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'Thanks to the Net, I'm in the loop'

Rimi Sen checks out new releases and new directors in town

Rashmi Ail | September 02, 2003 11:21 IST

Rimi Sen

Claim to fame:
Acted in Priyadarshan's comedy Hungama and forthcoming Baghban.

Are you Net savvy? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?
I'm reasonably Net savvy. I know my way around the Net well enough for it to serve my purpose.

What do you enjoy doing on the Net?
I enjoy surfing and These sites are a must-visit. I also enjoy checking out sites of movies, which are yet to be released like Kuch Na Kaho

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?
I spend about two hours online once every two to three days.

How would you like your favourite Web site to be?
Accurate information is important. A little bit of colour is always pleasing to the eye. I like sites which are attractive and well laid out.

What are your favourite sites?
, Google and Rediff are my favourite sites. Most of my online surfing is work related. I check out, and Thanks to the Net, I'm in the loop. I know what's happening in and around Bollywood -- like new releases and new directors in town.

What's your favourite Web based gadget?
The good old computer with good connectivity.

What do you like the most about the Net?
The Net is useful for me especially in checking out the entertainment scene and learning more about Bollywood. I gather information on various artists, actors, actresses, upcoming filmmakers and directors. It helps me with my work.

What do you hate about it?
I hate it when sites take a lot of time to download. It's terrible then.

Anything you would want to change about the Net?
Nothing really.

Have you chatted with strangers?

Do you ego surf?
I do. I key in Rimi Sen on Google and devour all that's written about me. It's the same kinda information repeated everywhere and it's all quite correct. I'm quite happy with the stuff written about me.

Do you download music and pictures?
I do not download music and pictures. I watch movies in the theatres.

Any celebrity you would like to chat with online?
I will not give the most predictable answer, which is Amitabh Bachchan. I'm acting in a film with him, so I'll chat with him on the sets.

If the Net didn't exist you would be...
If the Net didn't exist I would be sad. I'd miss it.

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