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Why are you putting on weight?

December 29, 2004

Can you eat anything as long as you exercise?

Why are you putting on weight?

Nutritionist and fitness expert Samreedhi Sharma has the answers.

SMITHA: I have heard people say we can eat anything as long as we workout for an hour a day. Is that a myth?

Samreedhi Sharma: You wish! I train for seven hours a day and workout but I STILL watch my diet! Get real :)

anuradha: Hello. I have undergone three operations -- Cesarian (1991), cyst (1998) and fibroid (2000). When I exercise, I lose about two to three kgs. After that, it is very difficult to lose.

Samreedhi Sharma: Hi! You probably have hormonal imbalance; check that and see a good gynaecologist. Keep working out. Irrespective of the kilos, you will at least lose inches and your fat percentage :).

Gargs: I have a question. I live in the US. I don't eat fast food or drink sodas, but I am still putting weight. I am physically active and not lazy at all. What should I do?

Samreedhi Sharma: Please check your thyroid levels. Hypothyroid usually causes the symptoms you are talking about. Check your T3,T4 and TSH levels.

Sunny: What is the difference between Yoga and aerobic exercise?

Samreedhi Sharma: Aerobics helps you burn fat and tones your lower body muscles. Yoga comprises of stretches and breathing exercises which improve your concentration, help you relax and increase your flexibility.

amit: Hi. I work in Nigeria. My work timings are 8.00 am to 8.00 pm. Please advise on how I can maintain my weight, given this schedule.

Samreedhi Sharma: Hi! Workout in the morning before office or during lunch hour. Then have lunch. Or you could exercise after returning from work. You are working to live a better life, so why are you willing to sacrifice your health?

manishjain: Hi. I am a 26-year-old male. I am around 5.6 inches tall and my weight is around 56 kgs. I have two questions. 1) Do you think I am underweight? 2) Can you tell me a diet regimen so I can gain five or six kgs?

Samreedhi Sharma: Hi! If you are a medium frame (wrist size 16-18 cms), you should weigh 61-67 kgs. Eat four to five meals a day. Include three to four vegetable and fruit servings a day -- six to seven cereal and three to four pulse servings a day. Drink water and join a gym.

kalind: Can Pranayama help us avoid all kinds of ailments as advertised by some godmen on television channels like Astha?

Samreedhi Sharma: No... but it can help you better your system IF DONE CORRECTLY.

manoj: Hi Samreedhi. I am Manoj. I used to gym every day, basically weights, so I had a good shape. Now I have left gymming and my diet is also irregular because of which I have put on too much of fat. Should I start gymming or control my diet? Please advise.

Samreedhi Sharma: Hi! Please do both!

ravi: Hello. I am a software engineer sitting all the day at the computer. Can you tell me what exercises I should do? Could you also give me some exercises for the eyes?

Samreedhi Sharma: Hi! It's not possible to show you the exercises on this chat. But make sure you leave your seat every hour and walk about to get your blood circulating. As for your eyes, shut them and gently place your palm over them. Look away from the computer at some greenery or at a sunset. Give yourself constant breaks.

Phanindra: How good is swimming to reduce fat?

Samreedhi Sharma: Hi! It's very good. Keep increasing/ varying the intensity.

Is walking better than running?


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