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Feedback  |  Oct 1, 2001     

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[Enterprising sites come up with their own way of relieving public frustration: bin Laden games][Enterprising sites come up with their own way of relieving public frustration: bin Laden games]

   Nidhi Taparia

"Die, Osama!" Say this facing your mirror, and with a George Bush accent, if you wish.

How would you like to kill Osama bin Laden? Would you like to shoot him between the eyes, kick him or just blow him up?

Or, would you prefer less violent options like whacking, swatting, torturing or nuking him along with Saddam Hussein? I prefer forcing him to eat his 'poopoo'.

So what if Osama bin Laden has not been caught. On the Internet, the man has been sentenced and killed a million times already - thanks to a new set of games that focus on him.

Most sites claim their motives are noble. Hunt and punish says they are not supporters of war, but are against immoral terrorists who kill innocent people: "In this time of mental anguish, we hope to provide a bit of relief to the people of the world. Anyone who views this project as a means of inciting hatred or violence against Muslims needs to have their heads checked." They also insist there are no monetary gains involved.

You can choose from seven different versions and pick three US officials -- George Bush, Dick Chaney or Colin Powell - to pull the trigger for you.

There's more. Wade Fulp of Newgrounds, which has among the largest collections of anti-Osama games, says that readers themselves have contributed a lot in order to "deal with their frustration," while admitting that another reason could be they want to cash in on the current situation and become famous.

The popularity of these week-old games has been skyrocketing. Each has its own fan following and page views of 'gems' like Bad Dudes Vs Osama bin Laden were as high as 211639 within a few hours of it going online!

Responses from players have been interesting. A guy called Ragazzo says, "It was easy to blow his brains out at the end." Another called Kerowyn had his own strategy: "He may seem to know where you're looking, but if you can get him talking you can take him out." Some, like Luizyam, have a different opinion: This is just a pretext to blow up Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Bin Laden gives money to poor countries…and America got what it deserved."

Wade denies receiving hate mail though. "I wouldn't expect any, except from his supporters. I also think it's better to release your frustration on a computer game than on innocent people."

Not all game sites have been as lucky. Some like 173rd airborne, which set up a 'Bash bin Laden' game even before the attacks, have been forced to partly shut down after being deemed 'insensitive'.

Whether the US finds him or not, one thing's for certain: You can get your own back at Osama any time, any way you like.

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