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Readers' agenda for Modi: 'Prove to Muslims you are secular'

Last updated on: June 20, 2013 11:25 IST

Image: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi at a campaign rally in Pavagadh
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters had asked its readers to set an agenda for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to achieve his dream job of becoming India's prime minister.

We had asked our readers to suggest a 5- or 10-point agenda for Modi to implement to cover what looks like a yawning chasm between him and the winning post.

We are overwhelmed to receive thousands of responses. We present the first part of the suggestions from our readers. More will follow in the days to come.

If you have not yet sent in your suggestion, please do so here 

Sambit Dash

Infrastructure development all around India.

Setting up of industrial parks at least one in every district in India.

Strong measures to curb corruption.

Keshav Shanbhag

Please take all leaders of BJP into confidence Please interact with grass root level. Honour your commitment. Be assessable to one and all. All the best

Suryakant Parikh

'It's the economics stupid'. You are on the right track in Gujarat. With the necessary changes in approach, adjustments, strategy continue with the same. Learn the British virtue of under statement, rather than what is taken as bragging. You have already learnt the value of not reacting to personal abuse.

Humility is admired in the Indian ethos. Never lose your cool as you did in Karan Thapar's interview. That was unlike you. I was astonished when you began to pat your back on a small praise by Anna Hazare.

Please ...

'Maintain unity in BJP'

Image: BJP president Rajnath Singh with senior leader L K Advani and Narendra Modi
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters

Ratan Budhani

1. Work for the upliftment of the minorities specially Muslims.

2. Work for the effective women empowerment.

3. Introduce better social welfare schemes.

4. Introduce strict anti-corruption measures.

5. Create greater opportunities for better employment.

Shivappa Gundappa Kuntoji

1 Unity in party is essential

2 Explain all misdeeds of Congress during Emergency

3 Highlight Congress how it divided country on the bases of cast, religion etc

4 Most important how Congress working on the name of fake Gandhis

5 Requires more efforts get nearer from other political parties

6 All are equal, country needs development in all citizens

Sheilendra Shah

Election campaign includes convincing, pursuing & motivating electorate by presenting:

A) Your strong points and vision for future B) Opposition's negative points and lack of vision. It also includes inducing a feeling of nationalism, religion, cast etc in favor. Another process includes attracting by luring. This is a process adopted by Congress and now the Samajwadi Party in last assembly election in UP successfully experimented it by promising to distribute laptops. This is the easiest & fast way to change their force in your favour.

If Team Modi can make some plans to registering maximum voters at booth levels by insuring them to provide job guaranty and luring them by attractive electronic gadgets may definitely work and also create a work force for future by fulfilling their needs or a development program in their favour.

Team Modi should come out with a better formula because only this formula is going to work in short term to attract larger masses in your favour.

Akshay Chaturvedi

Make Solar Energy very viable to ensure energy security for the country. Make rain water harvesting compulsory for cities, towns and villages. Recycle & treat water. Make laws stringent for contractors doing infrastructural development.

Accountability & transparency in governance. Remove archaic laws. Bring the guilty of the scams to book through fast track courts. Police reforms & independent CBI. Bring probity in public life. Shun criminals from politics. Allow PPP in defence production through transfer of technology. You will win, we want you to.

Satish Saboo

1. Development

2. Swabhiman Bharat

3. Develop Rashtriya Ekatmata

4. Develop Hindutva

5. Minimise corruption

6. Remove terrorism

7. Study reason for Naxalwad & solve their problems.

8. To utilise in right direction 'Yuva Shakti'.

Please ...

'Initiate talks with the TRS'

Image: TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao with newly-appointed secretary general Keshav Rao at a function in Hyderabad
Photographs: SnapsIndia

Shiv Muni Mishra

1. Replacing name of the country from India to Bharat should be BJP's first agenda.

2. Building Ram Mandir as well as Babri Masjid on two different locations in Ayodhya and Faizabad respectively.

3. Reservation to Hindu Brahmin in government jobs.

4. Raising issue to recapture Pak-occupied Kashmir in front of United Nations.

5. Making India as a Hindu nation as more than 75% of population in India is Hindu also because of the reason that Muslims have already taken Pakistan in their name and rest of the country belongs to Hindus.

6. Development of the country like Gujarat in terms of industrialisation, large states in to small states, producing opportunities for youth to have jobs etc.

7. Declaring officially Hindi as a Rashtra bhasha.

8. Banning Bangladeshi and Pakistani Muslims to enter in India.

Bikash Agarwal

Modi should talk to TRS for its merger with the BJP by giving them the guarantee of Telangana if BJP govt is formed at the Centre or else Congress will do it to regain its hold on Andhra Pradesh as Telangana region has more than 17 Lok Sabha seats.

