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Modi@1: #HASHTAGS that trended

Last updated on: May 22, 2015 12:27 IST
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Here's a review of some of the Twitter hashtags that trended during the first year of the Modi regime. Some of these were loved by the Twitterati and some triggered fairly heated online exchanges. Love them or hate them, Twitter trends were followed by political pundits and the regular folk with a great deal of interest. 

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#MakeinIndia: Modi's idea of making domestic manufacturing a central tenet of India's foreign investment policy trended well on Twitter and was almost globally loved.

World is much impressed with #MakeInIndia of Modi. They hve queued up!!

The New Aggression by Congress is why #MakeInIndia ?? Logical question from a party responsible for ShameInIndia !!

RaGa your INC has already ruined lives of farmers for 60 yrs, now you wanna ruin Indian Manufacturing industry too by cursing #MakeInIndia 

#ModiinUS, #ModiinCanada, #ModiinGermany, #ModiinChina...: Throughout his 18 foreign trips as prime minister, Modi was welcomed by the Indian diaspora in the aforementioned countries, but received some backlash at home albeit it did have its supporters as well. Take a look for yourselves.

One year of Modi's enjoyment of foreign trip nothing more.

#ModiWinsHearts 78% people says modi's foreign trip made India strong.

@narendramodi Ji arrives from his 3 day foreign trip.n strted wrking again without taking a day rest. Yes I m 'Modi Bhakt'.#ModiIndiasPride

#ModiinsultsIndia: "Indians had regretted being born Indian." Modi's speech in Shanghai may not have offended the Indian diaspora in China but the words made Twitter quite angry as evidenced by these tweets


I am born in India, 1987 and I am Proud to be born in India.


#ModiInsultsIndia very bad, globally people are pulling our legs @narendramodi


#ModiInsultsIndia i never b a shame to b an indian, n all others feel same. that's why we elected BJP for change the nation. not 4 d shame.

#LoveJihad: The BJP came under fire for using the term 'Love Jihad’ to refer to Muslim men marrying Hindu women in a bid to convert them. 


Ban on #IndiasDaughter and Ban on Beef and Cow Slaughter + #GharWapsi campaigns and #LoveJihad Propaganda and attacks on churches. #Hindutva

A Muslim girl scores with the Gita & it gets lauded as #secularism, but a Hindu girl marrying a Muslim is #lovejihad

@SGPriyanka Apr 2
BJP: "Now that we're in power, let's tarnish the image of India even further"#LoveJihad

#MSG: Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a grand welcome at the community reception organised by him in New York's Madison Square Garden, one that was fit for a rock star. And like rock stars, the Twitterati loved him as well. Here's some tweets from the day...

Modi is bringing the roof down in #MSG. What a leader!

How come the translator is talking even before Modi completes the sentence. #MSG #ModiAtMadison #ModiInAmerica

People chanting #Modi in #MSG. Feels like they are chanting for a #Rockstar to start a #Concert. #ModiAtMadison #ModiInAmerica

#Modisuit: PM Modi wore the monogrammed, pinstriped bandhgala suit that trended well on Twitter. Love it or hate it, the #Modisuit made its presence felt. Some Twitter handles even managed to dish out a snipe at Rahul Gandhi.

#ModiSuit fetches 1.41 cr rupees.
Poore Rahul Gandhi ko becho toh bhi itne paise nahi aayenge.

@julyderek Feb 20
Modiji, please auction all your designer clothes, India will wipe out its deficit. #ModiSuit

If #Modi is so humble & down to earth as he lectured himself to be,why didn't he politely refuse to accept the gift #ModiSuit

#GoodGovernanceDay: Prime Minister Modi’s tribute to former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on the latter's 90th birthday on December 25, last year -- a day more commonly known as Christmas -- did not receive as vast an applause as he had expected. Even his most ardent Twitter fans found it hard to defend PM Modi.

Christians have two big holidays in India. #GoodFriday and #GoodGovernanceDay.

Is #GoodFriday still known by that name or changed? #GoodGovernanceDay

#GoodGovernanceDay was celebrated on a day when most of the government was on chutti :) OOowwwwwwwwww :D

#Gharwapsi: The Hindutva groups' "re-conversion" drive to bring back minority members to Hinduism trended with the Twitterati but bode poorly for PM Modi.

After RSS' #Gharwapsi now a financial Conversion? >>Swami #AchyutanandTirth said Muslim families who embrace Hinduism will be paid Rs.5Lac.

Unless these Evangelists meet with Hindu Revangelists, they won't stop. This is why #Gharwapsi is important

Ahmed Patel quoting Mahabarat !! Is this also #Gharwapsi ?

#Greenpeace: The crackdown on NGOs over foreign funding may have had the NGO enraged but Twitter seemed to take it in stride. 

13 of the 20 most dangerously polluted cities are in India, a solid reason that Greenpeace is needed

I have supported @greenpeaceindia ... I have supported the MOTHER NATURE / ENVIRONMENT... DO YOU?

They came for minorities, I spoke out. They came for farmers & tribals, I spoke out, They ve come for activists & me. Who'll speak out NOW?

#LandBillThis legislation was among the 50-odd laws put forth under the Modi regime and was debated on Twitter as much as it was in Parliament. Here are some tweets on the issue.


Capitalism is for capitalists.And the politicians are there to make it happen.#landbill

when #Pappu can not Dance..he blames it to twisted Land ..................& torturous #LandBill...


The fun is when those who got flats in Noida Extension go on a rant against #LandBill on social media. Convenience activism it is!

#Chaipecharcha was a sort of flipped-view diplomatic sequel to Modi's US visit. This time around, Obama and Modi chatted up in the gardens of Hyderabad House, New Delhi, in January. The PM wore his yet to become controversial suit. Interestingly, the tweets did not mention the suit as much as they mentioned the obvious 'coffee' tracer on what was deemed 'chai pe charcha'


From #chaiwalamoment to #ChaiPeCharcha @narendramodi walks a long way 2reach @BarackObama heart.

@ShirishKunder Jan 26

It's interesting how the whole country is saying #ChaiPeCharcha, when the picture clearly says "COFFEE".

@LoveLaughMirch Jan 26

The power of #Chai PM @narendramodi & @BarackObama having Chai pe charcha {talks over tea} in India. #ChaiPeCharcha

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