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  1. Avoid prefixes and suffixes like www, .com, .net. If looking for, search for rediff, not or
  2. Avoid symbols like ", +, -, and characters like / @ %.
  3. Avoid commas and full stops. If you want sites on L K Advani,
    search for L K Advani or LK Advani, and not L.K.Advani.
  4. Avoid articles and prepositions. If looking for property in Mumbai, search for property mumbai or mumbai property... not property in Mumbai, property AND mumbai, etc.
  5. Avoid ampersands (&) in queries.
  6. Ensure right spelling in your queries.
  7. Avoid common terms like web sites, sites, pvt, private, ltd, limited. If you want web sites on Chennai, look for Chennai, not sites on Chennai or Chennai web sites.
  8. Ensure that each keyword is separated by a space. For sites on Aishwarya Rai, search for Aishwarya Rai and not AishwaryaRai.