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WTF NEWS: It's Weird, True and Funny

Last updated on: October 28, 2013 10:55 IST

Image: Maria Bacodimo
Photographs: Courtesy:

A new 'Tweeting Bra' has been designed to send breast exam reminder each time it is unhooked, to promote breast cancer awareness in Greece.

The social undergarment designed by 'OgilvyOne Athens', which is a part of Nestle Fitness' campaign, is being worn by Greek celebrity Maria Bacodimou and the bra will automatically tweet every time she unclasps it, the New York Daily News reported.

The bra will tweet to her nearly 149,000 followers in Greek, reminding them to perform breast self-exams, every time she unhooks it.

The campaign's website also includes information about performing these self-exams, which should be done once a month.

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The odds of asteroid hitting Earth just went up!

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has reportedly revealed that the chances of the 1,300-foot-wide asteroid impacting Earth have increased following ongoing investigations.

Earlier the space agency had estimated a chance of 1 in 63,000 of the asteroid hitting Earth, and astronomers had speculated the risk to reduce even further.

However, instead of the expected reduction, the NASA's Near-Earth Object Programme has increased the likelihood that the asteroid will strike Earth is closer to 1 in 9,090, CBS News reports.

On October 8, a team of Ukrainian astronomers had discovered the asteroid expected to pass close to Earth in August 2032. According to the report, the asteroid 2013 TV135 is one of the two asteroids that currently rank A 1 on the Torino Scale, which measures asteroid impact hazards.

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This Spaniard is riding 2000 miles on horse-back for a job!

Photographs: Courtesy Jesus Jimenez's Facebook page

A jobless Spanish man has decided to ride his horse from Spain to Germany to find a job, as he can't afford to pay for petrol to fill up his car.

Jesus Jimenez, who has been unemployed for more than a year, has embarked on a 2,000-mile ride from Gemuno to the Lower Saxony town of Bergen on his three-year-old horse Campeon, in search of work, the New York Daily News reported.

The 32-year old Spaniard, who will reunite with his girlfriend who left their town in Spain earlier, admitted that he has a car but he doesn't have money to pay for petrol, which has forced him to make the trip on horse-back.

Jimenez, who has already covered 185 miles in 15 days and hopes to reach the Pyrenees Mountains within two weeks, has been guaranteed by his girlfriend that he'll have a job when he arrives.

He added that if he didn't find any work in Germany, he will ride all the way to Russia searching for "whatever came his way".

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A 22-carat gold toilet paper roll

An Australian-based website is offering 22 carat gold toilet paper to its customers.

Customers of Toilet Paper Man can not only buy everything from laundry detergent and tin foil to wet wipes and garbage bags, but can also purchase a roll of the gold toilet paper, the Phoenix New Times reported.

The golden role of ass tissue is available for 1,376,900 dollars.

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Zurich's 'drive-in sex boxes' are a hit!

Photographs: Reuters

Switzerland's 'drive-in sex boxes' or guarded prostitution site has been highly successful, just two months after their installation in Zurich.

Michael Herzig, the director of social services for sex workers, said that the prostitution site, which is open daily from 7:00 pm to 5:00 am, is working, the New York Daily News reported.

The 'sex boxes', which are simple wooden structures, were constructed on the outskirts of the Swiss city in hopes of getting prostitution out of city and to make the business safer for people of ill repute.

The site is staffed around the clock with security guards to ensure the safety of the sex workers.

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Mathematician reveals 'formula' for perfect pizza!

A mathematician with a UK University has reportedly discovered a formula for creating a perfect pizza.

Eugenia Cheng, from the University of Sheffield, has figured out a formula based on a 'mathematical relationship' between the size of a pizza and its ratio of topping to base in a median bite.

In her research paper abstract, Cheng states that it is not the overall thickness of the pizza that is affected by its size, but also the topping-to-base ratio, Cnet reports.

The mathematician's work assumes that the same amount of dough and toppings go into each size of pie and the formula denoting 't' for constant volume of toppings, 'd' for constant volume of dough and 'r' for radius allows for comparison of the amount of toppings in an average bite across different sizes of pizza.

It is assumed that the average bite from an 11-inch pizza will have 10 percent more toppings than the average bite from a 14-inch pizza.

Cheng explained that smaller pies tend to have thicker crusts, wider rims, and outer edges with a scarcity of toppings, while rolling dough for larger pizzas reduces the crust overload and aids in more even distribution of toppings.

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Average student checks phone 11 times per day while in class

Photographs: Reuters

A new study has revealed that a typical college student plays with his or her digital device an average of 11 times a day while in class.

According to a new study by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor, more than 80 percent admit that their use of smart phones, tablets and laptops can interfere with their learning. More than a fourth said that their grades suffer as a result.

The top advantages of using digital devices for non-class purposes, according to student s, are staying connected (70 percent), fighting boredom (55 percent) and doing related classwork (49 percent).

The most commonly cited disadvantages were that they don't pay attention (90 percent), miss instruction (80 percent), or get called out by their instructor (32 percent).

The study is published online in the Journal of Media Education.

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Surfer survives shark attack with a punch!

Photographs: Reuters

A Hawaii surfer reportedly survived a tiger shark attack, by grabbing the fish's fin and repeatedly punching it in the face.

Former boxer Jeff Horton , was sitting on his surfboard with his legs dangling into the water when he spotted a dark shape approaching, near Kilauea in Hawaii, Sky News reported.

The 25-year-old pulled his left leg out of the water but the shark got a mouth full of surfboard.

He was knocked off his board and rolled onto the shark following which he grabbed a fin and punched it several times.

Horton told the publication that he finally got one nice punch into the eye, and when his knuckle jammed into the shark's eye, it spat out his surfboard and swam away.

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Did you know that Eiffel Tower's height alters?

A group of teachers have revealed that humans share 50 percent DNA with bananas. The teachers are launching a "guerilla science" campaign, and are posting a range of weird, amazing and amusing facts in parks and other places, the Mirror reported.

The project has been organised is collaboration with The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair.

Vasu Krishnaswamy from London's Stanmore College, who was involved in the project, said that this is a fun and different way to remind students that science and engineering are part of our everyday lives.

Other weird and wacky science related facts are that every square mile of sea has 46,000 pieces of rubbish, 25 percent of your bones are in your feet.

Some other engineering facts are that Eiffel Tower's height alters by up to six inches with temperature, 1st ever text message read "Merry Christmas", nightingale's song can drown the noise of a chainsaw.

Some true and fascinating bits of technology are that the first computer mouse was made of wood, words written on Twitter is going to fill a book of 10 million pages.

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The high-tech underwear that 'FILTERS' farts

Photographs: Reuters

A new type of underwear has been designed using chemical warfare technology to filter your farts.

The hi-tech pants, created by Shreddies Ltd. based in Loughborough, feature a highly absorptive carbon cloth back panel which traps and neutralises flatulence odours, the Daily Star reported.

The thin and flexible cloth, which contains Zorflex -- the same activated carbon material used in chemical warfare suits -- is reactivated simply by washing the pants.

Shreddies said that through extensive testing the carbon cloth could filter odours 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission.

The award-winning healthcare product is particularly useful for sufferers of digestive disorders such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Crohn's disease, Colitis and food intolerances.

Suitable for men and women, the underwear comes in a range of styles and is designed to fit more snugly than conventional underwear.

Women can buy Shreddies in briefs, high-leg briefs or shorties, while men can purchase support boxers, adjustable support boxers, hipsters and briefs.

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