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[Backing up data on your PC] [Ask Dr. Know]
  Is it important to take
  backups of data stored
  on my PC?
  --- Shalini Verma

[Bubbles Helps out]

- Where can I find tutorials on Bluetooth?

- I want resources on CBSE papers

- What is Broadband?

Yes, it is. A week ago, I talked about taking backups of email folders. If losing your email is inconvenient, imagine what an accountant would do if he lost all the reports, data sheets and figures stored on his PC. Or imagine a writer faced with a sudden loss of all contacts, notes and stories.


According to this report, the Safeware Insurance Agency that monitors yearly PC hardware losses reported $1.9 billion worth of damage in 1999 (US statistics) alone, and this didn't include data losses caused by viruses.

A loss of data can't always be avoided, simply because accidents, theft or power surges can occur at any time. Taking backups frequently is, therefore, necessary in order to ensure the loss doesn't hit you hard.

For network administrators, this feature about taking the pain out of backups can be useful. If your PC is part of a local network, it is advisable to keep a backup of your hard drive's contents on another computer. This is a great feature that tackles issues of enterprise backup (where you are backing up central, departmental and remote servers) and personal backup (individual data from a user's PC workstation).

For small business and home PC users, backups taken on removable storage devices like zip drives or a CD-R/CD-RW are a good option. You can also create backup folders on Web space hosting services like freedrive and freeservers.

To make things more convenient, there is software available that allows you to backup your PC or laptop's contents on local storage devices. This includes Desktop Backup (Dantz Retrospect), Net Backup (Veritas) and LiveBackup (Storactive) designed for use with removable media.

My pet parrot Bubbles learnt things the hard way, and takes backups regularly now. So remember, Shalini, better be safe than sorry.


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