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May 23, 2001

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The Paul Condon report


1. This report is submitted in compliance with the terms of reference for the Anti Corruption Unit (ACU), which require me to conduct a general review of relevant matters and to submit a written report to Rt Hon Lord Griffiths of Govilon MC PC, the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Commission of the International Cricket Council (ICC) by 30 April 2001. In this report I review the work of the ACU, the history and causes of corruption in cricket and I make recommendations to minimise malpractice in the future. My unit has approached its task with humility and respect for religious and cultural differences, particularly given the trust placed in us by those who have taken us into their confidence, often at personal or professional risk.

2. With the agreement and support of the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Commission and Malcolm Gray, the President of the International Cricket Council, I have written this report in the knowledge it will be made public. There is a clear and legitimate public interest in the subject matter of this report. Confidence in world cricket will only be restored if there is open and frank analysis of past problems and a resolve to confront the challenge which continues to threaten the integrity and reputation of the game.

3. As a public document this report must not prejudge or prejudice the outcome of specific enquiries into named individuals. Therefore, it does not give full details of these investigations. The outcome of these individual investigations will be determined entirely on the merits of each case. Some of the findings and punishments in relation to players named in this report are subject to appeal and further legal proceedings.

4. This report will make disturbing reading for all those who love and follow the game of cricket. It describes at least twenty years of corruption linked to betting on international cricket matches. Corrupt practices and deliberate under-performance have permeated all aspects of the game.

5. I am confident that recent measures, including the creation and work of the ACU, have stopped much of this corrupt activity. I also believe, however, that corruption continues to happen and the potential for a resurgence of corruption in cricket remains a real threat.

6. International cricket is at a critical point of development. If the ICC continues as a loose and fragile alliance it is unlikely to succeed as a governing body. It must become a modern, regulatory body with the power to lead and direct international cricket. All the constituent cricket boards, in the member countries, must show equal determination to deal with the ongoing challenge of corruption.

7. In this report, I have set out a package of measures to enable the ICC to draw a line under past problems and move on. If implemented, with resolve, these recommendations will keep corruption to an irreducible minimum. They provide a credible deterrent to would be corruptors and a framework to help secure the detection and punishment of those who threaten the future of the game.

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