If BJP succeeds in the merger of TRS as the latter is ready for it with anyone who guarantees Telangana to it then BJP will have a footprint in Andhra where it is nothing now.

Second Modiji should try to reach out to Jagan Reddy as he is a very big force in Andhra.

V V N Murthy

No freebies to anyone throughout the country. Industrial development; water supply for drinking and agriculture; reforms in education sect#8744 job opportunities for all

Anirudh Gupta

The agenda is twofold: to bring back economic growth to 8%; to be a 100% literate nation by the end of the 2019; to build an interlink among rivers to avoid floods; to create and enhance institutions which promote skill development and self employment

Jaya Deva Arya

Expose pseudo secularists. Declare BJP manifesto -- No compromise on territorial integrity, terrorism, naxalism, anti-nationalism, corruption; no discrimination.

T Raghavan

Modi's ability apart, prudence demand to keep stalwarts like Advani, Sushma and like above him for another 5 yrs to prove his worth.

Srinivas G

Implement a law, which makes central and state government employees accountable to take actions within stipulated time -- remove middlemen or agents.

Rajinder Dhawan

Reach out to Muslims/Christians brethren in a realistic way. Ensure ample tickets to nationalist, educated, realistic, winnable candidates where needed.

Vyankatesh Laxman Lokre

He should not criticize UPA and Congress Party throughout his campaign. He should explain his plans how he proposes to improve the country and make it free of corruption to a maximum extent.

Chitranjan Sawant

For god's sake please abolish policy of appeasement of Muslims. Equal treatment of all citizens a must. Rule of law must prevail

Krishnakant Vyas

Narendra Modi is shrewd enough to plan election campaign strategy ! Break-up with JD-U will enhance his chance to grab more seats.

Minaketan Sasini

1 Develop roads all over India

2 Prime focus for agricultural growth

3 focusing on economical development of country

Mahendar Velpur

In order to become PM there should be solid majority for BJP or it allies/furture allies. Hailing from Telangana, I would request Modi to initiate talks with the TRS for having an understanding so that all the seats in the region were won either by TRS or BJP.

If both the parties fight independently it is definitely going to help Congress, YSR Congress and TDP which are against Telangana. If not an electoral alliance have an understanding like Congress and MIM, I would vote for BJP but not at the cost of my Telangana.


1. Let Modi show his secular power & prove LK and other seniors are wrong by winning hearts of Hindi speaking states.

2. Come up with strong agenda is very important

Please ...

'Availability of private micro finance to villagers'

Image: Rural loan borrowers show pass books given to them by a micro finance company at a village in Andhra Pradesh
Photographs: Krishnendu Halder/Reuters

Anil Dobhal

One year is left for election. I, like many other citizens, am of the firm opinion that today it is only Modi who can bring much needed change in our country. He can do what Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel would have done had he been made the PM.

If following suggestions are considered and implemented, the efforts would fructify within 6 months and the outcome would have three distinct advantages. a) There would be further increase in Gujarat Junta following of Modi. b) Minority community mind set would start changing and gradual induction of their representatives would start. c) Impact of media on the other states citizens (both majority and minority communities) on concern shown by Modi's government towards minority community and progress made by Gujarat state, and other BJP states, would be the turning point.

Other BJP states could be used to show progress made as well as views of the minority community representatives could be aired.

Aim: To instill confidence in the minority community towards their welfare, security and progress.

Plan of Action: Rural areas: At grass root level 1. All gram panchayats should have minority representatives. If their strength is less, they should be nominated. 2. Areas to be acted upon 3. Planned regular gram panchayat meetings to be conducted and valid points raised by representatives to be acted upon with feed back given in the next meeting.

Representatives to be given responsibility, authority and made aware of their accountability in the following areas. a) Visit by Mobile hospitals, health & hygiene. b) Growth: Availability of micro finance to villagers (through private sector) c) Education : present level-projected for next year. d) Infrastructure: Roads, school buildings/toilets e) Agriculture & green environment: Services/facilities to be made available to farmers & planting of trees to be taken up.

I am sure above points are being implemented, however if required these points can be further elaborated for execution purpose. "Monitoring and feed back mechanism" through the representatives in gram panchayat meetings and at district level by official machinery, would be the most effective way of reaching out to the rural masses and making them aware of efforts being made toward their welfare, particularly the minority community.

Urban areas: Induction of minority community representatives: Youth: Colleges: Moderate and unbiased youth with potential for leadership need to be encouraged and taken in student party fold. They need to be elevated based on their performance. Citizens with credibility. Minority citizens with credibility and influence in their community, need to be encouraged and made in charge/head of certain public institutions and member of municipal corporations. Their views to be taken and relevant suggestions to be acted on with changes/amendments if required.

