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PMO shut down fax numbers, claims Greenpeace

By Onkar Singh
March 14, 2010 20:25 IST
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In a desperate bid to put pressure on the government, NGO Greenpeace has claimed that the officials in the Prime Minister's Office called Karuna Raina on Saturday and threatened to blook the fax lines that have used by people behind the movement expressing their anguish on Nuclear Liability Bill. The bill is due to be presented in Lok Sabha on Monday.

"The office of the Prime Minister has communicated their intention to block the phone lines that Greenpeace used to convey the concern of large numbers of people over the Civil Liabilities for Nuclear Damage Bill 2009 to be tabled in Parliament on Monday. An official from the PMO conveyed this message to Greenpeace anti nuclear campaigner," Karuna Raina told on Sunday.

According to Raina, The PMO has closed down its fax numbers. "We cannot get in touch with PM through the faxes. Over 36,000 anti-Nuclear Liability Bill protestors have faxed their protests. We would now send letters through a courier service. The continuous stream of faxes against the bill would continue," Karuna said

"We have set up a mechanism through which we are communicating to the Prime Minister's office the concerns of over 36,000
people who feel strongly about the content of the bill. Apparently the PMO is so beholden to American interests that they are determined to push the bill and make it law at the cost of the safety of the people of India.

Eminent lawyer and former Attorney General, Soli Sorabjee has rejected the bill as unconstitutional. Legal luminaries Prashant Bhushan, K K  Venugopal, P P  Rao and the Human Rights Law Network have also endorsed Mr Sorabjee's opinion," Kaurna emphasied.

The bill takes away the right to protest against the bill. This is being done to please the US government said a member of Greenpeace.

Prakash Javadekar, official spokesperson of Bhartiya Janata Party, described the bill as anti-people's bill. " It is against the national interests and the party would explain why when the bill is introduced in the house. The bill will go to the standing committee. As far as BJP is conerned the bill in its present form is not acceptable to us," he said.
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