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[Uninstall a program from your computer] [Ask Dr. Know]
  How do I uninstall a
  software completely?
  --- Parag Dwivedi

[Bubbles Helps out]

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It is always a good idea to uninstall software you no longer need as it gives you more free space on your hard disc.


Removing software is a lot harder than installing it though. Simply deleting the files doesn't help because pieces of code left hanging around could disrupt other applications later. Running the Windows Add / Remove Program from the Start Menu may not achieve the task completely either as explained here.

The best thing to use is an 'uninstall' program like Uninstall Manager. A search at CNET will give you a choice of software like Complete Program Deleter, Remove and Safeclean Utilities. ZDNet Downloads also lists several candidates for the job.

These are trial versions that come with a 30-day limit on usage and you have to pay up to keep them. Some, such as Crow Bar and Remove are free.

For completely free uninstall software, search freewarehome and freeware-guide.

For more information, try RediffSearch.


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