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Readers Write
"I am a Reiki healer and the first energetic rapport between a healer and the 'healee', which is so vital for treatment is through email. I use emails as first-aid tools, which work instantly on the person suffering, much before the actual healing proccess begins."

--Rohini Khatri

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Did You Know?

Has email saved us?

The history of email
[Oct 16]

   Stress! Spam! Virus!

Newbie to guru: 8 sites
[Oct 17]

Saving the WWW

Add ons: 8 sites
[Oct 18]

   The future of email

Email Security: 8 sites
[Oct 18]

A mother in a remote town in Haryana yearning for news of her son overseas. A pimply teenager in Bombay making friends around the globe. A woman in purdah longing for human contact. A management whiz networking furiously to stay afloat in a market being cut to size...

Different strands woven together by one simple method of communication.


When Ray Tomlinson sent a short electronic burst of data 30 years ago, he couldn't have imagined he was sparking off an explosion.

Today, email has spawned a revolution in communication, a whole new language and a generation that simply can't do without it. It has also shrunk the world like nothing before has.

Over the next couple of days, all we want to do is talk about email: the myths it engenders, the possibilities it presents us, its advantages and disadvantages, and emerging technologies all set to change its face completely in the near future.

Here's to the next 30 years.

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