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who stole anupama Verma's laptopWho stole Anupama Verma's laptop

   Rohini Iyer

The name is:
Anupama Verma

Claim to fame:
Top model. Starred in Grahan and the forthcoming Vadh

How Net-savvy are you?:
Iíd give myself a five. I was just beginning to get computer savvy when, to my bad luck, someone stole my laptop. Now, Iím back to square one.

How often do you surf?:
I used to surf a lot before my laptop was stolen. I was completely hooked on to ICQ. I used to chat a lot and was very efficient with my emails. Today, I feel completely lost without my laptop. Iím getting a new one soon, though.

What do you like best about the Web?:
Everything. Itís like a whole new world filled with magic.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?:
Iíd rate google as my favourite. It's a perfect search engine.

Do you go ego surfing, checking out pages or sites devoted to you?:
Never. Iíve never even thought about it. Iíd rather spend time looking for useful information.

Have you bought or sold anything online?:
Iím planning to. I want to buy a hair straightener and have already checked prices and deals online. Iíll buy it soon.

Whom would you like to chat with online?:
Keanu Reeves. I adore him! This November would really be a sweet one if that happenedÖ

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