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The world weeps for drowned Syrian toddler

Last updated on: September 04, 2015 14:20 IST
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The heartbreaking image of the dead little boy washed up on a beach in Turkey has sparked a flurry of powerful cartoons.

Artists from all over the world are now sharing amazing tributes to the widely seen photo of Aylan under the Turkish hashtag #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik, or #HumanityWashedAshore.


@AzzamDaaboul on Twitter put up this image, captioning it, “We are losing ourselves as humans,and the people will die around the borders.” #SyrianRefugees #DrownedSyrianBoy. Photograph: @AzzamDaaboul/Twitter


@SteveDennis71 on Twitter presented how Aylan’s journey should have ended. “How his story should have ended... #SyrianRefugees #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik,” he wrote on Twitter. Photograph: @SteveDennis71/Twitter


“To see a child in such a position, lying dead in a beach at a country that was suppose to give him refuge and a future ... seeing a child who was running away from war and death ... I suppose the image talks for itself,” said Murat Say?n, an illustrator in Ankara, Turkey. Photograph: Murat Say?n/Facebook


Islam Gawish, an Egyptian cartoonist, depicted the boy as an angel floating in the clouds, instead of on the beach, with the word Syria in blood red letters. "This child who wanted freedom, has been killed by the fear of war, the war that he was not a part of," Gawish said. “He got a better future in the paradise. He placed his foot towards our faces as a message. He left, but his shoes in our faces will remain a nightmare chasing us always.” Photograph: @islamgawish/Twitter


Iranian cartoonist and animator Mahnaz Yazdani said she had been thinking of the Syrian migrants for weeks. She made an illustration of children on the beach and titled it ‘looking for safe land’. “I didn't want to just mirror such a horrible scene in my cartoon. So I changed the cruel, wild cold water to a warm safe blanket for dead kids to sleep.” Photograph: Mahnaz Yazdani/Facebook


#kiyiyavuraninsanlik One of Ummah’s greatest political problems r rulers in Muslim world caring not for her affairs, wrote @latteofmylife. Photograph: @latteofmylife/Twitter


We put him to sleep, and it's about time for us to wake up #HumanityWashedAshore. Photograph: @theghaliatwal/Twitter 

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