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Lonely Hearts Club

Rashmi Ail | May 12, 2003 10:40 IST

Model and actor Himanshu Malik feels the Net is good for people looking for company



Himanshu Malik

Claim to fame:

Model and actor who made his debut in Tum Bin and will next be seen opposite Mallika Sherawat in Khwaish.


Are you Net savvy? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

I know enough to find my way around the Net. Though I am an engineer I am not a techie. I access my mail, check out popular sites but I would require help to work on Microsoft word.


What do you enjoy doing on the Net?

I surf mostly on a need-to-know basis. I check out sites related to showbiz like My mom can't scold me over the Net, so she prefers the phone. I give my fans (mostly school and college kids) my email id. They write to me about what they like in my films or about my performance. Through the Net, I keep in touch with them though I've met them only once in my life. I will also look for reviews on my new film Khwaish, once its released.


What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?

Once in 10 days, I go online and spend at least an hour and a half.


How would your favourite Web site be like?

It is basically information you are looking out for online, so the site should provide accurate and good content. Whether it is colourful or not is not of importance.


What are your favourite sites?

ITVF1 is my favourite site. I visit it to check out the interviews. There are 2-3 basic search engines like Google, which I use to find interesting sites.


What do you like the most about the Net?

The fact that it's brought the art of writing back into fashion. Writing is therapeutic. I write long mails. In the process, I am not only connecting with the other party but also with myself. In the 80's, writing had become nonexistent.


I would call my friends about four times a year and the conversation would be very limited. Now I can really communicate with them without bothering about the bills. Also, it's so handy when you want information. Like when I wanted to gain weight, all I had to do was log on and find out all about it. I got reliable information.


What do you hate about the Net?

The fact that it is too tedious. If you spend six hours online, you spend three of those trying to get online! Either the computer is too slow or the connectivity is really bad.


Anything you would want to change about the Net?

I wish it were more reliable.


Have you chatted with strangers?

I have in the past and found it very ridiculous. The Net is basically for lonely people. Most guys get online because they want to chat with women. That is below my dignity. It is a waste of time, there is no constructive conversation happening about literature or films. Once they say they are 'male, 42' and suddenly they realise they are 'female, 21'. For all know you might be chatting with some ugly woman from Bikaner!


Do you ego surf?

No, but a lot of journalists I meet do. They search for 'Himanshu Malik' online and all my past interviews appear. In my very first interview, I was called 'The angry young man of modelling' and after that, every second journalist I meet asks me, "Why are you called the angry young man of modelling?" If I ask them from where they get their information, they say, "I heard it from somewhere." And I know they've got it off the Net!


Any strange experience online?

Not strange, but a nice one. One of my friends met a girl online and now they are getting married. I accompanied my friend when he first fixed up a meeting with the girl. He was very nervous and anxious about how she would be like in person. But it all turned out well.


If the Net did not exist...

I would miss it for the information.


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