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This article was first published 15 years ago

Meet the shortest teenager in India

June 25, 2009 15:46 IST
Image: Jyoti sits in a custom-made miniature chair
The Limca Book of Records calls her the shortest girl in the country.

According to some surveys, Jyoti Amge, 15, who is just 23 inches tall (1 foot, 11 inches) and weighs only 5 kilograms, is the shortest teenager in the world. Soon she may feature in the Guinness Book of World Records.

When she was three or four her parents Kishan and Ranjana Amge noticed that their daughter's growth was not normal. After consulting with doctors they discovered she has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. Most parents would have been dejected to know this, but not the Amges. In spite of Jyoti's physical limitations, they know she is an incredible human being, a most special child.

Reportage: Preeti Patel in Nagpur. Videos: Arun Shingare

Jyoti has overcome her limitations

Image: Jyoti loves to dress up
Entering your name into the record books can't make life easy. One has to overcome physical limitations and that's what Jyoti has done. Today she can do all her daily chores on her own. "Earlier schools were not ready to admit our child but due to some kind teachers of the Bharti Vidya Niketan, Jyoti's schooling started," says father Kishan.

Adds Jyoti's mother Ranjana, "From pre-primary to high school all her teachers were very supportive and gave special attention to her studies." At school, Jyoti is provided with a specially built miniature chair and desk; her uniform needs to be specially stitched but she learns the same lessons as other students.

Other then academics she also enjoys extra-curricular activities. Her sister Rupali, 30, says, "If you will ask me about Jyoti's hobbies, I have a long list. She loves singing and acting. She draws wonderfully and paints mehendi as well. Listening to music, watching DVDs of the latest movies and playing carrom are her favourite pastimes."

In her sweet nasal voice Jyoti says the one thing she enjoys a lot is to chat with relatives and friends. "While arguing nobody can beat Jyoti," says brother Satish, 24.

Jyoti is not dependent on anyone

Image: She has a mini-wardrobe with a collection of dresses and accessories
Jyoti is not dependent on anybody for her daily activities; all she needs is some things according to her size. She sleeps in a customised bed, sits in a specially made wooden chair. Her toilet kit is also made to suit her size.

Among these the most interesting things is her mini wardrobe and her collection of clothes cosmetics and accessories. Jyoti loves to be well-dressed and wear good make-up. "Any normal girl her age cannot apply better make-up than her," informs her mother Ranjana.

Jyoti wants to become an actress and dreams of acting with her favourite stars Salman Khan and Katarina Kaif. This tiny devotee of goddess Durga has already has a taste of Bollywood while acting in singer Mika Singh's music video album Party Special.

'Shooting in Mumbai was unforgettable'

Image: Jyoti is getting used to her celebrity
"It was like a dream come true when I entered Balaji Studios for shooting," says Jyoti excitedly.

"I was totally surprised when Mika, one of my favourite pop stars, invited me to act in his song. Those few days, shooting in Mumbai, were the most unforgettable of my life. There I also met with many TV stars and it was a strange situation. They were thrilled to meet me and I was a star for them."

Soon after the album was released, Jyoti become a celebrity in Nagpur; even today she is invited as a guest to many events. She has also been featured on national television.

This fame and popular affection has changed the way Jyoti glances at society and vice versa. "Earlier I used to be scared due to the undue attention of people. Now I face them confidently and think this is all because I am a celebrity," she says.

'God has planned something special for her'

Image: Jyoti is an expert at make-up
She loves to travel. When she went to Vaishnodevi in 2005, she met with an accident; both her legs were factured, but this has not affected her spirit.

Kishan Amge, who is in the transportation business, say he is not worried about his daughter's future. "There is something special and great planed by God for our daughter."

Jyoti, who will turn 16 in December, has been offered a film by actor-director Rajpal Yadav.

Those who wish to help Jyoti may contact Kishan Amge at Plot 256, Juna (old) Bagadganj, Datt Nagar, Nagpur. Phone: 09373213363.