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The photo that epitomises the horrors of Brussels terror attack

March 23, 2016 09:17 IST
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The woman who was pictured covered in blood and dust in aftermath of Brussels airport bombing is revealed to be Nidhi Chapekar, a Jet Airways stewardess from Mumbai who is recovering in a hospital now.

The haunting image of Nidhi went viral on the social media  after the attack, with #PrayForNidhi. Covered in dust and blood, Nidhi is pictured amid the chaos in the tattered remains of her yellow Jet Airways jacket. Smoke-blackened Nidhi was pictured dazed and covered in dust just seconds after the deadly attack.

Her photograph lying injured at the airport, epitomises the horrors of the terror attack in Brussels. Nidhi, who is married with two children, has worked for the airline for 15 years.
According to a Jet Airways statement to The Daily Mail,"She was waiting to board a flight from Brussels to Newark at 10.15 am local time. She is a cabin crew member. We don’t have full information on the extent of her injuries. We know her location --she is in hospital and receiving medical care."
Nidhi's colleague, male cabin crew member Amit Motwani, is said to have checked in as "safe" using the Facebook feature set up to help those in Brussels ease their loved ones' fears, the Daily Mail reports.
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