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VIDEO: Vladimir Putin's 'raunchy' advertisement

Last updated on: November 14, 2011 12:47 IST

VIDEO: Vladimir Putin's 'raunchy' advertisement

Valdimir Putin loves to be in the headlines. This time around, the topic of discussion is his United Russia party's raunchy election campaign video, which has been branded as "unconstitutional".

To a soundtrack of heavy breathing, the advert shows the two flirty young voters giving each other the eye at the polling station before she drags him into the booth, leaving officials aghast.

The reaction from Russia's parliament has been one of similar outrage, not due to the sexy content but because it violates the constitution.

According to the Isvestiya newspaper, MP Gennady Gudkov said that he would ask prosecutors to investigate the advert because it illegally shows two people inside the booth.

"United Russia has forgotten that voting in Russia is meant to be secret," Sky News quoted him as saying, adding, "According to the law, a person who drops their ballot in the box should be completely alone in the booth."

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