

PRASHANT: u are answeringa all the questions on weight loss y u r not answering my question on weight gain that can also eb a problem hw to gain weight if u r underweight

Abhishekh Patil: Count yourself lucky, as not being overweight is God's gift. There's only one reason for not gaining weight -- your calorie intake is less. Secondly, you are gifted with a high Basal Metabolic Rate. Try not to increase in fat weight, but muscle weight. You need to eat, eat and eat and workout very hard.

Simran_delhi: Hi i am simran from delhi.I am 5.5ft and my weight is 65 kgs.i reach home late and then i take my dinner late and as i am kashmiri we are rice eaters and i take rice every night andthen immediately i sleep.and i think that is the reason i hvae gained weight.what should i do to reduce it

Shraddha: As you have late dinners, eat roti instead of rice and increase your fibre intake ie white meat with gravy and a portion of basic salad (tomato, cucumber, cabbage). These will fill your stomach and are low in calories and fat.

preethi: hi, i need to loose weight some how in two months for my upcoming wedding in feb, right now i weigh 65 kg with an height of 5'1, i am already into aerobics twice a week and i do go for my long brisk walks daily and i diet too, {no rice, chapati, bread, no form of milk prdoucts, no sweets) please guide me.

Shraddha: Are you following any diet schedule? Advice for you: Don't cut down on milk or milk products as they are high in calcium and protein. Avoiding milk would not help you to reduce weight. Take three portions of fruit per day like muskmelon, watermelon, papaya, pineapple, orange and sweet lime.

bachuu: Hi iam 33 i weigh around 90kgs. I dont eat much. Little breakfast and small luch and a good dinner. I dont eat anything in between. I drink lot of water also. for last two months i have been on excercise also. My weigh has not come down. please suggest me something

Shraddha: Did you take your body measurements before you started your workouts? An individual initially loses either his/ her weight or inches. So, if you have not lost weight, it is absolutely okay. What is important is to lose adipose tissue (fat cells).

Shirshendu: Hello, I am 41 wgt 78KG hight 5.7 what should be ideal wgt

Shraddha: You need to lose 8-10 kilogrammes. Do you exercise? You need to concentrate on your energy expenditure.

Lucky: Hi, I am Lucky and I am 29 years old. 5'11 / 88 kgs. Is the right weight? I have a tendency to loose good amount of weight as soon as I join an intensive work out or fitness schedule. For the last 8 months due to work pressure I am not in a position to do anything. Please advise if I restart my fitness regime, how soon will i loose weight obiviously with a proper diet? Please advise

Shraddha: You don't need to lose more than two kilogrammes. To maintain the weight loss, eating is crucial. Basic tips can be having five meals per day ie breakfast, lunch, dinner and two mid-meals which should be minus calories, ie fruits and fruit extracts.

mandar: I have reduced my weight from 79 to 64. Shall I continue to reduce the same or I shall join some muscle toning excercises. I am 40 years old and 5'6" height. Regards

Shraddha: Hi Mandar! You don't need to reduce any more. It's a good idea to join a muscle toning class because what you need is to tone up.

smarty_vjay: Your Opinion About Doing Yoga

Abhishekh Patil: Yoga is a very good activity. It helps to develop your lung capacity, your concentration and improves your flexibility.

Part I: Does dieting mean starving?

Tomorrow: The transcript continues...


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