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This article was first published 12 years ago

READ: Narendra Modi's open letter on Advani's yatra

Last updated on: October 11, 2011 15:35 IST

Image: Gujarat CM Narendra Modi with senior BJP leader LK Advani

Here's the full text of an open letter penned by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi supporting Bharatiya Janata Party patriarch L K Advani's 38-day Jan Chetna Yatra, which commenced on Tuesday.


Navratri and Vijayadashmi celebrations have just got over and everyone is now eagerly waiting for Diwali festivities. Honorable Shri Lal Krishna Advaniji is starting his Jan Chetna Yatra from October 11, 2011. The entire nation is frustrated with the issue of corruption. People are seething with anger.

There have been many instances of public outcry against the Congress government on the issue of corruption in the past.

But three incidences that changed the direction of the history of the nation are still fresh in the minds of people. Whenever there is a voice raised against corruption, the memory of these incidences will remain in public mind.


'Centre immersed in serious allegations of corruption'

Image: Congress President Sonia Gandhi with PM Manmohan Singh
Photographs: Reuters

1974: If there was collective public outcry against corruption in an organised manner, for the first time, after independence, it was in 1974 in Gujarat. The Congress government was reduced to ashes due to the Nav Nirman movement against the bad administration and corrupt practices. After that, as per people's mandate, for the first time, a non-Congress party coalition came to power in Gujarat.

1977: Taking inspiration from Gujarat, a nationwide agitation against corruption started. In order to curb the public voice, Indira Gandhi's Congress (I) government imposed emergency. Despite many atrocities, the determination of the people could not be broken. In the elections conducted after emergency, in 1977, Congress was routed throughout the nation and for the first time a non-Congress government came to power at the centre.

1989: The Congress (I) government which came to power with overwhelming majority due to change of political equations was again neck deep in corruption charges. The Bofor's scandal brought down the Congress government headed by Rajiv Gandhi. And today once again, the Congress government at the Centre is immersed in serious allegations of corruption.

'Jan Chetna Yatra will create new awakening against corruption, black money'

Image: Advani began his 38-day Jan Chetna Yatra from Sitabdiara in Bihar

While on one hand, in the wake of massive public anger against corruption, yoga guru Shri Ramdevji relentlessly toured across India to create an atmosphere against black money, on the other hand, aged veteran social reformer Shri Annaji gave shape to the mass agitation through his fast.

While Baba Ramdev was more aggressive on the issue of black money, Shri Annaji devoted all his energy to the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Against this backdrop, Shri Advaniji's Jan Chetna Yatra holds a very special place, because of his fight against corruption, demand for bringing black money stacked in foreign banks, and in addition, creation of mass awareness and mass mobilization in support of these. I have faith that this Jan Chetna Yatra will create a new awakening against corruption and black money.

It is appropriate that this yatra is starting from the native place of Jayaprakash Narayanji on his birth anniversary.

'Yatra to change India's future'

Image: Supporters of Advani
Photographs: Reuters

Sometimes some happy events also shape up. Once a chief minister of Bihar had stopped a yatra of Advaniji. It is a matter of immense pleasure that today, the chief minister of the same state is flagging off Advaniji's yatra.

I have been honoured to have got the opportunity of closely working with Honorable Shri Advaniji. It is extremely painful and shameful that some vested interests are spreading false rumors about Advaniji.

Advaniji, has dedicated his entire youth in the service of the nation and has served the country for 60 long years without break and that too, 90 percent of these years have been spent in the opposition party. One cannot help but feel pity for those who spread falsities that Advaniji, who from 1952 till today is sharing people's joys and sorrows, is undertaking this for attaining some post or position.

I believe that this Jan Chetna Yatra against corruption will change India's future. I have faith that this effort being undertaken by Advaniji, at such a senior age, will not go in vain.