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Arti R | April 28, 2003 11:27 IST

India's own girl band talk about their Net experiences


How net savvy are you? What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10.

I am pretty net savvy. I am online very often and have learnt a lot. One a scale of 1 to 10, I guess I'd be at 6.


Neha: I am not even close to being Net savvy; especially when I compare myself to the other band members. I would give myself a rating of 1.


Mahua: Not much. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would be around 5.


Pratichee: I have been exposed to the Net for many years and have been using it regularly. On a scale of 1 to 10, I think a 6-7 would define how net savvy I am.

What do you enjoy doing on the Internet?

Anushka: I don't really have a lot of time to surf. I chat with my friends and do crosswords. All my research happens online. I love changing stuff, so I am always looking for funky wallpapers.


Neha: I check my mails mostly. I also used to check out sites of various music institutes abroad. But for me, it is mainly about communication with people.


Mahua: I enjoy looking for crossword sites and I also use MSN a lot.


Pratichee: Besides checking out topics of my interest such as Greek and Indian mythology and latest fashions, I spend time mailing and chatting with my friends.


What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?

Anushka: Our schedule is pretty hectic and keeps changing. I get online depending on that – maybe about an hour a day. It also depends on how much mail I have and who I am talking to.


Neha: I go online maybe once a week. Bad, eh?


Pratichee: I don't really have a daily routine, as our schedule is pretty hectic. But I try and take out as much time from our busy schedule. Time spent could be from anywhere between a few minutes to hours depending on how much time I have to spare.


Your idea of a perfect Web site?

Anushka: A perfect Web site should be fast, visually attractive and have easily downloadable stuff.


Neha: Since I am not that good with the Internet for me a good Web site is one that is easily accessible, easy to understand and it should be explicit.


Mahua: It should be funny, interesting and user friendly.


Pratichee: My idea of a perfect Web site is that it should have loads of information and be user friendly.


Something you would like to buy or sell online?

Anushka: You get some pretty good deals online, but I've never bought anything yet!


Neha: I've never ever done a transaction but have heard about a lot of cool stuff like sending gifts, chocolates and flowers through the Internet.


Mahua: I would like to buy a cell phone online. I guess it would be pretty simple to compare information and prices.


Pratichee: The concept of buying and selling online is really great but I have never really done it. It would be really cool if we could distribute some of our band stuff to our fans through the Net.


Favourite Web based gadget?

Anushka: The Webcam.


Neha: A Webcam. It's such a cool concept. Now, people can even see their loved ones who are far away while talking to them.


Pratichee: I think I would have to agree with Anushka  -- the Webcam!



What do you like most about the Internet?

Anushka: It reduces the distance and it's the most inexpensive way of communication. It makes the world smaller. And yeah, clichéd, but its one of the main things that makes the world a global village.


Neha: It's informative if you use it properly and it helps you to reach out to so many people.


Mahua: The fact that I can communicate with people I want from all over the world and that I have easy access to knowledge.


Pratichee: Other than the fact that it helps keep you in touch with your near and dear ones instantaneously, the Net has an abundance of knowledge on any topic -- from bungee jumping to microbiology!


What do you hate about the Internet?

Anushka: Nothing actually. It's damn convenient. There's nothing to hate about it! Only sometimes it's really slow and can be really irritating. Also it can be very addictive.


Neha: It's very slow sometimes and I get irritated. I also think there are a lot of weirdoes loose on the Net and you can't lay your hands on them. That can be annoying too.


Mahua: Sometimes it works by Murphy's Law. When I'm in a hurry, it takes the longest time to connect!


Pratichee: Nothing really. But I hate it if someone pays more attention spending time on the Net than on me!


Have you ever chatted with strangers? Did you tell them who you were?

Anushka: When I was in school my friends and I used to get online and chat with strangers on ICQ. We never told them who we were!


Neha: Oh yes! I chatted a lot when I just discovered the Internet. Off late I haven't chatted much -- except for maybe one or two people when I was free online.


Mahua: Not really. Only once, I started chatting with a guy from Pakistan, that too, because I mistook him for a friend.


Pratichee: Nope, never.


One celebrity you would like to chat online with?

Anushka: Hmm...guess it would be Keanu Reeves because I'm madly in love with him. Or Tom Cruise because he's gorgeous! But to really 'talk-talk', I would love to chat with Erich Segal.


Neha: I would love to chat with Mariah Carey and tell her how she has been my inspiration for so many years.


Mahua: Alanis Morissette. I am extremely fond of her music and her songs.


Pratichee: Val Kilmer! He's really hot.


If you could change something about the Internet, what would it be?

Anushka: Get a clearer connection. Faster sites where music can be downloaded and 100% hacker resistant sites.


Neha: I would make it an instant touch and start system. Ha ha!


Mahua: Nothing really.


Pratichee: I don't want to change anything about the Internet, but would definitely like it if the connection improves.


Something, you are keen to try online -- trade stocks, download mp3s etc

Anushka: I'm really keen on buying and selling online. I am also interested in having my own Web site, though I don't have enough time and experience for it.


If the Internet didn't exist, you would be...

Anushka: I'd be pretty cut off from all my friends who have moved abroad and who are in other cities. Also research would involve going through large volumes of reference books.


Neha: I don't think it would have made much of a difference in my life.


Mahua: A pretty good letter writer!


Pratichee: I would be totally cut off from my friends who live abroad and other cities, and I would have to spend endless hours in a library looking for information.


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