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Rediff News  All News  » News » Bangalore jogger confronts eve-teaser. See what happens NEXT

Bangalore jogger confronts eve-teaser. See what happens NEXT

August 11, 2014 16:18 IST

Bangalore jogger confronts eve-teaser. See what happens NEXT

Vicky Nanjappa/

Bangalore resident Veena Ashiya Chindlur was on her daily jog in the neighbourhood park on Friday morning when a man started harassing her.

Instead of letting it pass as the staple nuisance women face, Veena decided to take him on. She chased him till she caught up with him, hit him and then complained to the police.

Luckily for the resident of Jayanagar Seventh Block, her friend, who was working out along with her, immediately pulled out her phone to take pictures of the accused, but she ended up recording the entire chase. (Watch it below)

The snapshots were given to the police who responded promptly to their call and, within 40 minutes, traced the man loitering in the area and arrested him.

For good measure, the entrepreneur posted the video clipping on social networking website Facebook with a message: "Taught an eve-teaser a tough lesson! I was eve-teased this morning by a guy in a park where I run regularly. I chased him, hit him hard and filed an FIR. Police were extremely supportive. I am posting this video for women to know that change will happen only when we want it to happen!"

The video had clocked 3,000 likes when this article was written.

A regular at the park, Veena says they are a set of people who work out regularly. So the stranger's presence was conspicuous.

"Around 9.30 am, my friend and I were jogging when he made strange noises and eve-teased me. I tried to scare him by running after him. He tried to flee, but I chased him and hit him. However, he managed to escape," recounts Veena.

Her friend's presence of mind, though, bolstered the case as the video helped police nab the culprit.

After the pervert fled, Veena remained in the park and spotted a lone bike in the parking area. Recalling that the man was holding a helmet, she suspected it could be his two-wheeler.

"Nobody came to help me and as I was standing in the park, I spotted a policeman. I narrated the incident to him and he immediately called the patrolling vehicle."

Veena said the cop noted down the bike number and she also gave snapshots of the man captured on the cell phone. As the heckler was still in the same area, the pictures helped the cops nab him quickly. Veena is all praise for the Jayanagar police, saying they were "quick, polite, prompt and respectful."

The accused, K R Suryaprakash, 30, has been booked under section 354 (A) and section 509 of the Indian Penal Code. He was later let off on bail.