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[Easy Admissions] [Easy Admissions]

   Rachel Pillai

April had students studying hard for exams. May had them up all night waiting breathlessly for results. June will be worse yet, thanks to that age old problem of securing admissions. There's a bit of good news though, and it comes with the launch of Easy Admissions, India's first online college application platform. Bookmark this site which will be functional only by the end of this month.

Designed by current students of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, and former students from Bangalore University, the aim here is to simplify the admission process. Students can now apply to as many colleges as they desire, without actually going there, thereby saving a lot of time and energy. "The purpose of the site is to make things easy for students," says MVS Nameet, a co-founder.

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The concept of online admissions is extremely popular abroad, but will it catch on here? Nameet is confident that it will. "This idea portrays substantial and tangible benefits, which are the demands of the market today. After all, it is not about offering discounts or hosting a great looking page, it's about competence and originality."

The site offers courses beginning from 10+2 right up to the Ph.D. level. It features colleges covering all disciplines (arts, commerce and science), and boasts a database of approximately 100 professional schools, courses and combinations from a total of 134 colleges. "Several colleges in India have welcomed this concept, hence the huge number of forms we have," says Nameet.

Easy Admissions is also engaged in a one-to-one exclusive tie-up with top academic institutions across India and is working towards roping in universities from the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand as well. Students can register free of cost, but are required to pay for application forms. The amount charged is the same as the college counter, while the mode of payment is through demand drafts. All that students are required to do, then, is log in and specify which college they want to apply to.

Apart from an online tracking system to help one keep abreast with happenings on the admissions front, there's also a chat room facility where students can interact with heads of several institutions.

An important point to note, however, is that Easy Admissions simply aims to facilitate the process, and does not hold any responsibility of allotting admittance to any college. "We do not guarantee admissions, as they are entirely dependent on the discretion of the college," says Nameet.

As for the student community, the response has been mixed. Some like Pritika Desai, a student from Pune, are excited at the prospect. "I would love to use a service like this," she says. "It means I no longer have to wait in long, never-ending queues." Others like Aditya Sharma, from Hyderabad, are apprehensive. "This will definitely make life simpler for us. But how will I know whether or not my application form has been forwarded? Who will take responsibility in case there is a problem?"

Success, then, will ultimately depend entirely on the service provided. "A year from now, we foresee ourselves as Asia's biggest database and service provider, both to the colleges and students community," finishes Nameet, confidently.

Easy Admissions is all set to go live later this month. Watch this space.

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