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How do I know if my PC is infected by a virus? - Pallavi
This site features information on viruses, what they do, how serious they are, and their different types. If you are not sure whether your system is infected, this page could help you decide. There are common symptoms that indicate your system has been infected. Here you will find information on these signs and how you can protect your computer. The Nimda worm is currently causing a lot of havoc. This page discusses its symptoms and preventive measures. You can use anti-virus software to identify and get rid of viruses. Get details about virus scanners, disinfectors, interceptors, inoculators, integrity checker, etc. Also check RediffSearch for more.

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I would like to learn about email, chatting and surfing - Hitendra Singh
This site provides general information for email novices. You can also read up on various functions related to sending and receiving email, and check out this site for tips on email services and etiquette. Check out this page for information on how to chat and use instant messengers. Also learn how to use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and ICQ. Get more primers and tutorials here, and tips on surfing here. This site features tips and tricks, while you can read about safety measures here. Look up RediffSearch for more resources.

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Is there a free download for Adobe PageMaker? - Mukuntharajan
Adobe PageMaker is not available free. However, you can download a free demo version here. Get more information on PageMaker at RediffSearch.

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Could you give me information on Indian advertising Web sites and agencies? - Debs
This FAQ has news and articles on the advertising industry. You will find noted ads and current campaigns here, while this page covers aspects of advertising and other media. Also check out Big Ideas, GutterSpace, and Media 2000. Get an alphabetical listing of ad agencies here and this page has links to 40 Indian agencies. Want more? Try RediffSearch.

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Are there any sites that provide information about insurance? - Rahul Sarin
This guide gives you information on insurance. You can find out about different policies, compare schemes, and take a quiz on insurance here. Also try this FAQ, and this page explaining insurance jargon. Read features related to insurance here, and learn about the various types of schemes here. RediffSearch helps you find more resources.

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I'd like information on data warehousing and data mining. - Anu
According to this site, a data warehouse is a powerful database model that helps you quickly analyse large, multidimensional sets of data. This site features comprehensive information on data warehousing, along with essays, articles and links. Find related articles and features here, and check out RediffSearch for more.

Data mining (also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases - KDD) uses various techniques to discover and present knowledge in a form that is easily comprehensible to humans. Find out more about this process here, and get news updates on this page. RediffSearch will give you more results.

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What is a modem? Where can I find information on it? - Rajasekhar Dasari
A modem is the device by which you can connect to the Internet. This site provides information on various modems. Get more info and help here. If you have a 56K modem, you can visit this site that has newsflashes and message boards. Learn about the features of different modems here, and check RediffSearch for more.

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How can I retrieve my lost password? - Debashish
Most e-mail providers have 'password reminders'. These are questions that you would have filled in while registering for a mail account. You can go to the password help section of the site and fill in those details in a short form. If your information matches with what you first filled in, you will regain your password, or get a new one.
On the other hand, if you have a mailbox given by an ISP you can contact them to find out what it is. Or use this article for help in the future.
Look up RediffSearch for more information. .

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What is ERP and what is it used for? - Bhavesh
ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It attempts to integrate all functions and departments of a company onto a single computer system that can serve various needs. Find out more here. This page has news and features related to ERP. Check here for additional resources, or read reviews here. Try RediffSearch for more information.

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Where can I download Hindi film songs and watch trailers? - Rohit K
This site has a searchable database of Hindi film songs along with lyrics. You can find audio and video clips of film songs here. Also check this page. To view trailers, you can visit this site, or the trailer section on this one. Also try RediffSearch for more

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