Conclusion: Within 6 months period, the efforts would start bringing changes, and thereafter, use of media to show the progress being made on ground as well as views of the minority community representatives from grass roots to the highest level in Gujarat state and other BJP states, would have encouraging impact on the 'junta' and, may become a turning point in BJP's political life cycle.

We citizens prefer a party fighting with facts and figures rather than a diatribe on TV with personal attacks, because we can discern where does the truth lie. In case any further elaboration on implementation is required, or any feed back is required, I would be pleased to do so.

Please ...

'Create more employment, eradicate corruption'

Image: A protestor participates in an anti-corruption demonstration in New Delhi
Photographs: Parivartan Sharma/Reuters

Prem Kumar Sabhlok

1. BJP should not sponsor a single candidate who is perceived corrupt and criminal.

2. Modi's agenda should be total reforms and not piecemeal reforms

K P Manilal

The BJP should put in its manifesto the issue of construction of Ram mandir in Ayodhya by enacting a law to this effect.

K S R Prasad

1. Eliminate corruption in the society. This is the nation's worst enemy.

2. Provide a sense of security for general public.

3. Control price rise instead of spending on subsidies by controlling black market & hoardings.

4. Encourage non-conventional energy sources for domestic power through heavy subsidies for initial investment.

5. Establish merit based society like other developed countries and say good bye to appeasing politics.

6. Teach Pakistan a fitting lesson through diplomatic channels or otherwise. Establish an everlasting peace in the borders.

7. Bring judicial reforms to hasten up cases and to deliver speedy justice.

8. Concentrate less on Ram Temple as majority believe in God's omnipresence.

Kallol Paul

Please get rid of this online or email culture first and strive for in person contacts! Tired of every one sending mass mails!

C A Nath

1. Meet all the dissident leaders in the BJP from all states and unite them.

2. Meet the youth of the country and impress them what changes he can do


Get rid of Sushma, Advani and Ananthkumar etc who do not have mass support.

Develop relationship with Jayalalitha, Raj Thackeray, AGP, Akali Dal and HVP.

Mankhraw Khongsit

NaMo is a very good and versatile politician and should continue two work for the people of his state and should not be focussed on his prime ministerial candidate.

R V Siva Reddy

He should lead the country and give new direction for development. He should not worry about secularism followed by Congress party. The BJP as a party must support him fully.

Narendra Modi should command respect from party and country men. He should not fall prey to opposition tactics. Do what is right. Do a honest job people will recognise. Try to get maximum allies. If they come fine other wise BJP must go alone. People are with BJP.

L K Advani should not be power hungry. He should be a guru. He should not become king i.e PM. He should see the writing on the wall. Youth of this country wants NaMo.

Dwijendra Gupta

Indian secularism is different and now synonymous with appeasement. Pan-India development like Gujarat, weed out corruption will see Modi through.

Kushalaksha Puthran

1.Development agenda

2.Gain Confidence of Hindus

3.Take all party leaders confidence

4. Point out week points of Opposition

Radha Krishna

If he becomes PM, he should focus on curbing corruption & overall development across India. Make effort to bring back black money & punish the guilty.

Venkata Kedarinath Silla

Create more employment, eradicate corruption, education to everyone, decrease average living cost and petrol prices.

Please ...

'Ally with Jayalaithaa, Naidu, Patnaik after election'

Image: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa with Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad
Photographs: Courtesy: Narendra Modi's website

Narendra Gadiya

You will have to reach all sections of the society including Muslims. Fight elections based on local & national issues. Publicise your vision for India.

Arun Kumar Sinha

Focus on development, nation building, provide alternate plan for the same. Start nation wide tour to address people to expose the corruption.


1) Attract youth

2) Speak more about development

3) Attract various minorities group

4) Ram bhoomi

5) To bring more parties in NDA

6) Take Congress head on


Get back Yeddyuruppa. Make sure Jayalilitha, Chandrabbu Naidu, Naveen Patniak comes as your allies after election. Concentrate more on south state, if not its real tough to get into power.

Basabjit Chowdhury

1) Convince Muslims.

2) Harp on communal harmony.

3) Spell out development agenda.

4) Substantial developments for Dalits.

5) Start campaigning now.

Amit Saxena

Focus on development. Talk more effectively on nationalist politics. Beware of pseudo seculars who have confused common man about nationalist & Hindutva.

Kashi Akhoon

1. Development

2. Nationalism

3. Freedom from corruption

4. Zero tolerance for terrorism

5. Getting Back Black money which has been dumped in Swiss banks.

Ravirajendra Joshi

Consistency of his present thoughts & behaviour will help him in future to build his dream of Congress free and powerful India.

Nimesh Kumar

Solution for chronic problems like flood, drought and sudden increase of inflation, etc And always present problem like corruption, complexity of taxation and delay in government work.

