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Arti R | May 27, 2003 10:53 IST

Answering fan mail, chatting with friends and updating her site keeps this actress busy when she logs on


Amrita Rao

Claim to fame:

Model and actress. Has three films to her credit, Ab Ke Baras, Legend of Bhagat Singh and Ishq Vishk.

How Net savvy are you? What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

I am quite Net savvy. I usually log on once in a week, check my email, my site and then I reply to my fan mail. Though, when I am feeling lazy, I get my sister to check my email for me. 


How did you hooked onto the Net?

I began surfing in 1999. We had a connection where one could surf the Net via the TV. But that flopped and ever since I've been using my PC at home. I use it mostly to chat with my cousins abroad now or email them.


What did you use the Net recently for?

Recently, I updated my site with new pictures. I got the site as a gift from my father and uncle who made it when my first movie was released. I quite love the emails that I get. Especially when I have lawyers and other professionals writing in to me!


Your idea of a perfect Web site?

My site! I think it has everything I would need. Though I would like to put in more movie clips, update it everyday with information about my shoots and other assignments that I am doing.


Ever been ego-surfing?

Yes, I do that quite often. And I think it's a lot of fun. The only thing I sometimes realise is how negative people can be, without even knowing you. That is weird!


What would you like to learn to do on the Net?

I'd love to download music more often. But I think, this whole concept of chatting with strangers and not knowing who they are fascinates me. I also wonder would someone ever believe me if I told them that I was Amrita Rao. They would probably turn around and say, "And, I am Madhuri Dixit."


What do you like most about the Internet?

Everyone is so easily accessible. I am in touch with fans and can get feedback about my film almost immediately!


What do you hate about the Internet?

It's slow sometimes and also so addictive.


One celebrity you would like to chat online with?

Aamir Khan. He's the best actor we have around and I simply would love to talk to him.


If the Internet didn't exist, you would be...

A bit isolated.


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