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Take a Disneyland ride or get a glimpse of UK by night

Vidya Srinivasa Rao | August 09, 2003 11:17 IST

How many times have you come across Web sites that ask for an email address for no reason? Only to sell it to spammers who then bombard you with messages? Mailinator is a throwaway email account service. Anytime that a site requires you to enter an email address for verification, just make up a Mailinator address on the spur of the moment. When Mailinator receives email, it creates the address, and you can retrieve the email. No registration, no passwords, no spam.

It's perfect for the services that send you a confirmation email or just need a valid email address to sign up for the service. Still scratching your head? Go straight to their FAQ section where you can find answers to all your questions.

Disneyland Postcards
Given Disneyland's immense popularity with the tourists, it's not surprising that numerous postcards commemorate the famous park. This comprehensive site compiles memories sent to the folks back home. Through them, you can peer into
the history of the revered rides and lands where they reside. You'll find the now-forgotten House of the Future, the spooky ghosts of The Haunted Mansion, and the cornball charm of the Jungle Cruise. Fasten your seatbelts for this fascinating ride.

UK Nights

Rather than bore you with pictures of the Marble Arch and the Big Ben, this site treats you to a tour of a moody UK lit by street lamps and subtle moonlight. Glowing in the delicate city lights are the Thames river, the decorative Westminster Bridge, a modern office building in Birmingham, a chemical factory in Cheshire and many more such images.

British photographers Jon May and Robert Brook haven't defined a theme for this collection, and their photographs have nothing in common aside from being shot at night. But together these works present an almost ghostly gallery of urban landscapes.

Classic Comic Covers
Ben Samuel has been collecting classic comic book covers for over 20 years and has compiled some of his favourite covers on his site. They are divided among three categories, Super-Hero and War Comics, Good Girl and Romance Comics and Crime and Horror Comics. You'll enjoy looking at your favourite superheroes and war comic covers. Good girls and romance comics features a genre of pin-up style girls drawn in a mildly risqué manner.

The colourful covers of these comics are certain to make you nostalgic.

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