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Life in Kerala's relief camps

August 22, 2018 08:21 IST
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The state of Kerala is witnessing damage like never before as the floods have claimed over 350 people since May 30 and have forced over 10 lakh people out of their homes.

According to figures, a whopping 12.47 lakh people are living in approximately 1,155 shelter camps after their homes and their lives were destroyed in the deluge.

As the state struggles to find its feet, here’s a glimpse of what life looks like in a shelter.

Flood victims rest inside a university classroom, which is converted into a temporary relief camp in Kochi. Photograph: Sivaram V/Reuters

Over 10 lakh people have been forced out of their homes owing to the floods, which are being described as the worst the state has witnessed in a century. Photograph: Atul Loke/Getty Images

Colleges, schools, madrassas and other convention halls have been converted into shelters where the flood victims are being housed. For them, having dry ground and a meal is more than they can ask for after seeing their belongings all being washed away. Photograph: Atul Loke/Getty Images

Over 10.78 lakh people, including 2.12 lakh women and 1 lakh children below 12 years of age, are taking shelter in as many as 3,200 relief camps a fortnight after a murderous monsoon rampaged through the state in its second spell that began on August 8. Photograph: Atul Loke/Getty Images

People like Ammini rushed to a relief camp with only their clothes on. “We don’t have anything left, everything has been lost. There is nothing to look forward to. My son is bedridden... I don’t know where to go from the camp with my son, daughter-in-law and their child. We have no home left,” said the 55-year-old. Photograph: Atul Loke/Getty Images

A flood-affected woman receives food inside a college auditorium, which has been converted into a temporary relief camp, in Kochi. Photograph: Sivaram V/Reuters

Restaurants are offering people in the camps food. Surprisingly, inmates of Central Prison in Thiruvananthapuram are also working hard to feed those staying in relief camps across Kerala. Photograph: Sivaram V/Reuters

A doctor examines a flood-affected woman inside a relief camp in Chengannur in Kerala. Photograph: Amit Dave/Reuters

The union health ministry has arranged to deliver 90 types of medicines "in the requested quantity" to the state to deal with a potential outbreak of water-borne communicable diseases in the aftermath of the worst flood. Photograph: Sivaram V/Reuters

Doctors from across the country have also offered their help to the flood victims. Photograph: PTI Photo
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