Please ...

'Support Jan Lokpal bill'

Image: Anna Hazare gestures while addressing supporters during his fast to bring in Jan Lokpal Bill, at Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi
Photographs: Parivartan Sharma/Reuters

Dr Vivek Bajpai

1. Tie up with Kejriwal and Anna Party

2. Give the Delhi Govt. to Kejriwal

3. Write on stamp: We will support 'JANLOKPAL' of Anna

Sundaram Seshadri

Still there is scope for improvement in all villages 1) Good roads 2) Good water supply 3) Remove NREGA 4) Revive agriculture

Praveen Kumar

First, he should focus on Dalit & Muslim votebank, it will improve his acceptability as a mass leader and future PM of the country.

K L Ganju

Use his IRON hand for the defectors. Embrace India-loving Muslims. Declare Kashmir as undisputed and total integral part of India as any other state.

V Ramanathan

Do not harp on corruption in UPA, all voters know it. Suggest alternate to mis-governance. State how he improved Gujarat electricity & water shortage.

Ramesh Ankammagari

Numbers need to talk -- present your success -- Selection of candidates should be 4 months earlier -- Focus more on positive side of what you can do.

Sandeep D

1. Replicate Gujarat's development and nationalism on national level

2. Have a real foreign policy

3. Free CBI, punish corrupt

4. Fix education system

Robert Wadra

Modi should declare equality and security for minorities likes Muslims and Christians. He should ask all Hindus to stay united and vote for transparency.

Gopala Ganesh

End the constant harassment of poor TN fishermen off Rameshwaram. Alleviate power shortage and help Coimbatore, an industrial nerve centre of India!

Srinivasa Murthy

Unmindful of obstacles pursue your goal to bring NDA to power. Expose UPA & Congress of all its misdeeds Have a powerful media campaign. Stop infighting in the party.


First of all Modi / BJP should put their best effort to remove the communal tag. Modi should clear and justify his innocence in 2002 riots.


He should address Muslims directly and tell them what it means electing him as Prime Minister. Remove the fear factor that Congress created.

Gopala Ganesh

Nudge Kerala and TN reach an amicable, historic settlement: Surplus Kerala ocean-bound water for TN, allow free movement of rice etc. into Kerala.


Just one thing, prove to muslims that you are secular and you care for them. They will vote for you. It doesn't mean you belittle hindus, God bless you.

Raj Reddy

1) Economic development 2) Poverty eradication 3) Wealth distribution 4) Cultural renaissance.


He should say sorry to Muslims of India and request them to forget past and think about present and future of India and themselves making progress.

Please ...

'Promote solar power'

Image: Workers install photovoltaic solar panels at the Gujarat solar park under construction in Charanka village in Patan district.
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters

Basant Kajaria

Nothing, only he should stick with his Hindutva agenda & talk of development only and no mandir.

Ameet Agarwal

Focus on Odisha, it has a good base for BJP but hardly party is giving importance at root level. Project a good leader against Naveen Patnail as an alternative.

S S R Murthy

1. He should talk less of Gujarat and more about the problems in other states and solutions

2 More details on corruption

3 Foreign issues.


1. Break the link between senior bureaucrats, corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen. 2. Break the link between politicians, police and mafia.

Rajasekhar Sunnapu

Identify allies pre and post election allies in southern states like AP, TN patch up with Yedurappa in Karnataka chalk out plans to face November election.

Raj Patel

Taken responsibility and ownership of whatever happened in Gujarat Y2002, Apologise to Hindus and Muslims, for watering the plant of hatred.


1. Fix Indian Railways. More independence to Zone

2. Make country power surplus.

3. Green energy & Energy independent.

4. More power to States


There are many young creative minds in the country they need an environment and financial help. Offer easy loan program to fulfill their dreams.

Rajesh Singh

Highlight successful Gujarat projects e.g water harvesting being followed by Cong govt plans in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Focus on youth programmes, women welfare.

Nirmal Nair

Along with basic development activities, we need to initiate micro financing to people in rural India so that you promote better health and education.

Vijay Polamarasetti

My dream agenda is 1. Solar Power 2. Roads 3. Bring black money from international banks 4. Try to eradicate counterfeit currency 5. Implement Aadhar

Suresh Pasala

1)Anti corruption bill 2) Roll back reservations for 2nd or 3rd generation of beneficiaries effective immediately. 3) Cut waste full federal spending.


Curb corruption. No communal riots in the country. Think about country's future energy and natural resources needs. Affordable health care for every one.

Ashish Sharma

1.Go south 2.Humble background 3. BSY back channel 4. Help Orrisa in tribal issue 5. Beware of Advani 6. Bengal and UP focus 6. Sharad Yadav backchannel.

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