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Poised to enter Gaza, IDF says it's ready for 'anything and everything'

By Ashoke Raj
Last updated on: October 21, 2023 00:18 IST
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As Israel is poised for an imminent large-scale ground invasion in the Gaza Strip to root out the Hamas terror group, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson said that the IDF is ready for 'everything' and 'anything' to secure Israel.

IMAGE: Israeli soldiers sit next to a heavy military bulldozer in an area near Israel's border with the Gaza Strip, in southern Israel on October 19, 2023. Photograph: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Amid escalating tensions in its ongoing war with Hamas, Israel is making strategic preparations for an imminent ground invasion as part of its mission to eliminate the persistent threat posed by the Hamas terrorist organisation.

"We are ready for anything... and it is our mission to do whatever possible we can in order to again secure Israel, both from the inside and from the outside. And when we are, when we have the go-ahead, and when the operational plans are set, we are ready," an IDF spokesperson, Fay Goldstein, told ANI in an exclusive interview.


The horrifying events that unfolded on October 7 set the stage for this critical development, said the IDF spokesperson, adding that on that fateful morning, thousands of rockets were fired from Gaza, coinciding with a simultaneous incursion by thousands of Hamas terrorists who breached the border, violently surging into the town of Be'eri.

The aftermath of the attack painted a grim picture of the hate and cruelty of Hamas, leaving bullet holes as a stark reminder of their terror-driven rule in Gaza, the IDF spokesperson said.

"You can see on the wall, over here (pointing to the wall), bullet holes...This is the result of the hate and dedication of Hamas, the terror organisation ruling Gaza. This is what happens when you have a terrorist organisation in power."

Detailing the chilling ordeal and emphasising the significance of the IDF's impending mission, she also said, "The IDF's goal right now is to ensure that Gaza, which is a mere eight-minute drive from here, can never again be a launch pad for terror against Israel."

The toll on Israelis has been severe, with thousands injured, over 300 soldiers killed, and more than 100 civilians abducted, along with hundreds murdered in their own towns as they slept, Goldstein said.

Marcus Sheff, another IDF spokesperson, underscored the urgency and focus of the mission.

"The IDF's dedicated mission is to ensure that the Hamas leadership, from the top, Tahya Sinwar, all the way to the average foot soldier, is completely unable to commit any more atrocities."

Sheff emphasised that Hamas remained dedicated to causing further harm, making it imperative for the IDF to protect Israeli civilians and prevent any recurrence of such horrors.

On the impending ground invasion, he said that the IDF has mobilised reserves, calling up over 3,00,000 personnel to strengthen its readiness and ability to protect the Israeli population.

"The ground offensive will be conducted when the government makes the decisions... Of course, the IDF is ready for everything that is asked of them by the government of Israel."

"I can confirm that the IDF will act in accordance with the mission that is just allotted to them by the Security Cabinet of the State of Israel," said Sheff when asked about the ground invasion of Gaza.

He also said, "The atrocites of October 7 profoundly shook this country, and that is something that can never happen again."

The IDF's mission, according to Sheff, is clear: "that is to take out Hamas, its leadership, its infrastructure, everything that they have created here in order to wage their war of terror on Israel."

Sheff also reiterated that the IDF's focus is solely on defeating Hamas and its infrastructure, making it clear that the civilian population of Gaza is not their enemy.

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Ashoke Raj
Source: ANI