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This article was first published 8 years ago  » News » Move aside ice bucket, here comes the #condomchallenge!

Move aside ice bucket, here comes the #condomchallenge!

November 30, 2015 08:29 IST
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You have seen it all -- the fire challenge, the twerking challenge, the rice bucket challenge -- viral trends tend to take the internet by storm and now there is a new craze that is overwhelming the social media.


Here comes the condom challenge -- yeah, you read that right -- requires the help of a friend, and a water-filled condom that is dropped on your head, leading to something being dubbed as ‘fishbowl face’!


The craze started in Japan, with a video titled ‘Japanese Condom Head Challenge(external link). Viewers were quick to point out that it made the man look like he was drowning in a fishbowl.

The phenomenon has its own hashtag now -- #condomchallenge, and a number of people have posted clips of themselves taking part in the bizarre craze.


In no time, the video climbed to the top of social networking websites. One reddit user gushed, “He's the happiest fishbowl I've ever seen!”

The reason behind the trend is, unclear although it has been suggested that it is to promote safe sex.


Concerns have been raised that at the condom could obstruct someone's breathing if people are not careful while attempting the challenge.

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