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[What are .tmp files and can I get rid of them?] [Ask Dr. Know]
  What are .tmp files
  and can I delete them?
  --- Partho Mukherjee

[Bubbles Helps out]

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- Where can I find info on insurance?

- What is data mining and warehousing?

How do I retrieve my lost password?

Temporary (or tmp) files are usually created while you work on a file or software. You can identify them easily, as they have names that are in digits, and contain the keystroke ~.

Your computer creates these and is supposed to delete them as soon as you shut the file you're working on. Sometimes, however, this does not happen leading to '.tmp' files accumulating over a period of time and wasting a lot of space. Still, as they are 'temporary', they can be deleted either manually or by using a removal software.


Earlier, we talked about how you can keep your system running efficiently by running disk defrag frequently. It is always a good idea to clean your system of temporary files along with a defrag, in order to free wasted space.

Before cleaning them manually, you will need to first close all programmes. Open your Windows Explorer, go to 'Windows' and then, the 'Temp' folder. The files can then be deleted, while the folder remains intact. Get a detailed description on the procedure here.

You could also use Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools. Choose the Maintainance Wizard, which gives you the option of choosing a schedule (for Windows) that will perform the task of cleaning your system at the chosen time.

The other way is to use the 'Find Files' function from the Start Menu, look for all files with a .tmp extension (*.tmp) and delete them together. Here is a tip on how to delete them by writing a small programme.

Software like Rubbish Killer, Emptemp and Ghost Wash can also help. Secure Clean allows you to perform a thorough clean-up, but comes with a trial period and a price.

So, if you want your computer to perform better, do as Bubbles and I do: keep your system clean!


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