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'It's cool'

Masumi Makhija checks out the buzz about herself and her debut film online

Arti R | September 09, 2003 10:14 IST

Masumi Makhija

Claim to Fame:
Model turned actress. Will be seen in Chupke Se releasing on September 12.

How Net savvy are you?
I am very Net savvy. I check email almost everyday, except when I am on an outdoor shoot. I have a laptop that I lug everywhere so I get online quite easily. Also, two of my international films have a lot of correspondence and work discussions via email. I would even love to have my own Web site but I haven't gotten around to it yet!

Any favourite sites?
I studied Web design, so I like visiting interesting Web sites. I usually use
Google and just get to wherever I want to be. I like to check out movie trailers and also use two or three different search engines to get information. Sometimes MSN and Yahoo! also offers good results.

What's your favourite Web gadget?
I already have a laptop but I am craving for the works to be able to edit and create a movie. Also, I am a PC person, but I would love to own a colourful Mac!

What do you like most about the Internet?
My favourite activity online is chatting on MSN with three friends who are in Dubai and Spain -- that makes me feel like we are in the same room! Or even with my parents who are not in the country. It makes the world a really, really small place.

What do you hate about the Internet?
Download speeds suck.

Any strange experiences?
None. I am very Net aware. I don't give out email IDs and don't chat with strangers.

Which celebrity would you like to chat with online?
None at all. I'd rather meet them in person.

Do you download music?
Yes, sometimes. Usually MP3s for my laptop so that I can listen to them anywhere.

Do you ego surf?
Yes, I do. Especially with the release of my movie round the corner. It's interesting to read articles about the movie, interviews with the director and other actors in the film. It's also kind of cool to read stuff written about me 2 or 3 years ago!

What's the ringtone on your cell phone? Any particular tune or any that you are looking for?
Currently, I have the ring tone of my movie Chupke Se on my cell phone. But I am sure there will be other songs of the film, which will get downloaded quickly. Hearing my song on somebody's ring tone would be quite cool I think!

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